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A/W ’17 O2


Sewing like a demon for the last few weeks has produced another outfit for my intended A/W ’17 O collection. This one focuses on navy and mustard but, of course, not limited to these two colours.


Reversible jacket can be found here.

45wTrousers and Top: Fabric is from Fabworks – a fine checked wool predominantly navy and biege. The pattern is Vogue 9193, Marcy Tilton. The matching top is made from leftovers and is the free Sorbetto. 



The T-shirt is yet another Grainline Hemlock in mustard/straw coloured viscose jersey from Minerva Crafts.  Honestly, this pattern is perfect with lots of room for versatility and adaption, place any original touches you like and is so easy to wear and sew.


The scarf is leftover jersey, trimmed and sewn together – all raw edges. Boots are Clark’s, as usual – I hardly wear any other make.


Hardly any alterations or modifications are involved in this outfit. The only thing is a few belt loops added to the trousers and a thread-through belt for when I want to tuck a top in, provide a little bit of visual interest and disguise the elasticated waist.


When viewed from afar, the navy check has the appearance of grey, so the reversible jacket can be worn one way or another and still work. I do like the combination of grey and mustard, so I’m thinking this top will go with loads of other items already in my wardrobe.


You will forgiven if you fail to notice much difference between outfits O1 and O2, apart from colour. This is becoming something of a nagging issue with me in choosing these designs – will my A/W wardrobe just be lots of the same thing? More like a uniform rather than the original and slightly offbeat clothes I thought they’d be.

Anyway, I’ll carry on for a bit longer and see what transpires. Greens next


Better get stuff cut out and keep sewing then…

Would you prefer to see a complete head to toe outfit or individual pieces, bearing in mind that a lot of the tops are just T-shirts and the trousers are repeats of the same patterns?

Thanks so much for all your encouragement and comments and a big welcome to new followers : I hope you find some little bit of inspiration for your own sewing.



32 thoughts on “A/W ’17 O2

  1. Interesting questions.

    1) Repetition creates a pattern, and the human brain likes patterns.
    2) The colors that suit and attract you, suit and attract you. Why shouldn’t they be repeated?
    3) Marie Kondo might say, it’s better to have lots of overlap rather than separate seasonal wardrobes.
    4) It’s hard to build a functional wardrobe without a color theme.

    Notwithstanding all that, you raise a good question: is one reason we sew, to live out dreamy notions of how we’d dress if we had no budget or time constraints? Is sewing license to make whimsical artistic designs and ballgowns and such?

    I’ve always thought you were so intelligent to focus on things you actually wear daily, and then make them “cooler”, better fitting versions of high street RTW. But sometimes we need a break from the practical. If these don’t live up to your idea of off-beat, then I guess you’ll just have to take up another project! Heh.

    As to featured items: since you’re so massively prolific, perhaps your scarce blogging time could be directed at highest-value targets. If you need to save time, perhaps limit T-shirt and simple pants photos to
    a) when they are part of an outfit, or
    b) when a new fabric changes the effect of the same cut, or
    c) when they entail a brilliant detail or technique that deserves our attention. I love those.

    Overall I’m just grateful for your zest for life and sewing. Blog as you please, and I’ll read it with gratitude!

    • Thank you Sankati you always provide an in-depth and well thought out response, and I am truly grateful for your insight.
      I have never made a ball gown/ prom dress so that’s virgin territory for me but, you’re right, I prefer to spend my time on making things that I will wear rather than stuff that will hang in the wardrobe.
      I have re-started knitting again as as ‘another project’ but I’m hoping this will fit in with my planned O collection.
      I’ve made some wadders recently and I think I might just blog about those too – we can’t get everything right first time – right?
      thanks again – you’re a gem.

  2. I like where you are heading with this. Uniform? No, I don’t think so. It is a collection, after all. It rather shows how subtle differences can work within a theme. (And I like the full outfit pictures, you style things beautifully.)

    • Thanks Kalrisbet. You’ll just have to wait a little longer for full outfit shots rather than individual garments but as this collection builds, some pieces coordinate with existing bottoms/tops.
      I hope to live up to your expectations.

  3. I wish I could sew as fast as you! You get so much accomplished while I’m sill “thinking” about sewing! Love your new outfits!

  4. It’s becoming my opinion, as a sew, that clothes are a lot less different than we think. RTW must hide the similarities with little differences of detail. I mean, what can you do with a pair of trousers? Flat front or pleated, narrow, medium and wide-legged. That’s it. There’s more that’s the same than different. I like the check fabric with those trousers, and what you’ve done with the belt.

  5. Love the complete outfits, but there is value in seeing how different the same pattern can look in alternative fabrics or colours – which is why your 02 is sufficiently different to 01.

    • Thank you Su. If I make some dramatically different design to any garment then I’ll document that but as I read other sewing blogs too,I do like to see complete outfits.
      Let’s see how things work out over the coming months.

  6. I also love the full outfit pictures – you do such a great job of putting together an entire outfit rather than just orphans! The mustard and the grey in this latest output is lovely on you. And – pretty much everything Sankati said 🙂

    • Thanks Poppy.
      I always appreciate a full styling too on other blogs – especially the shoes/boots as I really think this makes or breaks the overall look.
      I aim to please but I also aim to please myself…. LOL!

  7. I love when you show outfits and how it all goes together. This outfit is another winner. I love the mustard and blue. On my monitor the blue really reads as grey.

    • In real life Su and from slightly afar, the small check looks like grey (which is good in my life). I adore grey because I don’t wear black.
      Completed outfits it is then. – thank you very much.

  8. Your “O” creations are looking great! If you want more variety, you could add some “O” type dresses?

  9. Love the jacket with the knitted collar. Somehow missed the original post. Really like the pants too. Cheering you on! 😊

  10. Love your style 😄 yours is one of my favourite blogs.

  11. Despite the similarities to the last outfit this one reads very differently to me: much more menswear inspired. I think it’s the checked fabric. Very cool.

    There’s nothing wrong with having a uniform IMO. And I do like seeing the outfits all together.

    • Thanks Catherine, there is undoubdtedly a similarity – which I suppose is the purpose of a collection!
      Stupid me -I just have to get over the idea that everything I sew has to be totally different. Still on a roll however and more to come….

  12. This all looks wonderfully pulled together. I imagine getting dressed in the morning is easier with this sort of collection. You look great 😃

  13. Loved Sankari’s comments and agree blog as you want. I enjoy the outfits which are so much more than the sum of the separates and Putting them together is definitely one of your talents. This does look different to me, and, as you know I love mustard.

  14. I loved this outfit and how it all pulled together. Nice to see the whole outfit rather than individual pieces.
    It suits you very well and what I would aspire to if I was a bit taller.
    Did you get my txt?

  15. Hi, I missed the pattern info for your reversible jacket. What was the
    Pattern info?

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