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No Fabric…. 2 & 3


To cut a long story short and to skip to the chase I’ve made two more things without fabric.


First up, cotton jersey leftover from Donna Karan dress. Enough for a T-shirt with sleeves or something longer without sleeves. Out came my old favouriteMerchant and Mills Bantam vest except this time I cut the vest in half and inserted a mid-riff band to make it into a dress.

A bit boring on its own and time to spare to sew without fabric, I beaded the neck and along the edge of an added pocket.

The beading took about 4 weeks! It’s dense and heavy; sparkly and shiney.


Needless to say, summer has long gone from our shores.


The middle band had to cut on the cross grain due to fabric restrictions but I quite like the subtle change in tone between the blues.



Next, is another favourite skirt from StyleArc – Zoe. Wears like a pencil skirt walks like an A-Line. Designed for wovens.

This up-to-the-minute longer-line pencil skirt incorporates clever design features to set this style apart. The darted back line finishes on the front and the front side seam moves towards the centre resulting in a slimming silhouette.








This fabric is leftover from Vogue 1531.

And then I managed to pick up a long line cardigan in the sales that coordinates perfectly – much better in real life than in the photos.


To sum up: I  finished a long awaiting linen dress, I’ve made a beaded sun-dress and a fully lined skirt – not bad for having no fabric!

Lessons to take away: buy for a project and maybe buy just a little more than you actually need so that you can add to the leftover pile and just look what can be made from that pile. However, use the leftovers, otherwise it will get out of hand!

The autumn/winter 2017 wardrobe has now thankfully arrived – albeit in kit form – plans and ideas to follow…………


11 thoughts on “No Fabric…. 2 & 3

  1. Your beading is magnificent and so worth it. Whenever I wear a tunic that I beaded people are always amazed that I did it all by hand. I usually tell them that just shows you how much TV time I have spent. And that skirt pattern looks much nicer on you than their drawing. Feminine and flattering.

  2. Great work with no fabric! I LOVE the beading!!!

  3. I agree that it is fun to see what you can make with the leftover pile ,especially as patchwork or combining several fabrics in one garment is having a moment.

  4. I just love that skirt Ruth. Style Arc kjust gets better and better in my opinion. At first I was really wary because they were so secretive and clandestine about their designer (and still are), but the evidence speaks for itself. Such beautiful beading too, does it make the neckline fall forward at all? I often have that problem with embellishments, they seem to need an anchor, (quite literally) on me. The beaded garment looks quite couture.

  5. You’re an absolute whizz at sewing without fabric 😉 The beading you did is lovely and I’m in awe at your patience! Love the seam detail in that SA skirt too.

  6. I love the blue dress and the beading, it’s beautiful.

  7. Love the blue dress great shape in that fabric and enhanced by the subtle colour change. Can you still machine wash with the beading? X

  8. I agree with Lesley – the Stylearc skirt looks amazing. You have got a lovely fit, and I think the proportions with the long line cardigan are really great on you. And you are inspirational in your “no fabric needed” approach.

  9. Amazing output on ‘ no fabric’ – I’m well impressed.

  10. You may become known as the “Queen of scraps” if you keep this up!!! Once again, killer outfits with great fit and style and color!

  11. I like the two tones of the dress and the added bling. Now the skirt I must have. I have never made a pencil skirt. I am not fond of that style on me – it kind of clings and makes me feel large. Then again, I have never thought to make one out of a comfortable knit and those seams coming forward really change the focus to the bottom hem line of the skirt. I’ll have to keep that one in mind! As usual, you look lovely!

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