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75 thoughts on “Outfit

  1. Fabulous! It is great – the dress and cout and the hat and the bag 🙂

  2. Super work. I especially like the coat and dress together!

  3. Bravo! I was very interested how the red would look alongside the main and it’s fantastic.

    Try not to upstage the bride now a la Liz Hurley!!

  4. You asked for comments so I’ll offer my opinion ( which, as I say to my adult children, feel free to totally disregard!).
    All elements of the outfit are great, but I think when you put them all together, it’s a bit overwhelming. The photo with just the coat looks terrific and the photo with just the hat also looks very good, but when you put them together (and add the bag) I don’t think it does justice to the beautiful (and perfectly fitting) dress.

  5. Critical comments? No way – your outfit looks wonderful, very elegant :). I particularly like the way the coat looks with the dress, and the way you placed the lace is just lovely and not too OTT. Well done, and enjoy the big day!

  6. Its lovely. Did you make the hat too? I wish it were maybe a bit smaller brimmed….

  7. You look absolutely amazing in your complete me-made outfit. Thank you for sharing your process of making it. I hope you have a great time wearing it at your event.

  8. Wowsza! What an amazing outfit this is! Enjoy the wedding in your beautiful new outfit!

  9. Ruth. Honestly, I adore the dress and coat, the shoes go beautifully and the fit of the dress and coat are fabulous on you.
    I hope you don’t mind me saying that I feel that the hat somewhat overwhelms you and the ensemble……………….I do feel that a smaller brim would compliment you and your outfit better. However, that is a question of individual taste. So, that is what I would say to my best friend.

    Enjoy the day, and the many compliments you will receive.

    • Marysia, you’re not the only one to notice that (me included). Thanks for the honesty – much better than faux praise

      • Hi again Ruth,

        I am so glad that you took my comment in the way it was intended. Daughter worried me by saying “so, your not friends with Ruth??” I explained that I would not presume, as we are “virtual” friends and that I was trying to say, you look fabulous, but, I know you would look even more fabulous if the hat was altered ………….

        You have a lovely face and a short hair style, I therefore think, as an avid hat wearer any chance I get, that a smaller brim would show off your face and smile and not detract from the overall look………..

        Knock them dead!!

  10. I am so happy that you went with the longer coat. It really makes the ensemble. You should have been invited to the royal wedding!! Maybe when Prince Harry gets married 😉
    Oh….but wait, there’s something missing from the photos….where’s the panty shot??? Just kidding, couldn’t resist 😉

    • I’m wearing them, honestly!

      • Umm, yes I was going to ask, so glad someone else did.
        Thanks for posting about them, with 30 and 18 year old daughters I would love a tutorial on the making of them Ruth…………thinking of buying some silk and slipping them in as little stocking fillers for Christmas!!

  11. Love the outfit. Love the coat! I enjoy all your posts but seeing this outfit coming together was really great. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and pictures.

  12. Beautiful—- love the dress; Love the coat ; love the shoes ! You did a superb job! I prefer The outfit without the hat/-just My opinion. It seems a little heavy For the outfit and hides your Lovely face. Sent from my iPhone


  13. Fabulous. You look like royalty!

  14. Oh my goodness. Your sewing skills are so magnificent. What a gorgeous dress and coat you’ve made. I hope you enjoy wearing it. It looks like you had fun in the photo shoot.

  15. Wow! Beautiful outfit! Lots of hard work paid off!!!

  16. Ooooh baby! The dress and coat are amazing work, and you look fabulous. The hat and shoes are not something everyone can wear, but you rock them! You are my stylin’ hero!

  17. Ruth, stunning dress and coat! It’s so lovely on you, and perfect for the occasion. IMO – take it fwiw, the hat completely overwhelms the gorgeousness of you and the dress. When I look at the pic of you wearing the whole ensemble, all I see is the hat. You are gorgeous without the hat. If you feel like one is appropriate, maybe make a fascinator type hat if you’re comfortable with that?

    • I know, I’m thinking the same thing too. These pics were the first time I saw the whole lot together too and all I saw was the hat! Thanks for saying so BTW. I’ll have a rethink overnight and see if I can up come with an alternative. Thank you so much

      • Sorry for coming back, I think a fascinator would be the way to go as it will not detract from your beautiful coat and dress…………………..not much fabric needed either if you choose to make it.

