Essential sewing keeping me clothed and sane


Hello. I’m Ruth.

Full time teacher , mother and wife. I started sewing a few years ago because I couldn’t find what I wanted to wear in the shops and I’ve been sewing for myself ever since.

I’m so glad you found me and we can sew together.



17 thoughts on “About

  1. I am making View C of the Vogue V8748 pattern. I do not understand the instructions for the buttons. The pattern shows 9 buttons but the guide in the pattern only shows 2 buttons per sections. Are you familiar with the pattern and do you have any recommendations or instructions on how to sew the button holes and button placement.

  2. OK Ruth, you asked for comments on your recent bias linen dress…please email me and we can chat:….MrsMole

  3. Hello, I happen by your blog while searching for pattern reviews on Vogue Vintage V2859 I’m new to sewing and was having a difficult time with the first few steps of the pattern [organza remnants] Anyhow I just wanted to say hello since we both seem to like vintage patterns and that I like your enthusiastic sewing. I look forward to popping in once in awhile to see what’s next.
    Rabbit Fighter Vintage

    • Hi Rabbit – you certainly chose a difficult pattern to start with, although it is beautiful. I’ve made the blouse only from V2859 and I didn’t make such a good job of it. You’ve reminded me of this pattern so I might just dig it out again – the dress is fab.

  4. I have just found in Diana at Chrysalis Fabrics news section. I buy almost all of my material from her and she does have lovely material. I think you have made great items with very imaginative use of the fabric. I shall look forward to following you in the future.

    • Thanks Carolyn. That’s really nice of you to take the time to make yourself known – don’t be stranger! Beautiful material at Chrysalis and I hope to buy much more in the future – and so simple and easy to order.

  5. Hi Ruth. Was looking through the internet for a biker jacket pattern when I came across yours and thought you had bought it!
    Was gobsmacked when I saw you also came from Belfast. I am a very enthusiastic sewer a wondered if I would be able to contact you by email?
    I was in London last week on a fabric buying bonanza and heard about Joel and sons. Was dying to visit but afraid of missing my flight back that day. So didn’t quite make it. Now regret it, espc. as they had a bargain basement where prices not so scary.

  6. Hi Ruth, I wondered if you’ve made vintage Vogue 2401 pattern before? I’m new to this sewing lark, but have two dresses under my belt and I’m hooked! I love this pattern but wonder if it’s a bit beyond me at this stage. Don’t want to waste time and resources only to stuff it up. Any tips would be great! Thanks. Sara.

  7. Came across your blog when I was looking up AC makes. I have had all 3 books for several months now but have still not made anything . I’m not sure if my jersey choices are correct ie too great a contrast or using a light weight and heavier weight together. But a guess I should just go for it as you did.
    Best Wishes Linda

  8. Had a browse through your site Friday after reading your Monthly Stitch post, and enjoy your Tilton pattern mix-n-match very much. And what a grand idea for a border print. Thank you so much! ! D’Ellis (call me del), from across the pond ✂️

  9. Hello Ruth! I have discovered your blog and got very interested. I am looking for a coat pattern and would love to buy one like your Vogue 8841 which looks very much like a coat I have but needs a replacement . Unfortunately this pattern is not available any more and I wonder if you would sell it to me or copy it and send me a copy which I would gladly buy. Can you tell me if that would be possible! Thanking you very much in advance,
    Yours truly, Anne-Marie.

  10. So glad I found this site. I am a Vintage performer and make a lot of my costumes. But they are all pretty simple. I bought this vogue vintage pattern V2859 a long while ago for the dress as my favourite era is the 30s. Originals are increasingly difficult to come by and too expensive when I do. So it’s time to create this on emyself!!! Wish me luck as I embark on making this in emerald green for my new show launch ☺️

  11. Enjoy your core couture emails very much and sussed out you lived in N.I. like myself! Interested in reading about your away days sewing in Castleward and wondered are they open to interested sewers other than your circle of friends? I sew but am no expert and like you started as I didn’t like what I saw in the shops, however I am by no means on a par with yourself as regards expertise. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  13. thought you offered more bohemian items.

  14. Hey Ruth do you sale your work

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