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Sewn, Worn, not Blogged


Instead of doing a review of my 2017 sewing; the good the bad and the ugly sort of thing, I’m showing things I made but never photographed (until now) and hence never blogged. I bet a lot of you do this too – make stuff, wear it but just never get around to taking pretty pictures and writing about them. I can’t promise pretty pictures here either……and fabric sources, exact patterns, modifications and alterations will be pretty scant as I can’t remember all the details. Additionally, please forgive me for poor styling, lack of shoes, un-ironed and creases – there were A LOT of wardrobe changes!

Self drafted Breton top and


Pirate pencil skirt and scarf


Vogue 9268 dress


Vogue 1410 dress: very kindly traced and sent to me by Kim the fabulous Material Lady


Bootstrap gathered halter top


Vogue 1477 twisted top tunic/dress


Vogue 1215 (Chado ralph rucci OOP) chartreuse spotty shirt without shirt tails













Vogue 1215 grey silk shirt, shirt tails and tucks


Vogue 1215 white cotton shirt without tucks


StyleArc Hazel brown wool flecked jumper with modified neckline and welt pocket


….worn with RTW brown wool trousers – altered to cropped and in-seam side pockets added.

Vogue 1550 fine wool grey trousers the final part of A/W O collection and my favourite so far.



I’ve been reading with interest all the sewing reviews 2017 and more importantly the plans and schemes for sewing 2018.

Make Nine 2018

SWAP ’18



Stashbusting, Competitions, Only sewing indie patterns, Only sewing Burda, Only sewing Marfy, Finishing UFOs, Resolutions to not-buy-anymore-fabric, Resolutions to use the patterns I already have (HA HA HA!) and loads of other challenges – all very inspiring and motivating. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll watch or stalk.

Finally, if you’re stuck for something to sew or need some ideas then I’d like to bring your attention to a French site – United Patterns. They bring together all the indie pattern companies in one place; Jeanne has done all the legwork, all you have to do is peruse the offerings. United Patterns does not sell the patterns but has all the links you need so that you can.

Thank you once again for your continued support and encouragement; your funny, complementary and critical comments; reading and writing and sewing.

A very Happy New Year to you all!

Health, happiness and lots of successful sewing












43 thoughts on “Sewn, Worn, not Blogged

  1. Fabulous- especially those art teacher Vogue dresses of course! Happy 2018 missus, and happy stalking-or-joining-in!

  2. Oh my goodness! It’s like your own runway Ruth. There are some super looks here, but the one I love the best is the striped top and skirt. So simple and effective. Lovely. And thank you for all the resources too. You kindly lent me a pattern which I must return (even though I haven’t used it either HA HA HA). Looking forward to all your adventures next year.

  3. It seems that You had left out the BEST ones! I like all of these esp. the three dresses. (I think I have
    the patterns!) The two piece striped one also is great. I’m so happy that I receive you blog! You brighten my day and inspire as well. HOW do you accomplish so much! peggy

    • Thanks so much Peggy. I get so much entertainment and education from other sewing blogs – quid pro quo – we all help each other.
      While I don’t sign up to RTW fast, if I want new clothes, I make them, all styles, all colours and it reduces my stress level so that (hopefully) I am a much more pleasant person to be around. A third party may not agree with that……..

  4. I’m a fan of the striped top and skirt outfit too, but also love the Vogue s 9268 and 1410. You have been very busy with the sewing machine!

  5. Truly a full-on runway show! These are all amazing, but that striped version of the Pirate skirt and top…..just wow! Your Vogue wide-legged trousers are stunning, too, and have inspired me to put a pair at the top of my making list.

    • Wide-legged trousers are a staple of my wardrobe Ellie – I love them regardless of the season.
      Make yourself a pair this year – there – I’ve just set you a personal challenge!

  6. These pieces all deserve their turn in the spotlight. Exploring United Patterns is going to be fun. Love that the skill level for beginner is debutante in French!

  7. Thanks for the tip off to that excellent site. Happy New Year to you too.

  8. I was in awe of your output before you come along and tell us there’s more you didn’t get round to blogging! I would say you are an inspiration but your industry is a bit terrifying – do you ever sleep?
    P.S. I’m thinking of changing my blog name now 😂

    • Did I not just create a new name for you – The FABULOUS Material Lady?
      Thanks so very much Kim for the pattern, which will be used many times, and for your optimism and fun blog posts. Please don’t ever stop even in retirement.

  9. We won’t talk about productivity envy, it’s not nice to start the new year with green feelings.

    We shall note that the Vogue 1410 gray striped tulip dress is an example of what you’ve accomplished: your piece is better looking and better fitting than the sample printed on the face of the pattern. Hats off.

    Happy 2018.

    • Thanks Sankati – I always appreciate your comments.
      There’s no jealousy in sewing – just inspiration to achieve better.

    • You are right about 1410, and I was just going to ask Ruth if she had altered the neckline, because many who have made this one comment on the gapping, which she doesn’t have!

      • Hi Elombuasu. The Vogue 1410 is made in a knit not a woven which might make a difference in how in the fabric lies. Then I bound all the edges, neck and arms. The instructions have you just turning under which might be how the gaping happens.

  10. Wow, all are stunning! Thanks for going through the multiple wardrobe changes to show them all. You are an inspiration!

    • As are you Ann – thank you.
      So today I didn’t do the ironing or the vacuuming but did do multiple wardrobe changes..emmmm I now know how I’d rather spend my time. Happy New Year

  11. Wowsers! These are all amazing! I love the stripey breton top and the Vogue dresses.

  12. I’m so impressed by your output! I spend a lot of time thinking about and reading about sewing and not as much time actually doing it.
    My favorites are the polka dot blouse and the black and white striped top and skirt. I love dots and stripes.

  13. Wow, what a fabulous collection of clothes. I love the wide-legged trousers and the shirts that go with them, and all the stripey things. I’ll be honest and let you know there’s one item I don’t like. It’s me, not you and I expect you can guess which. Now I’m clicking over to United Patterns, thank you very much!

  14. Happy New Year! Your wardrobe must be ready to burst 🙂 I’ve joined the 2018RTWfast in the hope I will sew more. I plan to only use what I have but won’t hold myself to that if I fall in love with something fabric wise.

    • Don’t kill yourself Vicki, no one is going to hound or arrest you if you don’t follow ‘the rules’. I’m more inclined to Sew What you Want, When you Want… SWYWWYW – there’s a challenge!

  15. Happy, healthy new year Ruth. Great outfits but I agree the grey trousers are my favourite. I wish I could get my trouser fit right. X

    • Oh Mags, you know that practice makes perfect…..keep going and do not give up at the first failure – that’s a 16 yr old’s attitude!
      Make that your 2018 personal challenge. Thank you.

  16. What is the fabric on Vogue 1410? Should it be quite soft and drapey?

  17. A great selection! I particularly love the grey blouse.

  18. Hi Ruth, If I may pick your brains for a moment. In Sept 2018 I will be fortunate to be able to travel to London with my Daughter-in-law. We will be there 1 week. I think that i have read in your blog places where you have purchased fabric in London. I would so appreciate it if you would be able to tell me several must go to places to purchase fabric. I have no special interests in types but do so love lush, different fabrics and a bargain is always appreciated. I am so excited about our trip and our itinerary has a fabric shopping day in it !!! Thank you so much. Kathy S.

  19. Yes, I’ve been thinking of trying them especially their plus sized dressmaking form. Thank you

  20. Lovely garments all around. And you rock them. And thanks a million for th link to United Patterns!

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