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Linton Green 1


Here we are at the next set of Linton tweeds: green this time and I’ve got my head back.

I am truly happy with my Linton Pinks but I have a few more Linton’s to sew and hopefully transfer their meticulous weaving  into wearable garments.


I have wanted a herringbone wool jacket for ages and ages that I could wear with jeans and skirts and really and truly just be a good wardrobe staple that will see the years and fashion trends into oblivion.


This is a really great little jacket pattern V8887 that I’m sorry to say is OOPS and probably for many years now but is a little gem that allows you to sew as is (as I have) or you can have the option of adding tailoring, couture variations at will. I choose to tailor the collar and sleeve heads but otherwise I left it alone. It’s a perfect jacket pattern for those entering the tailoring journey : you can select what to spend time and effort on and what not. Previously I’ve made this twice before – flowery cotton and blue fleece.

DSCN7923Makes for a more relaxed jacket that will soften with wear and with the leftovers, I managed to sew up a skirt. So now I have a suit that was not planned. Nice. The skirt is a simple straight A line but I added welt pockets – just because.


Then I had the green check to coordinate/match with the brown olive greenish herringbone. I think went for the most complicated – a kilt skirt without a pattern.


Truly, this this probably the most simplistest of garment ever if we followed the traditional version – a long length of woollen fabric wrapped around the waist and held up with a belt, but a kilt is a male’s garment, a kilt skirt is a female’s, and we all know that there is a distinct difference between waist and hip ratio in the genders.

I watched a lot of online videos on how to make a kilt: I read books and researched it in depth; in the end I just did what felt right….I think I’ll leave this for another post entirely because I’ve a lot to show and tell.

Going back to what I actually made though …. I had enough fabric to make a dress tooDSCN7910

McCalls 2401-  always a good staple with so many variations all in one envelope. Reach for the pattern and all will be well. I have used this pattern many, many times and it has become my go to dress for Christmas and beyond when you only have a metre or so to use.


As I was using whatever fabric I had left over from the kilt thing, I didn’t really care at this point if the checks matched…….I’ve seen worse in RTW.   And so have you.

This is not my usual standard I’ll have ye know but fabric dictates the limitations…


It didn’t help that I inadvertently reversed the pieces because the inside and outside of this fabric looks the same. I did get patch pockets though and used the selvedge as trim around the armholes, frayed the hem and pockets too.


Anyway, I sewed the jacket I’ve always wanted and got a skirt to match. Then I sewed a kilt and got a dress out of the bargain too… so by my reckoning, two free items. Two metres of herringbone got me a jacket and a skirt: 3 metres of green check got me a voluptuous kilt and a dress.







33 thoughts on “Linton Green 1

  1. Oh Ruth, What beautiful additions to your wardrobe.

    The colours suit you so well.

  2. Oh, Ruth! You never cease to amaze and inspire. All four pieces are beautiful and beautifully executed. Once again, you have hit this one (these ones?) out do the park. Thank you

  3. wowser! I consider myself a thrifty cutter of fabric, but you always seem to get the extra mileage out of the yardage! Most impressive

  4. Fabulous. You make wonderful things and they look fab on you.

  5. Again, absolutely stunning !

  6. Free clothes. That’s the best! You have created a wonderful wardrobe.

  7. You are so talented! Love these! Especially the short skirt…quite sassy!

    • The short skirt was a necessity of fabric limitations Jan. It’s fine with thick tights and boots but then again, I don’t have the warm temperatures that you live in. Thank you.

  8. Inspiring. And you are right, what you see in ready to wear these days is in fact often much worse. No one will notice anyway and if it starts disturbing you you could add these stripes everyone seems to be wearing at the moment (addidas?) in matching coulours of course. The skirt looks racy I like the style on you, vibrant!

    • Thanks Kim. Remember the lovely red/pink Linton you gave me? The dress is always in my wardrobe and I’ll never part with it even when I can’t get into anymore. thanks again.

      • In glad it’s been used and loved. I’m afraid I still have Linton in stash – it really deserves to be dusted off and used 🙄

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to hear the adventure of that kilt, because it’s a knockout.

  10. Gorgeous. All you need now is a jaunty little beret.

  11. Loving all of those. You look so put together and smart, and yet comfortable too.

  12. Ruth, your sewing is always so very lovely and you are so good at getting the most out of your fabric. I wish I were more like you but anyway I look forward to seeing your next lot of makes, any clues , a Christmas dress perhaps ? I for one can’t wait to see what you magic together next.

    • Gosh Christine, I haven’t even bought a card yet, no presents and no plans for dinner. Today is 1.12 so I suppose I better get a move on. Thank you so very much and if I have time, I might make a new Christmas outfit.

  13. Amazing kilt skirt, the jacket is lovely and you are a wizard with yardage! Please tell me about the loose top over the the yellow green (as on my screen) with the kilt skirt. Thanks, Sue

  14. I totally forgot to ask you about your jacket because I was too busy admiring your skirt! It’s amazing, and I LOVE the dress too.

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