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Out of Step


The academic marking season has begun and my time and mind are being forcibly distracted away from sewing – my blogging updates are suffering the consequences and are therefore sporadic and random, so much so that I am now “out of season”.  We have had a wonderful week of sunshine and warmth to accompany it – as usual, just when the exam season starts the weather improves immeasurably. And so here I am wearing a lined boiled wool jacket with matching scarf (slightly wrinkled) in 25 degrees C!


It’s a perfect example of one of those strange ironies of life – when it rains constantly and you don’t have a raincoat, then you go off and make one and then it stops raining for weeks on end. Or you don’t have a sun dress to wear when the temperatures unexpectedly hit 30, so you make one and the first day you wear it you need a cardigan, thick tights and a pair of boots because by now it’s freezing.

The third and final item from Vogue 9162, this jacket completes The Look.

There’s quite a bit of work involved in this unfitted, loose and boxy jacket, such as interfacing on all hems and full interfacing on the fronts – I didn’t as my fabric is stable. Welt pockets – Oh my!


Catch stitching the hems to the interfacing and slip stitching the lining to the turned-up hems.

Hand top stitching around the edges and on and on…….


Well, it’s finished and will now be folded and packed away until next A/W! I’m pretty sure Mother Nature is watching my sewing room: she waits until I have wools and tweeds cut out and sewn, then she tells the sun to shine, the rain clouds to dissipate and the temperatures to rise


I know the jacket is supposed to be loose but mine is positively huge! I cut the medium size all round – for the trousers, shirt and jacket. The trousers are fine, the shirt’s a little big but the jacket’s a size all on its own. I suppose it has to be this loose to slip on over the oversized shirt without creasing it. The sleeves are really long. If you make this I think you could go down a size and still have room to play.


I’d love to get all dressed up for you and wear all three items together but, honestly…..just use your imagination and put them altogether


I’m out of step with my sewing makes and blogging too – I’ve got quite a bit to share but haven’t got round to taking pics or thinking of witty things to write. I’ll tell you all about the jeans in the next instalment.

18 thoughts on “Out of Step

  1. Well, now it’s back to cold again, so you will have the chance to wear it! What a lovely cheery jacket!

  2. That’s a fun and relaxing outfit…I bet you feel like letting it loose when you wear it. Kick back and think of the gift it will be, there and waiting when the cold winds blow!

  3. Lovely colour! Temperatures are all over the place here too, sometimes changing drastically in the same day. Your jacket looks like a good extra layer for those days when the weather plays tricks.

  4. It’s a nice jacket in a great colour/fabric. I’d love to see it over the shirt, which looks as fabulous as it did when you posted. I may have to get that vogue pattern.

  5. Extra points my dear for welt pockets and hand stitching!!! I agree with the others…great color and fabric and if there ever arises a time for massive layering, this jacket will certainly come into its own! Maybe it is a good jacket for plane travel if you sew lots of hidden pockets inside for passports and snacks and use it keep the cold air vents from blowing on you? Wish i could send you more sunny warm weather when we have too much!

  6. What a nice jacket. Love the roomy pockets – is that hand stitching around the welts? Very pretty. And, I do agree, appears you could go down 1 or even sizes! Hope marking season speeds by…

  7. Your jacket is a fabulous colour and will be a great ‘cheer-me-up’ when the weather turns later in the year!

  8. What a delightful colour. Love the lining too. It is big- but like others have said- big is great for layering.
    What is it with sewing being out of sync with the weather? I get it too. But, in my case I think its quite a bit to do with my sewing plans being much greater than my time to sew…

  9. Love that colour on you, impressive details! It’s gone cold again here so it might not be long before you get chance to wear it! Happy marking x

  10. Beautiful jacket! The older I get, the more appreciative I am of colour in my wardrobe. I would wear this jacket any day, anywhere!

  11. Lovely colour on you, Ruth. I haven’t had time to sew lately, either, (helping my mother move! 60 years of stuff in that house!) and I think I am having some sort of withdrawal symptoms. Can’t wait to get back at the sewing machine! My head is spinning! Take care.

  12. Those welt pockets- that hand stitching- major prancing for you in that!

  13. Good luck with the marking. I hope the end is in sight.

  14. I always find it confusing with boxy jackets. The pieces fit well then when it’s together the sleeves seem long. Must be all that extra room in the jacket. Same thing has happened to me. On the other hand your fabric is lovely and your welt pockets look perfect!

  15. Lovely colour and some beautiful details. Something new to look forward to next winter.

  16. Looks great. Could you be persuaded to continue with cold weather sewing to improve the weather please?

  17. Oh dear, mine starts on Monday. Not much time for anything. What a relaxed and unusual combination!

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