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Holly Rose


After last week’s regimented sewing time, this last week was slightly unusual.

I accompanied 24 students into the wilds of the Mourne Mountains for three days: no mobile signal, no Internet, no TV, radio or most of anything linked with the 21st century. My goodness, how will we cope? We did however, have hot and cold running water, a roof over our heads, beds and en-suites and tonnes of food, which definitely helped.


Well, of course everyone survived. Which just goes to prove beyond absolute doubt that Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook/Pinterest/Blogger/Wordpress/Google/Bing/Android/i-anything/email/etc,etc,etc may be wonderful thingies but in reality do not enable us to survive!


The girls were absolutely frantic, they just kept staring at their blank phone screens at any and every available moment like a signal might miraculously appear while the boys just sort of went “Yeah, no signal, OK. Got a football?”.


Anyway, while they all went off hillwalking, kayaking, bouldering, mountain biking and other things involving fresh air, I sat on my well padded backside padding it a little bit more doing a constructive project – hand sewing.

BTW – I never take my students out unless the rain stays away and the sun shines – I’m lucky that way – Jinkes !!

A colleague had a baby in early September, well actually, his wife did.

14433048_10210567245760386_5165385499060978708_nI had already completed the quilt top awaiting the imminent arrival and it just needed quilting and binding – this was my hand work for three days. Hand quilted, the binding hand sewn and all completed in time for coming home on Friday to Wi-Fi, email, Facebook and all the other sh**e.


The pattern for the quilt top is Jelly Roll Jam 2 . Sorry, I can’t remember the fabric but you might just be able to see pine trees, birds, bees and tents – all outdoor things.

The other side is backed with birds.

20161021_11380720161021_113815With the fabulous backdrop of the Mourne mountains here’s Holly’s quilt which is also in part a memory quilt for her father who went hillwalking and camping before Holly was born. I don’t believe he reads this blog so we’re safe.

James,  it will be years and years before you you can venture up the Mournes again……….


I hope Holly loves the quilt –  James, but I’m sure you love her way more.



12 thoughts on “Holly Rose

  1. What a great quilt, and lovely background! Isn’t it amazing how we managed back in the dark ages before the internet?! I know which generation is more likely to servive a zombie apocalyse. Just sayin…

  2. Sounds like an overly awesome few days! As a retired middle school teacher with many years of retreats to remember, we always had a saying ingrained in us by a longtime mentor: “The sun always shines on the righteous.” Even when the sun was liquid, this was always true. Such a lucky baby and family to receive your beautiful quilt with so much love and handiwork.

  3. Beautiful post, Ruth, and a beautiful quilt for that new one!
    Interesting comment about the football for boys, and the girls had… nothing to occupy themselves. They don’t here, either. Is sewing or knitting, crochet, or embroidery not taught in Irish schools? They aren’t here. So much creative potential there!

  4. …and hiking too. Quilting? My you are a wonderwoman. Find a suitable outfit, (wonderwomanlike) and send out a few pictures. We’ll all believe you’re it! We’ll KNOW you are.

  5. Great quilt, lucky baby. A beautiful spot to visit.

  6. So much bounce and sass in that little quilt–a fine present for a baby girl!

  7. What a gorgeous landscape! The quilt is wonderful – I love the bright colours for that sweet little girl! I’m a teacher, too, and I get so very tired of all the time the students spend on their devices. Just look at each other, I think, and put that phone in your locker.

  8. Look at that sunshine on the water!! I hope you had a fantastic time and feel renewed after your away-from-screens time.

  9. Hilarious! Teens without Wi-Fi!
    You clearly coped well, and the quilt is a wonderful gift for a new baby.

  10. Oh that quilt! Beautiful colors, and the back is delightful. Brave soul are you, venturing out with un-wifi’d teens! Glad to hear how well you all survived, and what fabulous scenery you had. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I love the bright colours on your quilt! And I love that everyone survived without internet, etc. for a few days! It’s a beautiful place – I wouldn’t mind having no internet, etc. there.

  12. Stunning scenery and the quilts are gorgeous.

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