      • Ruth, I’m so glad you took the comments well. It’s hard to give honest, critical advice. I would hate to see you detract from your beautiful dress. Btw, I just saw your ‘under’ post…. so awesome!

  18. Watch the swinging watch… you are feeling very sleepy… now pack this outfit and send it to ejvc…

    It’s very lovely indeed. The specialness of English wedding hats may defy cross-cultural commenters but *I* think the hat is wonderful and entirely appropriate. And the dress! what a superb fabric and fabrication. And, can a coat be casual and relaxed and super-elegant and formal at once? I did not think so before, but I am having to change my mind.

    Extremely well done as always.

    • I’m feeling sleepy, I’m feeling sleepy – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Now how come you’re the only one so far who likes the hat? Of course the English are well known for their eccentricity.

  19. Ruth! You will be better dressed than the bride I’m telling you!

  20. I have always admired the UK wedding tradition of big hats. I love your big hat. AND IT’s RED!!! The red really makes the outfit come “alive”. I ‘specially like the dress on it’s own. Enjoy your wedding.

  21. The outfit is amazing – and I love the red accents. But…. I think I prefer the hatless look too. However, hats tend to be worn for such a short time on these occasions that I wouldn’t worry about it.

  22. What a completely beautiful ensemble. I love the coat with the dress. You created a wonder. I feel a fascinator would complete the ensemble in a way that would let YOU shine rather than being overwhelmed by the red hat. The hat is wonderful too, just not with this outfit because it hides your light. If you make a fascinator, I think it should be in the same colours, textures and sheen as the dress and coat.

  23. Ohhhh myyyyy! You have created a fabulous ensemble! I am in awe. You have absolutely gone to the next level and upped your game big time!

  24. I have to be completely honest, I didn’t think the coat was going to work with the rest of the outfit. But I WAS WRONG! I love it, the whole outfit put all together looks amazing. I love that you reversed the contrast band at the hemline on the coat and dress.

  25. Hmm, Ruth. As others have said, the dress and coat look fabulous together and the hat overwhelms you. You look absolutely stunning without the hat and having followed your progress from afar, you have done a beautiful job of everything. Perhaps something smaller in grey silk satin to match the maind colour of the coat and dress?

  26. Hi Ruth , I love the entire ensemble , including the hat.
    Glad someone else asked about the underwear. Haha.
    Wouldn’t change a thing ,but just wondered what the coat would have been like if it had been lined with the the red hat fabric.
    Either way -beautiful.

  27. Ruth, I think you look absolutely fantastic in that outfit and am also fimly in the ‘I love that hat on you’ camp. You created something really spectacular there!

  28. Like everyone else said: fabulous. But not like most: I love the hat. It’s huge, yes, but that’s part of the point. This is a wedding after all!

  29. Ruth beautiful outfit; I think the lace idea over the fabric looks sensational and works so well with the Coat. If only I was closer I could sneak in and “borrow” (or is it acquire?) that outfit. Have fun at the wedding – I wonder if any of the guests follow your blog and will appreciate all the time and effort you have gone to with this. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

  30. What a fabulous ensemble you have created Ruth. It’s perfectly fitted and beautifully sewn. You have created a truly unique outfit with such attention to every detail. Thank you so much for sharing every step along the way. I have followed your progress with great interest and the big reveal has failed to disappoint. I am in awe of your creativity, your strong sense of self and your awesome ability to bring your ideas to fruition. I say wear the outfit in it’s entirety as you intended, and wear it with pride.

  31. Your fabric is fantastic! And to get a hat and bag and shoes to match is unbelievable!

  32. You are positively glowing! Great job 🙂

  33. FLAT OUT gorgeous! Love the dress and coat – you did a beautiful job, as always!

  34. Completely fabulous! You’ve done a wonderful job on the whole ensemble, but…. Could I add my thoughts on the hat? I agree it slightly distracts from the dress and coat, however that size would still look great if it were not solid. So made from siminay(?) instead.
    Thanks Ruth, really great posts.

