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Banana or Primrose?


The other day a very good friend and I were poking about the posh shops in Holywood (NI not US) and we had a short conversation as we perused the rails:

ME: “I’m going to make a pair of yellow jeans.”

” Not banana, I hope”

ME: ” Emmmm, ahh, yes……….” fading into silence as I see the pastels and shades of lemon hanging on the racks – Oops.8201tech-1

Soooo, anyway, I made the banana yellow jeans using a custom made pattern from Bootstrap in skinny jeans version: no need for fitting adjustments or anything else – just cut out and sew. Extra benefit with this fabric from MyFabrics is that it has a few % Lycra  included .

These were supposed to be worn with my (very expensive) silk top made to just simply match the single large flower motif and they did match perfectly but the constant echoing of ‘not banana?’ ‘not banana?’ kept resounding in my head.  ‘not banana?’


Original patch with bleached jeans.

I relented….the finished banana jeans went into a bath of bleach for an hour or two – they were also subjected to a spray bleach treatment for a more random fading effect and ultimately – this is the result – with added personalised back pocket.
























Instead of the half-cold shoulder top as a topper which was a perfect yellow match  before the bleaching episode, that I had originally intended, I searched elsewhere for inspiration.


Would have worked though, wouldn’t it?












I made a camisole instead in a delicious silk with a Jackson-like spatter design that will wear with absolutely anything. (Fabric from Sherwoods but I think they’ve sold out)


The pattern is True Bias Ogden Cami and you really should add this to your pattern library – honestly. Plain and simple on the outside but with a half lining underneath. In my opinion a true classic. My back hemline dips longer than the front and I really don’t know if this is intentional or just my bad cutting.


I had a little bit of a beginner’s issue in matching the lining to the outside [see under right-hand arm] but I truly appreciate something so straightforward to bring one back to earth and make you hone your skills again. See the gathers/pleats – that needs to be sorted out? They didn’t look too bad in the mirror but they’re really obvious in the photos.


On the front lining I sewed in a strip of picot elastic just trying to keep my bits and pieces in place. It doesn’t really work and I’d suggest a strapless bra or flesh coloured if you don’t mind showing a bit of strap.


Anyway – I’m glad I bleached the banana out because I bought a cheap cardi to perfectly match the not banana jeans.



Now, off to sort out those wrinkles……





25 thoughts on “Banana or Primrose?

  1. Firstly its a really nice shade of yellow and probably better than banana, and a great result through home bleaching. And I love the trousers – they fit really well. Although you have a great matching outfit there I find yellow quite an adaptable colour that goes well with all the neutrals as well as most colours of a similar depth. I have yellow trousers and skirts that go particularly well with navy, red, turquoise, charcoal, white and green.

  2. Impressive match! The not banana works well with the pastels in your cami top.

  3. You were brave bleaching out the banana . It turned out well from what I can see in the photos – more like primrose. The cami top suits really well , hope we get the weather for wearing it!

  4. Very nice- I don’t do yellow myself [although I used to have several of those little cardis back when I wore ‘teacher clothes’ every day.] I must try Lekala, I hear many good things

  5. Going from banana to dandelion is gorgeous! Nothing cheers a person up more than yellow and you may find these pants go with so many more things in your closet. Ready for summer with that cool top…hope Mother Nature co-operates this year!

  6. I loved the banana. But the pastel is great too. What excellent fit you achieve with jeans and trousers!

  7. Definitely NOT banana! They don’t have brown spots for one thing 8-). Sunshine yellow, primrose, lemon, daffodil, primrose are all better descriptions of your new jeans. Love them, whatever colour they are.

  8. Loving the new vibrant colour of your jeans and what a cute outfit too with the cami and cardi. Yellow is definitely not a colour I’ve ever worn before, but you are certainly rocking it!

  9. Great color! spring makes us all a little crazy…

  10. What a great idea Ruth. Keep the bleach trick in mind to rescue fabric where the colour has run. Some watered down bleach and Q-tips rescued a lovely piece of white fabric where the dye from the flowers ran a bit. Just takes patience. Happy sewing!

  11. I love yellow and it certainly suits you. The jeans look amazing.

  12. You did a great job on the jeans. I love the color.

  13. I liked the banana as well as the not-banana. Yellow is wonderful. Especially come April.

    Those jeans fit really nicely. If I had a pattern that worked as well, I’d never buy another pair of RTW jeans, ever. It’s faster to sew up a pair than to try on 10, just to find one that doesn’t make us cringe. And then next year the maker has moved onto a new fit, so the fitting room circus starts all over again.

    I’m intrigued by your forays into how to make clothes accomplish tricky goals. The industry tempts us with showy cold-shoulder tops and bateau necks. I’ve tried fixes like the little bra strap holder loops, but they don’t always work. I still haven’t figured out a good undergarment for strapless, thin-strapped and off-the shoulder tops.

    I’m only medium-busty, but not-bra is a not-option. Heh. How to look natural (instead of weird, as does my strapless bra) yet polished? Nah. The goal is to make sure all attention is on the garment and how nicely it fits, so that no-one even notices what’s underneath.

    Thanks for letting us free-ride on your bleach adventure. Happy Easter!

  14. Very nice summer outfit!

  15. Beautiful fit on the non-banana jeans. Not sure why banana would be such a fashion offense, but the lemony color is wonderful. And I do like your silk top with those dark bottoms.

  16. The fit is amazing and I like the primrose colour. What sort of bleach did you use? I’ve got some teal wool which is several shades darker than I’d like and have been thinking of bleaching it to a paler shade but I’m not sure how to go about it

  17. I’m going to have to give Bootstrap’s jeans a go; yours are great! Nothing wrong with banana yellow either in my opinion. I’m impressed how well the bleaching worked though; you got a lovely colour.

  18. The jeans look amazing! what an incredible fit. Must try Bootstrap/Lekala for myself. I love the colour although wouldn’t wear it myself (too sallow). Sue

  19. Every time you mention bootstrap I mean to have a go then forget! Great fit. I do prefer the new colour, though I don’t know why banana bothers us! Mustard is my yellow passion. Also love the top, but I need the full hoiking up effect of a strong bra! X

  20. The whole outfit looks fantastic. I had a pupil once who would wear wild coloured bras if they were likely to show – i.e she made a feature of it! Looked great and stopped me worrying so much.

  21. Love the not-banana jeans! It’s perfect with the cami and cardigan. I think the yes-banana would have been perfect with that silk top, too, but that top is just plain exquisitely perfect and will go with so many colors….

  22. Your jeans are brilliant, and you’re very brave in bleaching them! I love the colour that they turned out, I would say it’s primrose yellow, and your top is lovely too.

  23. So glad to have found your blog. I’m a Belfast girl (61) living in Norfolk now. I have found your blog inspiring – love the things you make – but also the suggestions of other online fabric websites. I love your style too. I used to sew just about all my clothes when I was Young and slim. I wish I had appreciated my shape then! Now I have taken up sewing again I’m getting used to a whole new shape 😏. Love getting lost in making something. Your yellow jeans are triffic!, wear them with pride!


  24. You are totally ready for spring! I love the bright cheery yellow, Ruth.

  25. Lovely – and definitely not banana!

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