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Designin’ Miyake


Here’s a new thing for me although I have watched from afar for a few years: choose a designer garment and shamelessly copy it. Very well organised and the brain child of Linda, nicedressthanksimadeit, there’s still time for you to join in too – and this year there are prizes!

img_6128-e1495776761968“Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”
We have all seen something we LOVE either in the stores, online or on the runways, but don’t actually want to buy for some reason.  So I propose that we sew that garment that we see/want.  Now if you are lucky and you already have an exact pattern, either an indie pattern, your own self-drafted, or a “Big 4” pattern, that you can use – then go for it!  If you have to alter a pattern that you already have, or draft your own pattern, you can do that too.  Whatever works for you.  Let’s make what we see and want!
Show us your Designer Original photo and how you put together your Designer me-made COPY.

Here’s my designer originals. Trying to keep in line with the aesthetic of with my A/W “17 O Collection, I went internetting for Issey Miyake and found these.




If I went shopping, like proper shopping – one top, a pair of trousers and a coat from Issey’s Pleats Please collection would cost me £1,480 (without P&P) or thereabouts. All fabrics are plisse polyester and RTW.

The Oska variations and inspiration are these:


Hopefully this will be a combination Miyake/Oska outfit: east meets west in my sewing room in Belfast!

So I went ‘our’ kind of shopping and found : green plisse poly on eBay; 3m for £10, along with a crinkle poly at Croftmill for £7 p/m and bought 3. Grand total spent on fabric = £31.

Patterns are already in stash, although some might need a bit of hacking; total spent on patterns = £0


Thread = £3.48

All other notions/threads/interfacing in stash =£0

Can I get a designer outfit for £34.50  instead of £ 1,500?

Considering that I don’t regard sewing as a chore but rather a pleasure, this should be fun and I’m really keen to see what inspires other people and what they sew.

Deadline for photos is 31 Dec 2017 – it’s a perfect opportunity (excuse) to sew up a new Christmas or New Year’s outfit. As I’ve been wearing the same dress on Christmas Day for years now, I think it’s about time I change it up a bit.

28 thoughts on “Designin’ Miyake

  1. This looks interesting. I can see your inspiration pieces fitting in beautifully with your style.

  2. Love your blog! I mainly sew because I don’t like to wear manmade fibers and ready to wear is loaded with poly etc. Isn’t that a concerne for you?

    • Slightly Anna yes but this fabric would have to be silk in that case and way out of my price range. The original pieces from Miyake are poly so I reckoned it was OK.
      Thank you.

  3. Excited to see these, as I have three pieces of plissé fabric, also Pleats Please inspired—but I’ve been afraid to cut into them!

  4. PS—are you planning to prewash your fabrics? I’m hoping that gentle handwashing and twisting to dry will work. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • I never pre-wash fabrics Jessica – yes I know I’m a lazy and bad sewer but (fingers crossed) I haven’t encountered any major issues yet. I had a plisse blouse once and my husband spent about 3 hours ironing it…….then I didn’t have a plisse blouse anymore!
      Don’t iron and I believe that twisting while damp helps to keep the pleats in place.

  5. I love your inspiration garments, and cannot wait to see your versions! It is so much fun to watch your collection come together!

  6. This is why I read you! The constant inventive plan with goals and tweaking. The research and development of creating said plans. The energy driven by exploration and solving those what ifs? Determination, dedication, as well as the willingness to fail and move on knowing it’s all about the process and take-aways. You are my inspiration and touchstone.

  7. A bit of dreamland you might enjoy I think your inspiration garments are…well…inspiring!

  8. Hi Ruth – love your new sewing project/challenge outfit. I was wondering if you could post a style board (outlining which pattern and the fabric you will be using for each garment) so I can visualize in advance what each garment will look like prior to the completion of your outfit?

    I will be eagerly awaiting any and all posts documenting the progress of your next amazing outfit.

    That’s all for now, Nancy

  9. I love the pleated asymmetrical top and the pleated jacket, along with the trousers you’ll have a fabulous look! Looking forward to seeing your Designer me-made Copies and thank you for joining us!

  10. Good grief! I nearly fell off the seat when I saw the prices of the originals!! Loving the prices you paid for the fabric, they’re a bit more like it. Good luck with the making, and I’m going to have a nosey at the challenge. I do loving copying things I’ve seen.

  11. You just gave me the idea for a piece of fabric (plissee) I have in my stash. The duster coat it will be (when???) . And my savings will equal yours.
    Great idea.

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  13. Great idea for a sewing challenge. I can still remember the beautiful green dress I saw when I was with you in Liberty’s. It was so interesting but didn’t look impossible.
    Good luck!

  14. Well planned already, as we have come to expect from you. The prices of some clothing (even in polys) really makes me happy I can sew.
    I’m going to join in this,year and have some ideas but they’re nowhere near as formed as yours!

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