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Back to Black


My goodness! Thank you all so much for all the very constructive, knowledgeable and well thought out responses as to the “what length of dress” question. I have read every one and will follow the majority – I shall henceforth shorten the Park Lane. What I did like from your suggestions was that I should make this dress again in a solid colour and try the longer length. Mrs Mole (God bless ‘er) suggested that I not only shorten the dress but rip out the side seams and re-create the entire thing! Maybe…..all good ideas are not out the question, only my time and inclination to do them.

Anyway, back to other stuff. The black and white/ivory combination has got me on a roll.

I never wear solid black close to my face – it makes me look half dead – so I normally drape a coloured scarf or something around my neck to break up the mono-colour. I’ve recently taken to sewing tops in black/white and every shade of grey in between. This is in reaction to colour and encouraged when I bought a pair of black RTW trousers……

This was also an opportunity to catch up with those Interweb favourites – Fave Top, Grainline Hemlock T plus a few others. Quick easy sewing and easy comfy wearing.

Ink splattered jersey from MyFabrics made into Hemlock T.

I made the Katherine Tilton trousers V8837 (OOP) for a remotely located friend whose measurements I didn’t have and surprise, surprise, they didn’t fit her, so she returned them. I nipped in the centre back seam and now I have a pair of lounging pants, however still baggy that need a little bit more tweaking but they’re perfect for the sofa and watching box sets.

I had enough Jackson Pollock ink splattered fabric left over for a M&M Bantam – part of the Merchant and Mills Workbook– love this top.

And, would you believe it?  The shawl below is merely the shape of the leftover’s leftover. Just trimmed, hemmed and worn as is. Bonus!


Then another Fave Top in a multi sized polka dots patchworky  jersey from Fabworks.

And then enough left over for an Ogden Cami. And it doesn’t matter how straight your seams are with this fabric……but STAY STITCH the neck line.

Now on to a more intricate but not difficult top: Bootstrap halter-neck top in a chiffon-like poly decorated with large brush strokes bought from an eBay shop ages ago. Just in case you don’t know this – Bootstrap take your measurements and produce a PDF pattern to fit – no alterations or tweaking needed.


So, lots of things to wear with plain black or white trousers and I’m absolutely sure will also service red, blue, chartreuse, green, grey, along with the eternal jeans.

Nothing too difficult or complicated about any of these tops which makes them speedy sewing projects and (hopefully) impressive coordinates that add to my wardrobe and versatility.

11 thoughts on “Back to Black

  1. This was fun! I love the splatter print. And – you are looking really trim! and hair is darling.

  2. Wow, all garments look great, you are so talented !!!

  3. What a suprise to get the trousers back!! But I like the relaxed, flat shoe look on you. You often do a kind of layered look that I love. Nice work as ever dear Ruth.

  4. The black and white prints are good looking on your without any scarf accessorizing, but you are a blond and wouldn’t look great in black. Great looking tops and thanks for the info about Bootstrap, I’ll check them out.

  5. Excellent additions to your wardrobe. Black white and grey are such classics

  6. I love the black and white prints. You have a great variety of styles there too! Nicely done!

  7. Black is my favorite color. In fact, I got married wearing a black velvet dress. My mother was quite shocked, but my minister father simply said, “It’s her wedding. She can wear what she pleases.” You look beautiful in everything!

  8. Looking good Ruth, and you’ve persuaded me to buy the ogden cami pattern. I have just the fabric for it.

  9. I get a dire red warning from Microsoft defender when I open Bootstrap saying that they may try to access my data. I did a great jacket from there a year ago but this red warning has put me off. I would love to use them as there are some great patterns. Does anyone else get this?

  10. All looking great. The black/white combinations look really good on you. Wear with pride 😃

  11. Love every piece…black & white; white & black; gray & black & white…love them all. But my favorite fabric is the final brush strokes1 Gorgeous. Also, am loving the cute new hair style with bangs

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