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All Together Now


This is for One of Our Own.

You may or may not know Spotty Dog Social Club, written by the ever smiling Two Toast. A pioneer of Lagen look, expert purveyor of Tina Givens patterns and, of course, exquisite sewer – and I haven’t even mentioned the knitting….

Please swing by her blog. Please. You will not be disappointed and very pleasantly inspired.

Do not leave comments here but send them directly to Lorraine. She needs us now.


6 thoughts on “All Together Now

  1. Thank you for posting this. One never knows why a blogger quits posting or why. Really appreciate you sharing with us

  2. Thank you, Ruth for sharing her story. It is truly heartbreaking when one in our community of sewers is suffering.

  3. Thanks Ruth. Done.

  4. The link did not work for me. Has the blog closed?

  5. A new blog to me Ruth,but i will read and comment (I hope) appropriately.

  6. thanks for posting this ……

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