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I Can Kantha 2


With the seasonal transition fully fledged I bought another Kantha quilt to cut up and sew into a long, loose coat-like thing. First one here.

This quilt is mainly blue and white with a little bit of green in the border; plain blue back and those fabulous hand wrought running stitches.

The pattern chosen is from The Pattern Company – a German company who have thousands of patterns online. The only gripe about the Internet site is that the pictures are too small when scanning for designs.

Anyway, this is not a new pattern but one I’ve made before way back in 2012 as a summer-weight raincoat. This newer version was hacked and lengthened and widened and actually bears no resemblance to the original at all.



Makes me wonder why I used a pattern at all!


The finished coat has that unique hand-made wonky look which is a combination of the original fabric and my rather laissez-faire approach to pattern cutting……

The coat is reversible so the seams were flat-felled.


Side seam: flat-felled

I managed to place the pattern pieces so that I could use the original hand sewn edge finish of the quilt as my hem on both the body and the sleeves.


And today has the perfect conditions I envisioned for this coat – clear blue skies, brilliant sunshine but with that nip in the air that reminds us that it’s now time to pack away the cotton skirts and sleeveless sundresses.


As usual, I can’t bear to not use any viable leftover fabric, so I sewed the remnants together and made a long scarf, which could also act as a belt should I ever desire.


To make pockets that are accessible from both sides on reversible coats/jackets see here.

In summary, make a window-pane opening with a flap or welts on one side and on the reverse add a patch pocket positioned to cover the messiness of the welts on the inside. One pocket- two openings.

My sleeves are too long but that’s the result of using the original edges of the quilt. I usually fold them back to reveal the plain blue insides, or if wearing the other way, the border pattern.


The hand running stitches are a pattern all on their own and too good to hide away.

Underneath the coat today is Bootstrap skinny jeans and a RTW vest. I think of this coat as a dressing gown that is perfectly acceptable to be worn outside in public but it has that homely, comfort feeling – just like wearing ‘a quilt’!

I certainly could have made it a lot narrower and more fitted and it probably would have looked ‘more polished’ but with this style I can wear sweaters underneath and still slip it on. Personally, I like the looseness as it retains some of the original quilt qualities – wrapping up in comfort. It also bellows out majestically behind me when I stride along.


Sewing projects are slightly on the back foot at the moment as the new term settles in and the better part of my time is spent on salary paying duties. However, just because I’m not producing finished  items to wear, rest assured I am scheming and planning and watching everything you produce……..sewing by proxy!

58 thoughts on “I Can Kantha 2

  1. What a beautiful piece! And it’s in MY favorite colors 😉 You are going to really enjoy having this in your wardrobe.

  2. Fabulous garment! Great colours and looks so comfortable.

  3. Wowee, I love this, the colours, the cut, the cleverness of reversibility – brilliant. We have a king size quilted cotton thing for the bed which is just way too heavy. I’ve been eyeing it off for some time… But it’s kind of stiff – hmmm, food for thought.

  4. Looks so fabulous on you! Quit your job…stay home…sew us up some more inspiration!!!!!

  5. Looks fabulous Ruth. I have done some tops using tablecloths. It is fun to utilize the edges and borders in an interesting way. Right now I have a couple of lacy table runners that I want to use on the fronts of a blouse, still “plotting and scheming” this one! Happy sewing.

  6. This is my favorite thing that I’ve ever seen on your blog! May have to sreal your idea….bak to lurking.:-)

  7. ” A dressing gown that can be worn outside ” – sounds like my kind of thing ! This is a really beautiful creation Ruth.

  8. You must have endless energy! I’ve worked on my last project for three weeks, a denim dress, front
    button, full skirt. Since it is so o o plain I thought to make elaborate finishings on the inside. That’s
    what took the time. A “one hour” pattern takes days! What I’m getting at is, do you have a long list
    of projects whirling around in your head? Do you expect perfection? Do you often discard projects
    in progress? (I know you brought out the leather pants again with the new/old machine to use). I have far too many questions it seems, but I marvel at your successes.
    The Q-coat is wonderful, and I love the colors too! I look forward to your posts. You probably
    inspire more sewists than you realize,

    • Perfection Peggyleah? Never! Endless energy – none. I’m always thinking about sewing though when I’m not actually sewing. In fact that’s a lie, I’m thinking about my next project while sewing another. I set little goals – hem to be completed today, or get those sleeves in; all those little things soon add up to a finished garment. I try not to discard half finished things though I do have a green linen dress stuffed into a plastic bag – you’ve just reminded me.
      Thank you very much

  9. This is brilliant, and what a great idea for the pockets.

  10. Lovely! I have made a Kantha coat and it is one of my favourites

  11. Gorgeous! I love everything about this and now I’m wanting another quilt to make my own version!

  12. Gorgeous, Ruth. And you really pulled out the stops on all the features you added and the way you manipulated the print. Just wonderful.

  13. wow I love this, the colors you chose are fantastic on you and I like the clever pockets.

  14. Stunning work and so fashionable. Although it’s fashionable, it will be a timeless piece.

  15. This is fabulous. I want one! How cozy and comfortable it looks while also being gorgeous.

  16. I love it! What size quilt did you buy?

  17. Sensational! How lovely to be smashingly presentable, and wrapped up in a soft, toasty quilt all at the same time! Love this. Must have one, I think.

  18. Very cute, Ruth! I like the subtlety of the kantha print (less riotous than some) combined with the simple elegance of the design. Very nice!

  19. Amazing! Lovely in every aspect and I agree with another writer, the color way is soft and inviting. Where does one buy a Kantha quilt?

    • Hi Anon. Take a look on Etsy for Kantha quilts. the cheapest come all the way from India directly so just watch for already imported ones to your country as the they will be pricey. If you’re prepared to wait 2 or 3 weeks.
      Thank you

  20. Great coat Ruth, we seem to be like-minded, over the weekend I finished a long Kantha vest – in blue….

  21. Love it, and love the inside equally, really clever. That’s a great idea. X

  22. A make worth waiting for: I missed your colours and the suprise of the ideas you come up with. Well done.

  23. Love it Ruth, and it’s perfect for autumn. Enjoy striding majestically!

  24. I really liked your first Kantha jacket, but I like this one even more. I think the colours are just great. I love the idea of another woman, in another context, choosing the fabrics and threads carefully to create a thing of beauty, and then another woman (you) in an entirely different context creating another beautiful item. Bravo!

  25. Absolutely spectacular! You got me with the “bellows out majestically” – just like in the movies!

  26. delightful/ And I love that it was a quilt. Rejuvenated!

  27. I wish I had one! Now I have to hunt for something similar to a quilt that I can cut up! This is lovely. Very casual and very cozy!

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