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Do Ya like Dawgs?


There’s sewing for yourself, which is the best: there’s sewing for others, which is nice: then there’s sewing for dogs!


Brad Pitt in Snatch: “Do ya like dawgs?”

Now, I’m not a dog-person; I like the things well enough but having never owned one, I suppose I don’t truly appreciate the two-way love, affection, friendship and inter-dependability that goes along with ownership. However, I do understand the bond between owner and animal.



A few lengths of polar poly fleece (machine washable!) and some fat quarters of Kaffe Fassett quilting cotton and  you too can make the dog-lover in your life very happy – not to mention the dog!

Four dogs and a cat…..


A dog lover recently told me that dog blankets should coordinate with the colour of the dog so that cast hairs are not so obvious. And that they get dirty easily, so that machine washable requirement is a necessity.

These are really useful items to protect your sofa, other people’s sofas if you’re visiting, car seats and a soft, comfy base for any basket, carpet or fireside mat.

Here’s Luna’s –


Luna is not actually blue and magenta but her’s was the prototype and made with fleece that was already in the house.

Then Pedro – a golden labrador and while only a pup right now will grow much larger, so this is the biggest at about 75cm X 100cm.


Then a double dog blanket for Bella and Lulu, in natural colours.


And because I have a cat – one for Eddie


Take some quilting cotton, cut into 5″ squares and draw the letters for the dog’s name. Cut around the letters with pinking shears; place upon one layer of fleece about 3″ from the edges and zig-zag in place. Personally I like my random mix of capital and small letters and the somewhat wonky placement. You could always take more care if you wish.

Cut another layer of fleece same size as the first; right sides together, stitch around three sides. Turn right side out, fold in the raw edges of the fourth edge and sew closed. Job done!

You could always add some large hand made blanket stitches around the edges for that extra finishing touch. Even add a layer of batting for extra comfort but be sure to catch the batting in the side seams to hold it in place.

DSCN7469And don’t ever forget your label because although the dog may have a personalised, couture and unique blanket – you made it!

Orders taken………… and make of dog, size and colour. POA.


8 thoughts on “Do Ya like Dawgs?

  1. OH Ruth, is there not limit to your creative talents???? You make all the dog lovers on your list sooo happy! Love the colors and the owners might even be able to get the dogs to recognize their own blankets after a while.

  2. I was slightly disappointed there wasn’t a piccie of a teal dog to follow text (I have watched too much CBeebies so it’s built expectations) but otherwise love love love. And you get to keep Eddie’s.

  3. I need to make one for my dawg. Loved your post!

  4. Very sweet gifts.
    I’ve had 4 dogs, all quite different. The one who LOVED a blanket was Miss Little Bit. In fact, she had a pile on her bed. When my other dog would mess up her blankets, she would actually come and get me to straighten everything out.
    You may end up with angel pets for having made them such a special blanket 😊

  5. such fun gifts. My son uses towels that match his Archie, but now you have my mind going around a blanket.

  6. Very cute! I can just imagine a loved pet curling up on one of these!

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