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Let’s pretend that you have a really important thing to go to and you can have my clothes………

You have to look good, so choose clothes that fit and suit you and the colours are highly complementary to fair hair, blue eyes and pale skin tone. Appearing thinner that you actually are is also a benefit.

You have to demonstrate your own style, so the clothes should reflect your personality and make you feel good.  You want to stand out but not look ridiculous and you want to be unique but not weird. Think classic, Chanel, timeless (I hope).

You will be in front of many people, you will be questioned and scrutinised and you must remain calm and collected at all times, so nothing fussy or distracting.

You have to wear these clothes all day, from 6.00am to 11.00pm, so comfort and ease are essential and no wrinkling would be an advantage.

You need a coat to get to the really important thing but will probably remove it once inside, so the coat has to be complementary to the outfit but the outfit underneath also needs to stand on its own.

I have saved you the bother of rummaging through my chaotic wardrobe and pre-selected some possible candidate outfits. For speed, I’m wearing the same pair of red shoes throughout and there’s little or no styling in the following photos. For the real thing (I’ll) you’ll have scarves and sparkly things and matching footwear, bag and gloves.



1 – Coral wool 1960s style with patterned sleeveless blouse.

2 – Pale grey ponte DK jacket and StyleArc pencil skirt

3 – Same as 2 but with coordinating magenta skirt



4 – Ivory boiled wool sheath, fitted with darts and Merchant and Mills navy coat


5 – Navy wool crepe Vogue 1121 dress with same coat as 4.


6 – Vogue opera coat in petrol and gold with Vogue 8825 in petrol poly


7 – Same opera coat as 6, with DK skirt in pale blue and gold zig-zag pattern with pale gold satin tie neck blouse.

Please vote for which one you think is best – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 – offer suitable alternatives and additional advice. I mean, there’s lots available  –

DSCN4532DSCN5013DSCN5599DSCN4008DSC00596More than a Dress

Many, many thanks





112 thoughts on “Vote For Me

  1. I think Number 5 is my overall favourite – its classic, stylist and very professional and I love the coat and dress together yet the dress can stand on its own plus this outfit can be “styled” so many ways with scarves, jewellery etc. My second choice would be outfit Number 7 – but the colour looks better suited to early spring – at least on my computer. Hope this helps.

    That’s all for now, Nancy

  2. I like 1 (and 2 and 3) but maybe because the colour photographs well. Also they have the colours that work morning to night. Having said that I wouldn’t necessarily associate those outfits with the Ruth I know who is more no 5. (and who doesn’t need to look any slimmer than she is!!). If in doubt, pick the loveliest fabrics.

    Sorry to be of little help. I’m intrigued to hear what the event we are voting for is!

  3. I am typing this before I have read any comments, so I am not influenced by any one else. # 3 is my favourite.

  4. I think all of your choices have potential. I like #1, #4 and #5 best for the occasion you describe. All three are striking but not distracting. I think a dress is simpler for comfort and ease, but the suit does give the option of taking the jacket off if things threaten to get sweaty.

  5. I really can’t choose between these outfits – they all have merit. I hope we can eventually be told your choice and what wonderful occasion it is for.

  6. Ooh, fun! #4 and #7, leaning toward #4. Whichever you have more coordinating footwear and accessories for. I like #4 – a flattering ivory sheath and navy coat. Classics, but with a bit of special flair.

    For more options, I might take along that gray wrap blouse & pants combo you have in the bottom photo collage. It’s elegant yet approachable. Works regardless of room temperature. Would coordinate with an overcoat also.

    Do you have nice shoes/boots for each outfit, stylish and also comfortable to stand in? Shoes make a nice tiebreaker. Along those lines: which outfit do you feel most physically comfortable in? As in, doesn’t need the collar or belt or whatever adjusted all the time? Also, packing/wrinkling characteristics.

    The Watermelon skirt suit is sensational in color, style & fit; but I wonder if the pretty coral would distract the audience. I also think the soft blue-green-gray palettes in general work beautifully for you so I tend to lean that way.

    Haven’t read the other comments yet, and I’ll bet they’re all different. Are you sorry you asked?


    I forgot one last piece of homework to pre-empt stress. These Tide pens are very popular in the U.S. for portable, powerful stain treatment; maybe there’s an equivalent product available in your area. You could even test it for safety and effectiveness on scrap fabric swatches, because you made all these clothes yourself!

  8. I love your look in #1 & 7 and also think the teal colored side wrap top and matching loose slacks is lovely on you.

  9. No. 1 is striking and classic. I love the ivory dress in #4, but the coat seems better with dress #5. And you look stunning in #7, that’s my ultimate choice. (I think)

  10. Hi there Ruth,

    Decided to make my choice without looking at others comments.
    No.7 gets my vote. I think that the skirt matching the coat are perfect and as its a long day I feel that the blouse is appropriate right the way through from day to evening. A very classic look and the blouse lifts this outfit and adds flair.

    Without knowing what the event is, it’s hard to know what the perfect choice would be. This outfit takes you right the way through.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this; rather intriguing!!

  11. Duh! The navy wool crepe. You can wear it all p’ofessional, then dress it up for evening. And you look va-va-voom in it!

  12. I like #3, also #5 if it’s not too fancy for all day and #6 if the dress isn’t too casual for the event.

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  14. send them all to me and you can start over

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