Essential sewing keeping me clothed and sane



Many of you have commented previously about my apparent productivity and how I seem to sew a lot of things, well sit back and be prepared to be astounded…. this week I sewed…

…. pair of jeans, a skirt with cross over straps, two pair of leggings, a bag, a coat and coordinating wrap skirt, a red dress, a tunic (or two), lacy tights, two pair of knickers, a posh frock for the opera, a t-shirt with sequins, a tulle skirt and maybe a few other things…


I would never, ever have considered myself I person to sew for dolls – honestly – it’s the very last thing I would do with my time….. except this time was different and very, very fulfilling and this is something I would never, ever admit to publicly (except I am). It’s also a very good use of teeny tiny scraps of fabric.


Oh yes, her auntie has the exact same coat/skirt outfit made in Linton tweed too…


Here’s Leigh – my one and only niece – nine years old and as a Christmas present, this was a little risky; I mean how many pre-pubescent girls play with dolls any more?


But this is her… Hair, face and glasses. Just imagine receiving a Christmas present that was You!


We had to manhandle the doll from her mother last night, who is now asking for one who looks like herself. The poor doll had every outfit on and off within 20 minutes. At least it was a real test of my sewing.

The pattern is the Kimberly Doll by Caroline, of Hand made by Caroline.



Wishing every one of you the best for the coming year.