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Vote For Me


Let’s pretend that you have a really important thing to go to and you can have my clothes………

You have to look good, so choose clothes that fit and suit you and the colours are highly complementary to fair hair, blue eyes and pale skin tone. Appearing thinner that you actually are is also a benefit.

You have to demonstrate your own style, so the clothes should reflect your personality and make you feel good.  You want to stand out but not look ridiculous and you want to be unique but not weird. Think classic, Chanel, timeless (I hope).

You will be in front of many people, you will be questioned and scrutinised and you must remain calm and collected at all times, so nothing fussy or distracting.

You have to wear these clothes all day, from 6.00am to 11.00pm, so comfort and ease are essential and no wrinkling would be an advantage.

You need a coat to get to the really important thing but will probably remove it once inside, so the coat has to be complementary to the outfit but the outfit underneath also needs to stand on its own.

I have saved you the bother of rummaging through my chaotic wardrobe and pre-selected some possible candidate outfits. For speed, I’m wearing the same pair of red shoes throughout and there’s little or no styling in the following photos. For the real thing (I’ll) you’ll have scarves and sparkly things and matching footwear, bag and gloves.



1 – Coral wool 1960s style with patterned sleeveless blouse.

2 – Pale grey ponte DK jacket and StyleArc pencil skirt

3 – Same as 2 but with coordinating magenta skirt



4 – Ivory boiled wool sheath, fitted with darts and Merchant and Mills navy coat


5 – Navy wool crepe Vogue 1121 dress with same coat as 4.


6 – Vogue opera coat in petrol and gold with Vogue 8825 in petrol poly


7 – Same opera coat as 6, with DK skirt in pale blue and gold zig-zag pattern with pale gold satin tie neck blouse.

Please vote for which one you think is best – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 – offer suitable alternatives and additional advice. I mean, there’s lots available  –

DSCN4532DSCN5013DSCN5599DSCN4008DSC00596More than a Dress

Many, many thanks





112 thoughts on “Vote For Me

  1. My favorite is #1, closely followed by #7. They’re all pretty outfits though.

  2. I’m torn between 2 and 3.
    some of the other outfits are very dressed up looking, 2 and 3 make you look professional and approachable if that is what you are going for.

  3. I love dresses #4 and #6, and the check outfit at the bottom. I think the coats could liven the dresses up more about either 4 r 6 with the gorgeous bright red jacket #1? Outfit #2 is lovely.

  4. I love both 2 and 3. Classic but a bit of color.

  5. No.1 has authority; black dress no.5 similarly, but needs a jacket – what about the leather ‘kick ass’ black jacket?; the ‘grey’ trousers are pretty – will they work with a severe jersey and the 3/4 mauve jacket?

  6. I like 2, 5, and 7 best.

  7. My vote is for #4 or #5 – if you need to wear the outfit for nearly eighteen hours, there’s less to fuss with over the course of the day with a dress. Blouses can come untucked, skirt or belt can shift and twist. Also like the Vivienne Westwook outfit. By the way both of those dresses fit so well and you look great in them.

  8. I’m partial to #4. Very classy to me.

  9. #1 and #2 give you power and grace and compliment your coloring. Shiny fabrics don’t work for me. Loose baggy coats do not work for me. I like the very last black outfit with the silver buttons too.

  10. Number 1 but shorten the skirt. The longer skirt length you seem to prefer ages you. I would also be interested to see the black dress with either the coral jacket or the leather jacket (depending on the audience the leather may or may not be appropriate). You have a great sense of what suits you. Trust your gut!

  11. number 4 !

  12. I’d go for Number 2 too. Looks classic, easy to wear and suits you. It would go well with your blue coat. However would it stand up to a meal? Not sure as cream is easy to stain. I like 7s skirt and coat but the blouse is a bit too striking during the day, maybe a cream top or your Paisley one. All lovely though. What an amazing selection.

    • Thanks Trish, your thinking is along the same lines as mine – what if I spill something on a white wool dress at 11.00am and hot coffee does have a mind of its own.

  13. Like them all, but I’d choose number 7 . Yes, you’d have to be careful of spills, but it’s light and bright. Have a great time!!!

  14. Dress No 5 is stand alone elegant with jacket from No1 for colour , warmth etc

  15. Definitely 6. Or the purple outfit in the “also ran” pics at the end. In photos, I tend to focus on your face when you are wearing that petrol blue or a medium-to-dark neutral.

  16. I am going with #1. Color is fabulous on you. I also LOVE the pants and drapey top that appears blue-gray on my monitor. A little more casual but still very very powerful! I love that color against your skin and hair better than all of the colors. Also very slimming.

  17. 7 is stunning. 3 is my second choice.

  18. My vote is for #1, very professional looking.

  19. #4 (chic), #1 (power suit!), and your grey plaid design just because you look fabulous in it.

  20. 5 with the coat from 7 to make an entrance. Or if you feel separates would be more practical – 3.

  21. 1, 5 or the lovely asymetric check with the M&M coat

  22. #2 one color palette, slim line. very chic.

