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AC Dress


Just a quick show and tell today – so much to do and so little time to do it.

I set myself the finish date of Oct 30th for the last of my Alabama Chanin projects, the brown over pink dress. Well that date came and went, and so did the 30th of November but I’m relieved to say that by December the dress was completed and worn.

The all over pattern was made from a tracing of a piece of Ikea fabric; the shapes stenciled onto the brown outer layer and a running stitch in pink embroidery thread around them all; then the insides of the shapes cut out to show the pink under layer.
DSCN4802At long last the beaded pink T-shirt has a companion.


You have the glamorous setting of my upstairs landing as backdrop to the AC dress due to poor light and freezing cold weather. I could go all out Alabama Chanin and wear the T-shirt, the dress the beaded skirt and the bolero – that lot should keep me warm.



I haven’t a bobble hung yet and only half the gifts bought so guess what I’m doing today instead of sewing?


Keep your cool out there………


40 thoughts on “AC Dress

  1. There is so much work on that dress. Not only you finished it, but it’s a beauty. Congrats!

  2. This is somethig absolutly fabulous! Wow! I admire your patience! It is worth all the work you have dne.

  3. Absolutely spectacular!

  4. Fabulous work! You look so pretty in it, too.

  5. Oh you are such an inspiration! I just got the book and am trying to decide what to make. Hand stitching seems like an excellent thing to do in the winter by the fire.

    • It is Meg, it is. Most of my sewing was actually done in the summer in the garden apart from this dress. Hand sewing allows you to be sociable as well as creative.

  6. I agree so much work, a piece of art – beautiful

  7. Clever girl using already made motifs from Ikea…damn clever! It is just toooo darling! The colors work well and who doesn’t need a jumper dress? Hoping to get more done on my AC projects in Jan when the brides back off. I hear many compliments coming your way from wearing this outfit!!!! Great job, Ruth!

  8. Fabulous! This one has a very sophisticated pattern and I like how great all your other pieces look with it.
    I only just started to put decorations up yesterday too. This December has been crazy busy.

  9. Stunning work – it is no surprise that it took longer than scheduled. I hope you had a successful day today😃

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. And I so love those beaded edgings. What an accomplishment, Ruth! And good luck and lots of extra time finding all the gifts and decorating.

  11. Such a unique idea for working with fabric and I can’t imagine the number of stitches you had to make! Lovely!

  12. What an absolutely beautiful creation.

  13. Wow , this looks really great and it suits you so much!

  14. Beautiful. And inspirational for me. Is this applique or cut-out? Looking again at the photos I think it is the cut-out technique? Love the look with the top under. After your first AC post, I got all of her books from our library system and read and re-read. Hand-stitching is like therapy for me, and I’d love to always have some on hand to do. 🙂 Hoping to get it worked out in my mind (mental prep ahead of actual sewing) which pattern would work for my style. Great job! Your beading on the top is festive, too. Would love to see that close-up. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  15. This is so lovely, and inspirational. My AC book remains in the bookcase 😦 but looking at your gorgeous ensemble, I am tempted.

  16. You are so cute!! and I love you in pink. Happy holidays to you and yours.

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