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The Artist, Her mate and a Pink Lady


More T-shirts this week ….but I do have loads of knit/jersey to sew through first,so please bear with me. I am beginning to regard these as tunics, not T-shirts because of the length and flare. Personally I like the length and flare but a T-shirt to me is relatively fitted and hip-length. Slide1

The Artist is not for me but for someone else who is an artist and needs some artistic clothes. Five fabrics this time with gold trim and matching infinity scarf because what else are you going to do with little left-overs? The hem is asymmetrical and I added godets at the side seams for extra flare. One sleeves is black lace and the other is patterned mesh. A good mixture of scuba, viscose, cotton, lace and mesh – oh my!



Her Mate is for me and not quite as artistic but uses the same fabrics and style: here you can see the extra triangle in pink polka dots.


The Pink Lady is literally what’s still left over and can be put to reasonable use.

All tunics are view D from Vogue 9057 and inspired by the Craftsy class Artful T-Shirt by the Tilton sisters. A good stash buster for panels, godets, sleeve bands and cuffs etc but bear in mind that you do need a decent 1m of fabric for the main body of the tunic and get as wide as you can.

The knits/jerseys are at last diminishing, just a little bit left to go  – normal sewing shall resume shortly.


I have bought more patterns in the recent Vogue sale, a Japanese pattern book and I’m slowly coming to the very sad conclusion that I do not have enough cash to buy the fab fabrics I want; not enough time to sew everything I want to sew; not enough social occasions to wear all the clothes to! Any suggestions?





18 thoughts on “The Artist, Her mate and a Pink Lady

  1. I don’t have any answers to your questions – I have the same issues, unsolved.
    Some rather nice tunics here. I agree with your thinking about the length and style that these are not tee shirts.

  2. Very nicely done. I’ve known I can’t afford all I want/need to sew for yonks, maybe that’s why I’m revelling in my current batch of projects? Sheer frivolity!

  3. I have the same problems. I’ve thought about solving most with “give up the day job” but that makes the “not enough cash” situation worse. The lottery (or, as my colleagues call it, utter despair insurance) is not a very satisfactory solution. At least not yet.
    Love what you are doing with these fabrics

  4. Love your tunics! That Craftsy class is a winner – I like anything the Tiltons have to offer. I’m in the same boat as you are. SewingElle, retirement doesn’t help. You just have more time to buy more fabric and patterns, and read more sewing blogs to inspire you to make things you still don’t have time for and have even less places to wear them. Someone at BERNINA Club said last week that fabric was her “crack!” We all agreed, and I’ll add patterns to that. 😄

  5. One solution to not being able to wear all your GORGEOUS garments you make is to simply send them to me. I think those beautiful tops will fit me well enough. 🙂

  6. Just keep remembering that this is all in the interest of preserving the best interests of those of us who love sewing, no piece of fabric is safe You are doing a fabulous job of finding a wonderful home for pieces of tee shirt material who are homeless and are in desperate need of finding a home… I shall sleep better tonight, I wish all a good night to those homeless tee shirt remnants out there…

  7. When asked where she would wear the amazing Issey Miyake dress. Beatrix van Ost replied: “To get the milk.” I think we have to manufacture occasions to which we wear our wonderful creations. And you have made MANY wonderful creations.

  8. I think most of us would empathise with your problems, but hey -you have fabulous tunics to wear while you work it out!

  9. I don’t have any suggestions because I think I have the same problem. Perhaps when I retire I will have time to sew, but then no money and definitely no office to wear my new me mades too! Such a dilemma! Your tops are lovely. I like the flare and the gores and the piecing together of the fabric. You have matched up your shades perfectly. I think I have just added yet another course and project to my list!

  10. Yes one of the reasons I don’t want to retire is I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear my clothes! I haven’t really got to the stage where I’ve far too much, but the British Heart Foundation does quite well out of me! You are on fire with these tunics! Xx

  11. Sometimes I think the only way to wear all the lovely things I’ve made is to move abroad where the skies are brighter and more inspiring. Today was lovely but yesterday was wet and cold and I spent most of the day running errands with frizzy hair and rain on my lenses. Tomorrow promises the same 😦
    As for your purchases, show us! I’d like to see your Vogue patterns and Japanese book and even if you haven’t made anything up, others’ comments are sometimes illuminating. You might prompt some kind of swap or share (as with Issy!).

    Have a lovely Easter!

  12. Very artistic tunics indeed. I love the way you have combined the different fabrics to make truly unique garments. They all look fabulous.

  13. I love these tunic/Tshirts and could really do with making myself some. As for time issues, don’t even talk to me about time – I have hardly any time to sew these days 😦

  14. I really love these pinks and greys on you Ruth – and the impact you get from mixing prints. I find that a challenging thought in itself. It is hard to do well. Maybe the quilting experience has helped.

    In terms of the time-money-occasions issue – for me I do wear fairly formal outfits – I mean skirts and dresses, jackets and proper coats – for work. But at the weekend it is mainly jeans, Ts and jumpers, and a warm, waterproof jacket. I think it is the weather that stuff me rather than a desire to dress down all the time. I think time is the key – making clothes really doesn’t have to cost very much. Sales, markets, charity shops, upcycling, making your own fabric – making clothes with a limited budget is an interesting challenge. One thing that struck me recently is that Anne Whalley sells her wardrobe two or three times a year. I am sure you would have folk queueing up if you did!

  15. Your combination of colours in your fabrics is really lovely!

  16. Love the patterns for sewing. Gorgeous fabric and the designs really work well on it.

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