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Last week while I was sewing up a storm with OOP Vogue 1467, a few minor interruptions relating to Life interrupted proceedings. I took a small break and temporarily lost my mind. I went shopping at Linton Tweed. I know, I know, it’s a really good shop to go browsing but the actual shopping tends to tilt this side of “How much???”

I may have spent my entire Autumn/Winter ’18/19 budget in one fell swoop. And I’ll be requiring lining, zips, buttons, interfacing and what-have-you. So I’m not done yet. I’ll be sewing with scraps until next April!

Hopefully this week the adorable postie will be delivering the following:


The main problem was that I couldn’t decide between the pink check or the green check and this where I lost it and bought both and then I bought the co-ordinating herringbone tweeds too. 100% wool.

Now I need your help. Imagine you have 3m of each check and 2m of the herringbone with which to sew an outfit……anything you like.


Say ‘Linton’ and I immediately think of Chanel. I’m quite prepared to do some slow, haute couture because, quite honestly, there won’t be too much more fabric purchased this side of Christmas.  I was gifted some fabulous Linton by The Material Lady a few years ago and I made use of every inch (including selvedge on neck, pockets and hem) to make my Christmas dress a la Oscar de la Renta.


I already have four Chanel style jackets that are in constant rotation plus a traditional tailored one all using Linton tweeds but let’s face it, one more won’t hurt my wardrobe.


Vogue magazine is promoting checks and tartans for this season with a nod towards the 1970s and please check (ha ha) out Pattern Vault’s recent post on Ralph Lauren.

I’d love your suggestions for making this delicious fabric into something stunning, timeless and of course, something that suits me and that I will wear, although I am always open to new ideas and new patterns so don’t feel you have to go full traditional. I don’t know the actual weight/hand of the tweed yet but sure I can control that with interfacing and lining.

Thanking you in advance and hopefully I’m giving you the chance to go flawless virtual sewing and imagining the perfect finished outfit.




18 thoughts on “Suggestions/Ideas/Inspiration

  1. How about a moto jacket and culottes—a look you could carry off well!!
    Some of the plaid needs to be on the bias of course.
    Love your makes and writing—miss you when you don’t write, but totally understand needed pauses🙂
    Renita in nc, usa

  2. Excellent way to deal with life’s interruptions! I have no suggestions – I’ll leave that to other sewists – but I cannot wait to see them both made up into wearable gorgeousness!

  3. Both colours look wonderful though I’m partial to the green. What you make out of the fabric will be stunning.

  4. So eager to see what you make. Your choices so far are impeccable.

  5. Ruth, this vogue looks fabulous and versatile. if I were still in the classroom it would be so sharp. Love this for the green plaid. Happy sewing. Melissa

  6. A Mimi G coat….paired with some asymmetric craziness. It’ll be great no matter what

  7. Oh what a wonderful dilemma! Something Westwood inspired? I look forward to hearing all about whatever you do!

  8. The short jacket in the October Burdastyle preview caught my eye, combined with wide leg trousers? Whatever you choose, whishing you lots of fun during the creative process

  9. When I saw that you had purchased some Linton tweed, I thought you had bought some of those offered at 30)% discount in their newsletter, do you get it? I have no patterns suggestions for the lovely tweeds you have bought but I am looking forward to seeing them made up. Afraid the Chanel jacket keeps coming to mind or maybe you can find a pattern to use for a Chanel coat.

  10. What about using 2 fabrics combined into a 3/4 coat? And if you have enough leftover, some pants? Or make plain solid pants and use the remaining scraps to make a killer purse? I love the look of wool purses/totes! whatever you decide, it will be gorgeous!

  11. What about a Maker’s atelier wrap over pencil skirt with a swing short jacket?

  12. I have no suggestions, but that christmas dress is lovely and pretty “outside the box” for a tweed, isn’t it? It’s perfectly understandable to buy herringbone to go with the plaid. Failing to do so would have been a faux pas, surely? I love the pink.

  13. Those fabrics look wonderful but I wouldn’t dare make any suggestions until I sew some of my own stashed Linton. Enjoy whatever you decide – you know it will be fabulous.

  14. Is two yards enough to get you trousers? I can see just living in a pair made from those herringbones.

  15. There is a lot of check about at the moment. The most versatile item appears to be a double breasted blazer to wear with a midi dress, jeans or smart trousers. I love your Chanel dress too, but personally I find the cardigan jacket a bit dated (I have two myself).

  16. Have a look at Blues and Browns of Perth for inspiration. Lovely clothes, beautiful tailoring.

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