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A/W O3


Just bear with me here for a wee minute……….look at these images…….nice?

Used as inspiration for colour matching, co-ordination options, pairings, etc. the Oska website displays images (mostly from nature but not always) that perfectly capture the tones, tints, looks and outfit options for each season. Below – some of the Oska inspiration images.

Normally I would never even consider wearing yellow and green together, although it does occur in nature quite liberally – mind you, it might be better in nature than on me, you can be the judge!


This is the outfit for A/W O collection, number 3.

While I waxed lyrical about a good hairstyle on my last post, I am only going to the hairdresser tomorrow and it is well overdue. Look beyond please. Additionally, it is half-term here – hooray! These photos were taken at a very empty college by a very obliging colleague. Yeah, us poor lecturers have to work at some time over the holidays.

Patterns and Fabrics

Jacket: Vogue 8430 Marcy Tilton. Made ages ago for SWAP “14 but hardly ever worn so I modified the rather loose neckline on the original to form a collar and provide a little bit of structure.

slide1Fabric is a yellow boiled wool and if I remember rightly was bought in real life from Craftswoman, Carrickfergus. I felted the red/burgundy lines.


Trousers: Vogue 1550 Paco Peralta.

V1550If you didn’t buy this first time around – get it now! These trousers are brilliant. You will also get the tunic too, so it’s a bargain pattern. Wide-legged in two lengths but you can always change length to suit, with the simplest of constructions; facing instead of waistband, a centre back invisible zip. I did add two in-seam side pockets and changed the front darts to pleats. Firstly, I cut the long length but then cut off the difference for the cropped version and used the cut-offs to make turn-ups. I think cropped trousers always look more finished with a turn-up – like this is the length they are supposed to be and just not ‘too short’.

Fabric: Wool tweed from Fabworks in a lemonish/brownish sort of colour. Possibly too heavy and robust for this pattern as I’m getting knees and bum after wearing for a day – or maybe they should be lined!


Under top: Hemlock (yes, again!)

Fabric: Green jersey from EmmaOneSock. Delight to sew and is a soy/organic cotton/spandex 4-way stretch lightweight jersey. This is my first time purchasing from EOS and believe me, it will definitely not be the last. The personal touch is part and parcel of your order, immediate dispatch, fabulous choice of fabrics and generally an all round very pleasant shopping experience for even those of you who live beyond the north American border. I bought way more fabric than this green jersey of course just to justify the shipping costs, so stay tuned……

Over top: Vogue 1526 Paco Peralta. Really, really modified:


I used the jacket pattern mainly for the over sleeves but made this top double layered with all edges and seams enclosed; closed up the centre opening and added cross grain panels for interest and included a very wide neck band that becomes a cowl. Very similar to the blue over-top. Some seams were kept as raw edges. This was inspired by this Oska top


Fabric: From Minerva. A ribbed knit in dark forest green but is a very loose weave and slightly transparent, which explains the double layer.



Behind me taped on the cupboard doors are my weekly timetables and more importantly – my days off! No wonder I’m smiling!


I just can’t leave those leftovers alone…..I got a drapey scarf with all raw edges to match the Hemlock.

I’m like one of those flower images except I’m upside down –

Regardless of the colours, I do feel really comfortable in the shapes and style of this outfit. Worn today with Clark’s lace-up tan ankle boots and bad hair (access badge is optional).



Hallowe’en is getting out of hand in my opinion. Just saying…….

30 thoughts on “A/W O3

  1. Very nice- I love greens although I pass on yellow lol these colours and layers look really good, and very put-together. You have the height to wear these cropped trousers [some of us look enough like hobbits as it is!]
    PS It’s PacO Peralta of course…

    • Ahh the little problems with keyboard and a glass of wine…. corrected now – thanks Elaine – needs a teacher to know another.
      Thank you as always.

      • lol I thought I’d been reading it the wrong way all my life at first [I always assume I’m the one that’s mucked it up lol] It’s all VERY inventive and clever- you make it look effortless though!

  2. Great look. I especially love the pants — er, trousers — and the yellow jacket. Yellow is such a lovely colour, isn’t it?

  3. Go to it Felecia, you need this trouser pattern….
    Thanks very much.

  4. Wow. I love this colour combination and this entire outfit. I think they look good with your complexion, though they may be out of your comfort zone. Lovely outfit, Ruth. I’m thoroughly enjoying your posts about these fall outfits.

  5. I love the colors! Great combination.

  6. Thank you for another brilliant post. Love your creativity. The red felting makes such a difference to already beautiful cloth. Another skill for me to look up and experiment wtih.
    I had my eyes on the Fabworks fabric for Vogue 1312 to cosy up in on autumn winter nights, but it is described as brushed cotton. Did I get it wrong?. And yes it is very robust as I have made Butterick 5891 with the aqua stripe. No give, but v heavy and warm.

    • Hi Anon, you could well be right about this fabric – I bought tonnes in one go and may well have mixed up some items. Now you mention it, it does feel more like a heavy weight brushed cotton.
      Thank you

  7. I think you are triplets OR Wonderwoman! OR triplet Wonerwomen! Which is it?

  8. Looks great! Love the color combination.

  9. I LOVE Oska! Am forever drooling all over their website.
    Brave colour choice, and you make it work. Enjoy your off days, I look forward to admiring all the sewing and creating that will happen!
    (And shall I say something about Hallowe’en? No…I think I rather shan’t…)

    • I’m with you Klarisabet, I often (too often) go to the Oska website but have yet to succumb to a purchase. It’s hard to justify such money for something I can sew.
      Thank you

  10. Fabulous outfit. Like you i think green and yellow……. may be not but you have turned this around to think again and definately yes. Over here in Aust it is summer now so i have plenty of time to plan.

    • Thanks Lois. Yellow is a difficult colour to wear for most but there are so many shades and tones that I’m sure there’s one for everyone – it just takes some trial and error to discover it.
      I really do love the seasons here – lots more wardrobe opportunities….

  11. This outfit looks brilliant on you and I wish I had the confidence to wear it (even if I had the ability to make it!). You are a constant inspiration.

  12. Really like these looks with the varying shades of yellow and green – great O outfits.

  13. I love the colours on you and the total look. I too made the Marcy Tilton jacket, but recently donated it to a charity, I had never worn it nor felt comfortable in it but yours looks great. Glad you like the EOS fabrics.

    • Chris, I don’t actually know whether to thank or curse you for introducing me to EOS – LOL!
      I never wore this jacket either until I did the modifications (above).
      Thank you, regardless of my Visa bill

  14. I am totally enthralled by your current journey! All of my creative juices are at a 10 now after a creative slump. I am not sure if at 5’3 this is the road to go down but I’m going girl!! It is out of my comfort zone and it gives me a good kick to try something new.
    I really enjoy your tying the look with current patterns. It really has made me think and see things in a new light. Exciting!! Thank you for you and your wonderful blog!

    • Thanks Anon, this is somewhat out of my comfort zone too. I’ve always liked a defined waist and more classic looks. Sure, it’s fun to experiment and test-wear new styles – if they don’t work or you don’t feel like yourself – then at least you’ve tried.

  15. I love the way the yellow jacket somehow serves as a bridge between the greens in the tops and the pants. And the red in the jacket is inspired!

  16. I’m loving all of these colours, and those trousers are fabulous.

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