  35. You have done a fabulous job!

  36. Hi! Ok, I’ll join in. first – wow! Your dress is just beautiful, you really achieved a perfect fit on this one. And the lace detail is so beautifully done. I’m not crazy about the collar on your coat, seems heavy, maybe just a little wide?, but do like the way the coat swings around you, the length is perfect for the dress. I’m surprised by your shoes, thought you would go with plain ones, to keep the focus on the dress…And your hat. Well, Ruth, mostly it just looks too heavy for the dress and other fabrics. But you’ve heard enough about that already! I do think that the color is a distraction from your lovely face, body, and dress/coat…but have to admit that I might not understand English wedding dresses! Whatever you wear, hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding!

  37. Woow, looking good!!
    What a fantastic outfit.
    I agree with most according to the hat, a fascinator would probably be better (to my opion) and perhapse a neklace of red Coral??

  38. Might as well add my opinion – everyone else has ( bet you can’t believe the respond you have had!). I think you have done a fantastic job on the dress and coat and you look positively glowing in the first photo. To me, and I am not quite sure why, but the hat does not work. I would tend to go down the
    ” no hat” route if you think it is appropriate. I tend to think fascinators can look a little old fashioned and can be quite ageing. Whatever way you go, you will look fabulous – have a great day.

  39. Your outfit is tremendous. Enjoy the wedding.

  40. Dear Ruth,

    This coat and dress combo is a triumph. The coat alone is a winner. Very tricky fabrics, beautifully executed, into an outfit that is perfect for you. The number of decisions involved would have paralyzed me. So impressed and jealous. You’re going to look smashing at this wedding!

    You ask for a critical eye. OK. Mine is a vote, not a judgment. I’m always wary of perfect matchy-matching in interior design as well as clothing. So, having matched the coat, the dress, the shoes, the purse and the hat, it may just be one bridge too far.

    I’d exchange one element for a compatible -but not matching- piece. The easiest fix would be to leave behind that handsome hat, because it competes with the dress in terms of volume and detail.

    The purse is just the right scale. I’d definitely keep it. The shoes are cheeky: perfect.

    A *simple* coordinating fascinator would be good, and would show more of your hair. For anyone too far away to see your shoe-lips, it is your hair that makes the regal dress seem young and modern. Please don’t hide your hair.

    I’d also swap out the black watch band for a bold cuff bracelet. Black is too high contrast, it calls too much attention to itself in the photos.

    I’d think of an elegant pair of luminescent earrings. Diamonds, pearls, moonstone, mother of pearl. Studs, clips or pendants- but boldly simple. A little movement around the face might be nice. Here’s what it might look like. (too much scroll maybe?) in white or gold metal.

    Absolutely no necklace at all. The lace is your main jewelry. If there’s a necklace, maybe a bold, solid collar of silver. Nothing dainty or curlicuey.

    It’s fun to spend other people’s time and money. Thank you for letting us vicariously enjoy your process of getting dressed. Dance up a storm, let the silk glow.

    Best Sanni

    On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 3:17 AM, corecouture wrote:

    > sewruth posted: “At long last. Thank you for supporting me from > beginning to end. Critical comments very welcome as I still have a few days > to ‘tidy up’ and fix.”

  41. Hi Ruth:

    Fabulous outfit; I only have a problem with the hat in the “dress only” photographs; somehow it looks weird without the coat. Perhaps this hat for the ceremony and a smaller trifle for the dinner?


  42. Hi,
    I realise I am much too late to the party to meaningfully comment, but I’m going to anyway… Hah! I too prefer the outfit without the hat, it is too large and the brim is not sufficiently rigid. I absolutely love hats and think we should grab every opportunity to wear them, but this one that you have so artfully created just isn’t right for this outfit. Kudos for creating it though. That aside, a stunning outfit which you OWN.

  43. I may be in the minority here but I love the hat! The entire outfit looks stunning. My guess is you will get a luncheon invitation from the Queen 😉

  44. Terrific outfit! The last photo (with the diffrent background) deserves to be in the fashion magazine! And I do love the hat!

  45. Oh my gosh; sooo beautiful!! You’re an absolute knockout!

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