  23. Well you have some great outfits there. For me there are some which work better for “authority” and some work better for “approachability”. As you have said red shoes I am thinking this is an arty sort of event, where creativity, individuality and approachability are more important? I am also bearing in mind your desire to look slim – this would imply a dress. The skirt and top combos have lots of horizontal lines which add width, as does anything shiny.

    For authority choose a darker, fitted dress with a smart fitted jacket – your Chanel one at the end is perfect. The navy dress (5) and petrol blue ones (6) work well. The red shoes should be complemented in some way – red brooch, belt or small silk scarf. If approachability is most important a gentler colour scheme would be preferable – I like the cream dress (4) a lot, but again I think it needs something else in way of jewellry or a scarf, perhaps including red but also green or blue or navy, and a fairly wide belt.

    I look forward to reading about what you wore and how it made you feel, and what sort of reaction you got. And good luck – it sounds very intense and important.

    • Thank you Kate, I’m glad you commented. I was just wearing red shoes to get the photos taken, in real life I’d wear different ones depending on the outfit. These photos aren’t styled just the basic outfit, again in real life I’ll have a scarf and bag. Thanks

  24. All divine! #5 so many accessories to switch.

  25. Oh wow, you have so many wonderful outfits! I like 2 best. But how good is the fabric? I can’t see from here and it is ponte. Perhaps 5 might be better as it is wool. Very classy. Oh decisions, decisions….

  26. My vote is for the dress not assigned a number but shown in the bottom collection and is in plaid. The drop dead gorgeous plaid dress–that one. I would chose the coat shown with outfit #4 or top it off with the jacket shown in #3. My second choice would be #3

  27. I like 2, 4 or 5. But I think my most favorite of all is the plaid dress at the bottom. What a wonderful choice you have!

  28. I vote for the Vivienne Westwood dress because I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and it is a-maz-ing. Good luck with the thing!

  29. 3 in my opinion, but you have a great wardrobe to choose from. I also really like the plaid asymmetric skirt/top combo, but sleeveless isn’t always a professional look. Not the shiny blouse.

  30. Hi Ruth, the combinations are all beautiful, but I would choose 3 if I had to. Wishing you a nice sunday 🙂

  31. Lots of lovely outfits here. Thinking of your remit, I’d go for one of the dresses in #4, #5 or #6 – but I’m not keen on the choice of either of the coats for these. A jacket? Accessories? Depends on the function. I love the cream dress but perhaps cream is not the best choice for a full day. I also love #1, #2, #3 …

    • Anne you just about choose every option! I’ll be accessorising the final outfit with a silk scarf but it’s only 5 degrees out there and I’m also aiming to be practical as well as stylish – maybe the two don’t go together?
      Thank you.

  32. In order, 1, 3, 7. However each outfit has a different vibe. I really like the red color too.

  33. 5 and 7 are my choices for the event you described, but I love the Westwood dress.

  34. For looking professional and being comfortable all day, I vote for #2. I’m afraid you have opened a can of worms, opinions seem to be as varied as the people who proffered them;)

  35. What great choices! My vote is for either dress 4 or 5 — with the awareness that between jewelry, scarf, etc. you can be flexible in the look for early in the day, with a switch to a slightly softer/different look for evening. Both dresses look beautiful, and seem to allow a “worry free” look for the long day. Have fun!

    • Thank you Judy. I’ll probably be traveling in boots and change into shoes, so there’s no reason I can’t do the same with accessories too to change the look a little. Good idea.

  36. #7 is my first pick – it’s such an elegant look and I love close tonalities. All eyes will be on YOU. Love you in #1 also but they each have a very different vibe. Love the Vivienne Westwood dress and wonder what it would look like beneath the navy coat. Would the colours go?
    What fun to see this wardrobe. Thanks.

  37. #1 very professional and a nice color on you!

  38. #3 and #7 are my picks. You have a fabulous wardrobe!

  39. #4 is my favorite.

  40. 2 or 7. Both look put-together, and could span a day’s activities.

  41. I love no 1 .. I think the colour is beautiful on you and you can never beat red for saying. I also love the Vivienne Westwood dress – that looks terrific. I also think a shorter hemline looks more proportioned. Good luck whatever you decide as all of your wardrobe looks terrific.

  42. I like no 5 dress ( classy, comfortable and slimming ) with no 7 opera coat in pale blue and gold. I think this combo would look great together. Hope we find out what it is your going to. Very mysterious!

  43. I really love the white wool dress, #2, but also the black ensemble with shiny Burtons that you included at the end.
    Good luck, whatever endeavour you are planning!

  44. You look very nice in all of your choices. I like #1 or #7 the best. If you are in a well lighted area, the lighter colors might wash you out.
    #1 looks fabulous, love the color.
    #7 looks like you are Moneypenny from a James Bond film, chic & Chanel-like, & a bit sexy.

  45. Number 4 is by far the best in my opinion.

  46. I guess we are not much help as there seems to not be a consensus. I love how you look in #5. I also loved #2, but I personally would have trouble not getting a smudge on that throughout a long day.

  47. I love 2 and 3 but I’m not much help because I love 7 too. There is so much to love!!!

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