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Another Small Break……


This is just the best ever FB message you could ever receive:

“Come and visit me in Mexico.”


Now, I suppose if you live in Mexico that wouldn’t be too exciting but for someone who doesn’t and hasn’t been on a proper holiday for years, this is an offer too good to reject.

I said “Yes”, then I said “No”, then I recanted and I’m off to stay with ReAnn for a fortnight in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


There are number of ‘firsts’ for me with this trip:

First trans-atlantic flight

First foot fall in USA (even though it’s only for a few hours hours stop-over)

First single long-haul journey.

ReAnn found me via this blog so that is reason enough to keep posting – who knows what else this will lead too?  She has independently travelled the world, is a living role model and fabulous fun to be around. Check out her adventures. 

I’m just back from a week camping (yes, in a tent) in Scotland with two girlfriends. We had an absolute blast and the weather was brilliant. I’ll cover the Me-Mades on that trip when I return from this next one.

I’ve set up a timed post for next week but please don’t be offended if I can’t respond to any comments – ReAnn and I will be having too much fun. So just as I get going again on the blogging front, I am away for a fortnight on an adventure.




10 thoughts on “Another Small Break……

  1. From Sutherland to Mexico – isn’t life full of surprises ! Have a great time.

  2. So nice to be reading your blog posts. Have good fun in Mexico!

  3. What a lovely invitation! I’ve been to San Miguel de Allende some years ago from the Chicago area so it wasn’t such a long haul for me. The town is beautiful and I really enjoyed myself there. Lots of artists there so lots to see. Have a great time.

  4. Ooh how fun! Enjoy.

  5. Brilliant! You will be inspired and completely mesmerized by visiting your friend in Mexico. Nothing like adding world views to one’s understanding of the global community. So happy for you!

  6. Excelletn, have fun: this could be the next stage, travelling around and showing your beautiful clothes in person.

  7. Have a wonderful time on your vacation! Welcome to the North American Continent! 😉

  8. Have a great time. Hope you continue your sewing blog. Dee

  9. Oooo! Hope you’re having a brilliant time, and please say hello to ReAnn from me, she’s awesome!

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