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Linton Pink – 2


This was not a good day for taking photographs – I’ve apparently lost my head!

However, I do have a matching skirt for my Linton checked tweed coat from Vogue’s 1527 Paco Peralta’s suit. I’ve bought the silk for the blouse, so that’s on the to do list if I can muster the courage to cut into it.

The skirt was underlined in cotton at the back only and fully lined.


The front split is indeed a split!


Worn together the length of both are exactly the same.

With the little scraps of leftovers, I patched together a scarf….


…..and a wonky scrap boy ….

He’s a scrap boy because he’s filled with strips and strips of leftover fabrics.

Just to prove that I do actually have a head, here’s a little preview of my next Linton project – Green.


33 thoughts on “Linton Pink – 2

  1. Kilty secrets? You little minx!

  2. Great work as always. Love the scrap boy.

  3. You wear your clothes beautifully.

  4. WoW, beautiful and so expertly created !!

  5. My gosh! A kilt? Can you feel the envy from this side of the pond?
    I really like that long coat. The lines are just beautiful.
    I absolutely adore your scrappy little boy. Brilliant!

  6. Extravagant! I wonder how the silk blouse will look, Thank you for sharing about the courage needed to cut into something special. I am a real whimp here. With more practice I get better but I would never dare to do anything other than with a tried and tested pattern.

  7. My goodness Ruth, the coat and skirt are truly gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the blouse too. As for the kilt, what can I say, beautiful work fro you as usual and you really d inspire me to get on with my sewing. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for this post it couldn’t be more timely. I’ve had this pattern for some time now and I might sew the skirt for my christmas outfit. I was wondering how deep the slit is. Now I know !!! The coat and the skirt together make a beautiful pair. I’ve made the blouse in a floral print and it is one of my most worn garment. I love the generous bow and the cuffs. The instructions are for french seams perfect for fine fabric and so neat.

    • And I haven’t made the blouse yet although I do have the fabric.. Thanks Marie.
      You inspired me at the outest with your style and panache and I am more than happy to return the favour.

  9. These are beautiful pieces. I love being able to come here and see your well sewn, tailored wardrobe! I miss this kind of dressing so much! Congrats on these pieces and I’m sure you will gather your courage and cut into the silk soon.

    • Oh thank you so much…I always watch with interest what you’re doing next..
      There’s a place for tailored garments as well as the everyday and I’m trying to find a compromise.

  10. Your coat is fabulous! And Scrap Boy is cute – I love “no waste”!

  11. Wonderful. And a kilt too? Does your talent know no bounds?!

    • Well Elle, the kilt was a challenge in the truest sense of the word.
      Hopefully I overcame the very complex intricacies of an otherwise simple skirt….
      Thank you

  12. Oh! So very wonderful. I keep going back and enlarging the photos… the fit! The plaid matching! Everything about these pieces is stunning and inspiring. Thank you, as always, for sharing.

  13. All magnificent – and no waste in your sewing room! 😀

  14. Oh my goodness, your skirt and coat are fabulous!!

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  16. Simply stunning, love it.!! xx

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  18. Magnificent! I am catching up on blogs and saw this. I wish my 5’2″ would look this great in such a great coat.

  19. Hi there, I have been absent for such a long time……………..illness, house move etc etc.
    Just started searching for you, as for some unknown reason, I haven’t had alerts in my inbox. So, checked you out Ruth and it says I am still listed.

    Thoughts very much turned to you, as I have moved up to Durham and headed off to the Lake District for a special celebration weekend, which meant a first visit to Linton on the way home.

    Yes, you have guessed it, there will be another Chanel Style Jacket in the making. I so fondly remembered following your posts when I made the first one for the youngest daughter. Your posts were invaluable, so I will hunt them down again. This second jacket; for the other daughter of course!!

    You have and always do Paco proud, and your coat is stunning. Hopefully, now I am settled in and the sewing room up and running, I will have time to check in and see all of your wonderful outfits.


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