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A/W ’17 O1


This year it has taken three weeks of timetabled classes for me to become accustomed to constantly check my (apparently old-fashioned) wrist watch [does anyone else still wear one of these?] in order to ensure I am where I should be at a pre-designated time and additionally be well prepared for the scheduled lesson. This is the first week since the beginning of term that I haven’t been zombified by Friday. So, here I am out the other side and the best thing is that there has been time for sewing!!

Slide1You and I and been very patiently waiting for my homemade version of Oska. I am slightly wary of using the tradename just in case I get sued or something, so from now on my autumn/winter 2017 collection will be known as O.


I was hoping to visit a real live Oska shop in London when I was there for a short weekend a few weeks ago. However, my lunchtime flight was cancelled (not Ryan Air!) and I didn’t arrive until 11.30 at night. I believe most shops are closed at this time and the next day was spent in a hotel conference room with no windows before heading directly back to Heathrow. No shopping done at all, not even browsing. Going to an Oska shop is still on my To Do List.

I was very pleased to read your comments on my O plans and how many of you admire this style. Thank you. On with the show….

O1 constitutes one pair of trousers, two tops, a scarf and a jacket: worn today with a pair of Clark’s dark grey short biker boots.


This is layered look – so let’s dissect.

Trousers: Marcy Tilton Vogue 9035 made in some Tencel type fabric in dark grey picked for for a fiver on the bargain table at the Spinning Wheel in Belfast. Pants (loose-fitting through) hips have waistband, yokes, side-front/side-back seams, no side seams, pleated lower edge, stitched hems, and fly zipper closing. All have topstitching.


V9035Love ’em! Fitted at the waist and through the hips but flare out along the legs with pleats at the ankle to bring them back into narrowness. Two major issues though – no pockets (which is verging on catastrophic) and the interfaced back yoke which doesn’t have a facing – like honestly – we’d wear trousers with the interfacing showing! We may be home sewers but we do have standards. If you are making these, cut two back yokes and sandwich the interfacing in between; then treat as one piece.

The tops and scarf are made in cotton jersey that is somewhere between a T-shirt and sweatshirt weight in sky blue – no idea where I bought this from but I wish I could remember because I’d love some more in white, navy, olive, black and any other colour that’s available.


Top layer top is a self made-up pattern: double layered with a front slit; elbow length kimono-like sleeves and scarf-like collar. The front slit allows for the bottom layer to be tucked in while the top layer hangs loose.


Underneath is a long, long sleeved Grainline Hemlock T-shirt. Get your free pattern here.


The scarf is just a long strip of leftover cotton jersey, dipped dyed at the ends and middle for a slight ombre look and ties the blues to the greys.


To top it all off, the jacket is Kathryn Brenne Vogue 9162 with mods. Made from double faced wool jersey, in navy and grey. To be honest, the jacket deserves a write up on its own, so for now we’ll just look at it and I’ll provide in depth details another time.


The best thing about the jacket is this….


It turns inside out.


Only three weeks until half-term… just where does the time go?

62 thoughts on “A/W ’17 O1

  1. Love the whole outfit, very stylish and you can wear it! Genuinely like each piece. The trousers are so different, love the blue colour, great on you, and the reversable jacket looks completely different on each side (plus your hair looks great). I love the way you create outfits and not individual pieces.

    • Thanks so much Mags. Already I have a lot of wear from each separate piece. It’s fun to create a co-ordinated outfit and I think I’ll continue this mode of sewing…..of course there’ll always be the ‘odd-man-out’ garment – but sure this whole sewing lark is fun and practicable.

  2. You really got the vibe of the O collection. It works so well and the pieces are unique. I particularly love the gorgeous blue shade paired with the soft mid grey tones. Love the fact that your jacket is reversible too!

  3. Wow, I never noticed that Brenne pattern, I like each of the 3 pieces A LOT. Panting to hear the details about the jacket…. As for the rest of the outfit, really pretty on, such a great teal for you, and it looks so cozy and comforting, just the thing for a stressful fall!


  4. First thought, seeing those Oska clothes was how ‘you’ they were. Your version astounded me – apologies – with how well it turned out. More stylish than their models, yet recognisable as the same look. Would trouser pockets spoil the balance and attractive lines? Each individual piece is so successful, look forward to more info on the jacket.

  5. What can I say, Absolutely Fabulous. I look forward to more information on the jacket and altogether admire your style and workmanship

  6. Very cool, very stylish, very you. Brava!

  7. More please! this was fun. the pants are terrific. The whole vibe suits you so well! Great haircut, btw…

  8. Love, love, love the pants!
    The whole outfit is great. It works together really well and you succeeded in getting that Oska feel for sure. But the pants (and shoe combo!) really resonate with me, even though I have a quite different style in general.

  9. Love it! I want to get my mitts on this jacket pattern, the trousers that go with look nice, too! Beautiful sewing, Ruth.

