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Ziggi 2


My mother is not exactly IT literate if you know what I mean? The absolute polar opposite of her fourth grandson (my teenage son). She’s a great baker, homemaker, carer, chatterer and mum but Anna and computers are an oxymoron.

She tries….she really tries….mostly our patience, God bless her…..She has completed at least one 12 weeks’ course on how to work e-mail and internet; my father’s endless patience has actually been empirically proved to Harvard mathematicians that infinity is NOT infinite, and she doesn’t read my blog because she can’t find it as HER version of Google doesn’t include “Corecouture” in its search.

So when I turned up at their house the other day wearing my fab Ziggi jacket I was met with two opposing points of view….

1. My own mother did not believe that I had sewn this jacket with my own fair hands and asked which shop I bought it from.

2. That I did such a good job that it would actually be impossible for me to have sewn it and so indirectly, it’s a compliment.

Hence, to literally to prove a point – if you ever see this Mother…. this is for you….. if your Google isn’t broken….

Fabric before it was cut


Half made Ziggi 2 on Doris; sleeves pinned on. Recognise the background?DSC01316


A sleeve

And for the rest of you….. I set up my own GNISB (Great Northern Irish Sewing Bee) in the sewing room over the last few days and quite literally got stuck in to sewing another StyleArc Ziggi biker jacket. Thankfully, I had all the necessary bits and pieces and so did not need to stop for anything. Mind you, the seam ripper is used a lot with this jacket!

Cut out on Friday night, all ready to sew the next day; 4 hours on Saturday, 3 hours on Sunday, 2 hours Monday, 6 hours Tuesday and 1.5 on Wednesday to do some hand sewing, finishing and final press. These are guessimates really as I sew in spurts but I suppose a good 20 hours would see this jacket completed. And it is my second one, so I knew what to watch out for. However, this sewing marathon has made me neglect internet reading and catching up on all your wonderful makes – so for the next few days, I’m not sewing anything and will be commenting prolifically…..

Main fabric is from Chrysalis No. 20 – a very interesting fabric, distressed leather-look jersey. No fraying, stretchy but yet stable, not quite black but not any other colour either. I used a ball-point needle in the machine for sewing this. It would make fab leggings and I have a little bit left over which I might turn into sleeves on a T-shirt a la Elizabeth from Sewn (scroll all the way to the bottom).


The shoulder yokes, sleeve tops and sleeve gussets are black lamb’s suede – soft as velvet, a small hide that was purchased via ebay. And the left over suede was cut into strips and used as zipper pulls.

I quilted the shoulder yokes, the sleeve tops, the bottom half of the sleeves and the back peplum in Burberry inspired rows of single stitching. I did add one layer of cotton wadding and a woven cotton backing to all quilted pieces. I like the way this works on the shoulders as it feels like shoulder pads and just in case I ever fall off a motor bike, my ass is protected too! It also really surprising how effective a few rows of straight stitching actually are.

DSC01317 DSC01327 DSC01328



For this one I lengthened the sleeves by 1″ but sewed it up with 1.5cm seam allowances instead of the recommended 1cm – with this stretchy fabric I reckoned I could do with the extra fitting. I always nip in a the waistline too. Apart from that, it’s cut from the pattern.

Lining is a silky smooth patterned poly.



I have to thank Maris, from Sewmaris without whose excellent blog tutorials on Ziggi construction would have made this project twice as long. It’s always nice to have a friendly voice of experience in the background for reassurance and advice, just when you need it. Thanks Maris.

Maris was extra nice to me when she nominated me for a Liebster Award too. Thank you once again.

DSC01322 DSC01323






After all that colour sewing for SWAP ’14 I’m inclined now towards monochrome…

and Wow! the sun was shining today too (hence the squinty eyes). Perfect day.





62 thoughts on “Ziggi 2

  1. It’s awesome Ruth! Really looks immaculate and the parallel stitching would make me too think ‘no way is this made at home…’.

    Your mum is missing out… then again, at least she won’t be upset by all you wrote about her 🙂

  2. Fabulous- superlative- A++++ !

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Oh, God bless our mothers! 😉

    Your Ziggi is so fabulous! Thank you for sharing all the details!

  4. Fabulous! Must say the time allowed on Sewing Bee tasks is ridiculously short and it seems such a terrible waste that the contestants have to rush and produce garments that are not their best. Your jacket is really gorgeous, and I like the mix of fabrics.

