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Move Over Scarlett…


Ladies, we have a dress……. it’s red, it’s 80s, it’s designer, it’s mine……..

DSC00639 DSC00640 DSC00641 DSC00642

It’s not finished – bit of dinky-dooing to be done on the zip and lots of hand sewing on the facings and hems, bit of fiddling to be done on the side pleats – the finishing touches – but it now fits all the way around Doris and me too! And while it wrinkles on Doris, on me it sits perfectly smoothly (fat back I assume).

Further in-depth details of adjustments and construction next time – maybe even me wearing it. I will officially be the IT girl I always knew I was! Move over Scarlett!

I’ve got a black leather Gladstone bag (bought at Petticoat Lane market when it was good circa 1987 ) which is stored away in the attic and it is just brimming with genuine, (nowadays) vintage 1980 costume jewellery bought when I lived in London: you just know I have to uncover it and select the perfect era-appropriate accessories for this dress.

Thank you all so much for your very, very supportive and encouraging comments on my first attempt – without them (and you) I wouldn’t have tried so hard and wouldn’t have a nearly finished dress either – you’re the bestest friends in the whole wide world. Darlings I love you all! (air kisses, air kisses)

I was particularly touched when the IT girl herself left a comment – really appreciated it Scarlett but this is MY dress now!

24 thoughts on “Move Over Scarlett…

  1. I love it. And I love 80s costume jewelry! You’ll be the centre of attention, dahling!

  2. You are going to be one hot mama in this dress!!! Enjoy every moment 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to see it on. If they remake the Matrix, you can be their new “woman in the red dress”!

    As for your jewellery hoard, put it in a safe when you find it. This stuff is all the rage at the mo.

    • I’ve noticed that 80s style jewellery is all over the shops at the moment – all those statement necklaces and big earrings. I hope my actual hoard lives up to my memory of it – if I can find it!

  4. Hi there,

    See, we knew you would “nail it!!”
    Can’t wait to see it on with the jewellery too……….have fun.xx

  5. Yowsa! That is one fine dress. Please post a picture of it ‘in action’!

  6. Looking fantastic. I knew you would overcome the fitting issues. Can’t wait to see you modelling it.

  7. You are going to have to find more than one occasion to wear that dress. It is gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful time wearing it. Have fun choosing your jewelry, too:)

  8. Wow! Looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it on you.

  9. The back looks AMAZING… Although so does the front! Beautiful!

  10. Looking great Ruth – would love to see a pic of you all gussied up 80’s style in it.

  11. FAB – U – LOUS!!!
    It certainly is yours indeed!

    I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have found your blog and to have seen all the comments from your readers on this dress. And now you’ve made it. Wonderful.
    You’re the first person I am aware of who has actually made it. I’d like to do a follow up story – can I use one of your pics on my blog? Will of course credit and link to you.

    THRILLED! Enjoy it.

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