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Rhonda’s Skirt


I’ve had this fabric for about a month, ostensibly bought with a winter dress in mind but never got round to deciding on a pattern let alone sewing it up. It’s a loosely woven wool in black and ivory which gives the overall colour of grey. It has wavy lines woven with different patterns, each one has frayed edges – really unusual and a shame not to use it.


Then I saw this on Rhonda’s Creative Life. Looked at the fabric hanging on a hanger and a match was made.

I didn’t draft a skirt pattern, I used Vogue 8604 (might be OOP) which is for a high-waisted straight skirt. I just added the 1/4 circle flounce following Rhonda’s drafting advice to the centre back seam on both sides. I could have put the flounce to the side but I’m wide enough! The pattern is graded as Very Easy and I must admit – it is. One front (on the fold) with two darts; two backs, a dart apiece, centre zip and a split,  Facings for the waistband. I shortened mine by about 4″.




It looks normal from the front but it’s really a swishy skirt that adds a wiggle to your step and a high waist that makes you stand up straight – a skirt that improves posture.

A word of advice concerning high waists: I’m a little ‘soft’ in the middle so I interfaced the facings twice! Once with fusible to help stop fraying and a second layer with hair canvas – it’s practically a corset but holds most of the softness in check.

The skirt is not lined but I did finish all seams on the serger and while it was running smoothly with red thread I didn’t want to upset it too much and change colours so I just left the red in. It creates a little colour to the monochrome skirt.


She’s amazing, that Rhonda! Such a simple modification and the skirt takes on a whole new personality.


Took about 3 hours yesterday to knock up and worn today at work. It would take me 3 hours just to go shopping for a skirt and probably come home empty handed. Styled today with StyleArc Ziggi biker jacket in black and a white cotton shirt by Connie Crawford, Butterick 5365. Colour came from a cerise scarf.



















As I’ve started the week with grey/black and white, I shall continue that colour scheme the rest of the week. This is how I answer  What will I Wear Today?. I’m very lucky that in my job there is no dress code (I could wear jeans everyday if I wished) but I do like to be a little professional and polished and where else would I wear all my makes? So my work-wear-week will look a little like this:

Monday – Rhonda’s Skirt, white shirt, black Ziggi, black suede boots

Tuesday – Grey wool trousers (Vogue 7881) , white shirt, black Ziggi, grey ankle boots

Wednesday – Grey wool trousers, red wrap cardi, red courts

Thursday – Grey vintage dress (Vogue genuine vintage 9818), Burda suit coat, black courts

Friday – Rhonda’s skirt, red wrap cardi, black courts or maybe red!

Last week it was orange. And next week isn’t here yet but I’m already tending towards blue……….


48 thoughts on “Rhonda’s Skirt

  1. Hi Ruth,

    Love this skirt on you…………..yes, I have the posting of Rhonda’s set to one side, so that I can make it up. Busy working on a Christmas dress for daughter.

    I love that you have made it your own, by placing the flounce at the back; fabulous idea. I was toying with the idea of adding the flounce but just on one side, what do you think??

    Perfect choice of fabric by the way.

    I recently made a high waisted skirt ( burda pattern) and used steel spiral boning in the waist section, following the high waist couture facing technique in Lynda Maynards book – The Dressmakers Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques. It absolutely guarantees a smooth high waisted skirt; have you tried it??

    • Meant to say, only mentioned Lynda’s technique as you are into couture techniques………………the high waist on the skirt you are modelling is perfect.

    • Hi Marysia, I’d thought of boning the waist but really this is a daytime skirt but I would do it for an evening version. Thanks for your comments and book recommendation.

  2. Lovely…absolutely lovely! Thanks for the tip on stabilizing the waistline. Will remember that one!

  3. Bingo! Everything is just right. A perfect application for showcasing a fascinating fabric. A waistline that elongates your leggy silhouette even more. Brava!

  4. Certainly looks good from the front (I like the tip about building in posture-enhancers!) and the outfit works perfectly.

  5. what a lovely skirt from that fabulous fabric! You did an excellent job and it looks great on you. I like the “business in the front, party in the back” aspect that the flounce gives

  6. Great skirt and glorious fabric

  7. Gorgeous. Glorious. Subtle. Surprising. Wonderful fabric. Wonderful design. Wonderful skirt on you. Simply wonderful.

  8. Love the fabric, the skirt, and Rhonda’s blog with all that she shares! Outstanding make, Ruth!

  9. Beautiful fabric, and a great use for it. The skirt looks really nice on you. A perfect result!

  10. Gorgeous fabric and even more gorgeous skirt. The high waisted skirt creates such a flattering silhouette and I love the surprise flounce at the back. Beautiful work.

  11. That skirt is wonderful. I love indignities description – business front and party back indeed!

  12. as others have remarked, excellent use of an interesting fabric… the extra length of the high waisted skirt really suits that fabric and allows it to be appreciated in all its glory.

  13. Thank you for sharing your skirt and the link to Rhonda’s pattern alteration. How cool and how easy! You just look so elegant and I love the red serging inside! Nice Coni Crawford blouse too…I have that one and it needs to be measured and made up for me!

  14. You look fabulous. Always enjoy your posts. Looked at Rhonda’s blog and would like to give it a try. Take care.

  15. Look what I saw this morning! My husband couldn’t understand why I got excited at seeing this. It’s a very nice skirt but not nearly as stylish as yours.

    • Oh Vivienne – that IS my fabric! I never knew. And although I say it myself, my pattern matching on the seams isn’t perfect but it’s a damn sight better than East’s! Thanks for the link.

  16. Your skirt is gorgeous! I love the flare at the back, and thanks for the link to the drafting tutorial. I shall be saving it for some lunchtime reading.

  17. Absolutely striking! and you really carry it off so well. What a brilliant choice of fabric and pattern.

  18. This is a wow skirt, and it looks great with the open necked blouse. A business like look, but with a bit of something extra. A confident, stylish look. Lovely.

  19. My goodness, you look absolutely terrific in this skirt!!!!!!

  20. That’s just a WOWZA. Really sharp and fabulous. Rhonda’s generous tutorials are really wonderful, and that design and
    unique fabric make it very special .. even couture looking. You did good, and wear it so well, Ms Sashay ..;) Just thinking:
    wouldn’t that be amazing as the bottom of an elegant cocktail/evening dress in suitable fabric? I think it would be smashing
    .. even a mid calf length, wedding dress in a sumptuous, drapey fabric. I’ll be awaiting that glorious dress … 😉

    • Oh Joy, you’ve read my mind. I’ve been thinking about silk dupion or satin for my end of year party outfit. It would be really impressive with that flounce or train, if full length.

  21. Ruth – I love that skirt and you look fab wearing it! Well done !

  22. That waistline looks SO good on you!

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