  10. I went to an Oska fashion show last week. The colours, the fabrics, the cuts were stunning. They used local over-50 customers as their models and they were stellar. Many different body shapes and all looked great in the clothes. It was all very inspiring – as is your new collection. I like everything you’ve made, in particular the blue over-top with the slit. Subtle and very interesting. Brava. After the show, the collection was for sale and there was a crush!

  11. Well done!! All the makes look great on you. I especially like the jacket (where did you buy that fabric?) and the ombre scarf (what a brilliant idea). That blue is definitely “your colour”.

  12. You must be such an inspiration to your students, not only in their studies, but with your style. Great outfit!

  13. I’ve been wanting to do Oska knockoffs for several years. Yours looks great, you nailed it. I would love to know more about the top you drafted, especially that collar, and I can’t wait to hear what mods you made on your coat. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Now’s the time Sherry – there are loads of patterns that have the same type of aesthetic, especially the Tiltons.
      I’ll cover the short sleeved top along with the jacket next. Thank you.

  14. Loving your outfit, especially the reversible jacket, it’s gorgeous. That’s a shame about not getting to the Oska shop, but a good excuse to go back again. And I’m with you on the proper wrist watches!

    • I’m always keen to get two garment from one sewing session!
      I actually think if I really and truly go to an Oska shop the mortgage wouldn’t be paid. Thanks Lynne.

  15. Very striking combination of two-three colours; you look great Ruth. Just had a look at Oska and the prices are a bit eye-watering. Good job we make our own #stickittotheman

    • See my reply comment above Marijanna!
      I think this might be the trick to Oska, apart from the shapes, it’s sticking to a two-colour outfit.
      Thank you and hope you’re keeping well.

      • I’m well, thanks, just terribly busy but going to Barcelona soon for the first time. If only I had time to prance in outfits while sight-seeing then blog it!

  16. Great looking outfit Ruth. I have the Tilton trousers pattern and made up a pair last year. The lack of pockets! And yes, the bare interfaced yoke. Weird, huh? Still, they look so good on you I am tempted to try another pair.

  17. Love the whole ensemble. Introducing the blue was ingenious. Great look and inspiring. Going to try the jacket. Thx

    • Thanks Claire. Grey is my favourite colour but I do like the contrast of another colour.
      Go try the jacket – mind you I didn’t do half of the construction that is in the instructions.

  18. I love the whole outfit. I love the layered look and the reversible jacket is the best! Like I said Why buy when you can make it yourself! Interfaced with no back yoke sounds really cheap to me, although I have see jackets that are as light as cardigans with the facing flapping around and the interfacing showing. Just shoddy work.

  19. You look great in these. I love the pieces, individually and together.

  20. Love these looks on you Ruth! The trouser pattern is a great one isn’t it?

  21. Looks great! There must be some way to add pockets to that trouser pattern – it’s a really good shape on you.

  22. Love all the components except I don’t think I can ever get my head around pants that have details at the hem. The eye is drawn across your shoulders and down your legs until they have to stop at the angles at the ankles…just me being an old stick in the mud. The colors are so flattering on you and who doesn’t need/want a reversible jacket…WOW!

    • Get ‘with it’ Mrs Mole – LOL! The hem is where all the action is and possibly distracts from wide hips and hockey-player thighs!
      Thanks for your candor, as always.

  23. Fabulous, I love all of it. You are amazing and a great inspiration. I’m off to look at some Oska right now!

  24. You wear it well. A super ensemble. Just your style .
    Like the haircut btw.

  25. WaY to Go!
    Great look for you!

  26. Love your O collection. The style suits you to a Tee and looks very comfy and fall like. Thx for introducing us to the oska brand, which was new to me.

  27. Terrific, versatile collection. I especially like how you made the tee with the overlay kimono sleeve layered tee on top.

  28. I’ve been looking forward to your version of the Oska line which is a favorite of mine. Can I just say you didn’t disappoint? Spot on and it all looks really versatile. Love your haircut.

  29. Good one Ruth, what a fabbo ensemble and it’s just a bit edgy which is good for us, especially when prancing with the youth! I tried to see what the prices were like on the OSKA site, but apparently they don’t ship to us so we’re saved the smelling salts!

  30. Pingback: A/W ’17 O2 | corecouture

  31. Love, love, love! The color combo is stunning, the lines are a tad edgy, the whole looks is “O”, but definitely you. Super!!

  32. Hello, my darling girl! I had somehow lost your blog and was soooo happy to find you again. You look FABULOUS – as usual and your wardrobe choices are always superb. So since I won’t be getting back to Belfast soon, why don’t you and your handsome hubby come visit me in Mexico?! Life is good, it rarely rains, the sun shines daily and the temps are very acceptable! Have a pic of Oska coat I want to copy that I’ve had for years. Will send it to you and let you do it! Hugs

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