    • I agree Bridget. The more I think about it the Sewing Bee is not really a good test of sewing ability but of speed, which sewing is not about. Anyway, those constraints don’t affect us. Thank you

  5. That is just stunning Ruth, the fabric really looks like leather too I’m surprised it’s not. Beautiful fit too and I love the quilted sections.

  6. Oh my, that is SOME jacket! What an incredible make – it looks perfect!

  7. Just perfect and thanks for the links to Ziggy instructions. Enjoy wearing that wonderful jacket.

    • Jacqui the online instructions are invaluable. It’s not a difficult make, just daunting with so many pieces. I now have to make lots of other things to wear with it……

  8. You’ve done it again………..another fabulous jacket!

  9. Your jacket looks amazing! No wonder your Mum couldn’t believe you sewed it yourself. Enjoy wearing it. You are going to get lots of compliments.

  10. This wonderful inspiration came just at the right time for me as I am currently up to my ears making my second Ziggi (first one in polar fleece is still unblogged). I’ve just done the easy bits so far and I’m feeling a bit daunted at the prospect of making the front panels and zips in my leather which is not as soft as it could be. I love your topstitching! I am also interested in your back peplum piece. My first version had the curved hem of this piece dipping below the line of the jacket but yours looks straight. I like yours, did you change it from the pattern? I can’t rave enough about how gorgeous your jacket looks. I can well believe your mum didn’t think you made it. Well done with the GNISB. I tried to read your post with a NI accent to get the full effect, ha!

    • Kudos to you Megan for doing a real leather one! My machine doesn’t sew leather well. My back peplum does curve down but my curvy ass might make it sit higher.

  11. Wow, that is fabulous and no wonder your mother had doubts!

  12. Your mum needs a visit to your sewing studio to watch you in action Ruth – Ziggi number 2 is even more amazing than your Ziggi #1! And gosh golly, thanks for all the kind words. My pleasure to be sure to help in any way I can. Happy sewing (after a rest!)!

  13. I am so jealous! I really want a jacket like this. You have done a great job

  14. Stunning. Fabulous. Awsome. Really. (So speechless and in admiration I can’t make sentences anymore)

  15. OMG I adore this. Seriously fabulous. I need this in my life!

  16. Great jacket!I definitely need this pattern.Not sure when I’ll get round to making but just in case…Well done

  17. Wow! You have amazing skills. No one (except us fellow sewists, of course) would ever believe you made this, it is awesome. Wow.

    Your mom sounds like mine used to be. Many years ago I got a hysterical call from her telling me she broke her computer. Knowing that she treated the thing like it was a item in a museum with a red velvet cord around it, I knew that couldn’t be the case. The next 15 minutes consisted of explaining how to turn on each piece of equipment, and explaining that the monitor wasn’t “The Computer”, the box on the floor was really “The Computer”. It went on and on and on. She had accidentally touched the power button on the monitor, turning it off and in her mind, breaking it.

  18. That is so well made it’s astounding, little wonder your Mum didn’t believe you. Perfect combination of fabrics.

  19. I AM AMAZED. This is such a beautiful jacket!!!

  20. Ok, now you are just showing off 🙂 this second Ziggi is also fantastic, wow! And the fabric looks really cool, i’ll keep an eye out for something like it. If i find it, Shall i send you my measurements for your third make? 🙂 🙂 btw, i loved your mom story, giant compliment indeed!

    • Oh Lucia, I wasn’t going to post about this jacket because I though people will think I’m showing off. I don’t mean to. It’s just that I have some free time at the moment and I’m trying to use it productively and everyone should have this jacket.

  21. Absolutely fab! 🙂
    PS – My MiL said she couldn’t find anything on the ipad – she thinks the search rngine is ‘Dougal’!

  22. Awesome! Great jacket, your work is beautiful. Love the jersey fabric.

  23. come on Ruth give me a chance to catch up – haven’t even opened my pattern yet, let alone sewn a 2nd jacket – love it.

  24. This is simply awesome!!!!

  25. I have to agree with all the other comments, Ruth. You have done such a lovely job on this, and the combination of the suede really sets it off nicely.

  26. oh what a beautiful jacket! Thanks for all the details.

  27. Ruth, you are an inspiration. Love both your Ziggy jackets and all your sewing for SWAP. Keep up the great work. I so look forward to your blog posts.

  28. You are so very talented! What a great interpretation of this pattern!

  29. I’ve been stalking Ziggi… I’m considering making it in a heavy wool ponte, stretch but good recovery… thoughts??

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