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Snuggle on a Cuddler


AppleII’ve been experiencing a very first world problem recently, in that my old Apple Mac is now apparently obsolete and has decided all by itself to retire, albeit sporadically.  Gosh, 10 years old and you’re thrown on the scrap heap! I have knickers older than that. I now have a brand new one and normal service resumes. Thank you as always for your very welcome comments to recent blog posts but technology prevented me from replying individually – apologies.

And so life continues – a sewing post about a quilt and this is the very first one that I have ever intentionally made for myself.

A sprinkling of Kaffe Fasset pinks and reds tempered by some variegated greys and an exercise in precision. I sewed some 4X4 blocks and then got fed up with that and moved to 2 X 2 blocks, making absolutely sure that all the points and corners matched. When the world falls into chaos and violence, there is comfort in order and precision; there is everyday in the small things; there is routine and normality in 1/4″ seam allowance.

DSCN5873 DSCN5874

We bought new sofas recently and one of them is called a Cuddler – larger than a single seat but smaller than a sofa – sort of cosy for two people who know each other well; covered in dappled grey, this new quilt fits right in but it wasn’t planned that way, just a happy coincidence. The fabrics were purchased way back at the beginning of summer  and the sofas about a month ago.


The pinks and reds lift the blandness of the sofa and warm it up. I had three blocks left over and these became a cushion cover.


The backing is pale grey and the quilting is a straight-line grid with inner squares. You can see how washed out grey on grey is.DSCN5869

When I started this quilt I started to sew hexagon blocks but got fed up with the fiddling and need to match too many seams – I got 4 made and they form the corners.




It’s smaller than my usual Montana sized ones but just the right size to snuggle under on a cuddler.

This quilt is un-named apart from For Me!


20 thoughts on “Snuggle on a Cuddler

  1. Beautiful quilt and I love the “for me” tag. Makes me smile 🙂

  2. Hi there Ruth,
    Absolutely love this quilt you have made for you. The colours are really beautiful and go so well against your new cuddler!
    I am sure you will have many cosy evenings snuggled up together. Enjoy

  3. Never underestimate the value of a good basic. The combination of basic cuddler and colourful makes an elegant statement. I like them both.

  4. Beautiful colors, beautiful quilt!

  5. Love this, Ruth! I’m crazy for Fassett’s fabrics, always something wonderful and colorful. Your quilts are so pretty.

  6. It’s lovely. Beautiful colours. Hubby is still struggling with the same First World problems after updating to Windows 10 – fortunately I didn’t have the same problems, this time anyway.

  7. Lovely–and a welcome lift to the spirits amid the darkness of the news.

  8. That is wonderful, such a lovely spot to have that cup of tea or other beverage. Rosemary

  9. Lovely quilt, but, but…whoa, I haven’t seen that Apple since the early 1980’s, when I worked in research and that’s what we used to a crunch numbers!!

  10. What a gorgeous quilt. Kaffe Fasset has always appealed to me – he is so good with colour. I love bright pinks and reds with grey. The sofa looks amazing now, draped with the quilt and matching cushions. You are getting very good at this.

  11. You need something like this for the grey days ahead. Lovely bright snuggly quilt.

  12. Such a gorgeous quilt – I love Kaffe Fassett and his use of colour. I remember an article years ago (probably in the ’80’s) about his knitting. He said that he stored his yarn – including scrap lengths by colour in different baskets. When knitting a jumper (for example) would just pull a length of whatever colour (red, blue, whatever) he wanted next and knit with it. He didn’t pay attention to being all matchy, matchy and that is what his fabric reminds me of – lots and lots of colour! I like how you have contrasted the warm and cool colours, it looks great.

    Here in Canada we call these chairs a chair and a half’! Perfect for snuggling with hounds as well!

  13. Beautiful colours Ruth, and it’s about time you got to keep one for yourself. Enjoy!

  14. I agree with the above espc the “for me ” label .
    And why not? Cause your worth it .

  15. After battling a cold and cough and bronchitis for 2 weeks this quilt is just what I need to get well! Cheerful colors and precise seaming and love….someone to cuddle with and enjoy the evening or nap in the afternoon…just gorgeous and so perfect…like all your creations, Ruth!

  16. Beautiful quilt! I find quilting to be soo… I just don’t know if I have the patience for it! You obviously do! You do lovely work!

  17. What beautiful colours, and so nice that the quilt is for you. It looks fabulous on your new sofa. I particularly like your label!
    I can see the day arriving when I join you in this quilting lark – I just need to lose all the client sewing first.

  18. Love this! Using the hexagons on corners only was a great idea, and those colors would cheer the gloomiest day!

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