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I lived through the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and ’80s but many did not; 3600, their families and friends are still grieving. Over 40,000 were injured – physically and/or psychologically and still the resonance of the violence permeates our society today. But thankfully we are out on the other side; mending wounds, patching rifts and realising that all we really want is peace: to live our lives, raise children and look forward to the future.

I cannot comment on official methods to defeat terrorism but by far the best way is for ordinary people to show that “This will not stop my way of life.”

Go to the restaurants and theatres: go shopping; go for walks around the city – clearly demonstrate that these guns and bombs will not infringe upon nor stop my way of life.

Vive la France!


12 thoughts on “Vive

  1. I remember how I felt after September 11th. It took a few days for me to leave my home. And when I did, it was so erily quiet. No airplanes. Funny how much I now appreciate the sound of the planes flying over.
    I too hope that the people of Paris and all those who have been touched by terrorism will find a way to overcome.

  2. You said it very well. Even though I haven’t let terrorism stop what I do, I still have a nagging fear whenever there are large groups of people at events or whatever nation wide or worldwide. My heart goes out to the people of France!!!

  3. Well said Ruth. My daughter lives, works, and plays in central London and I do occasionally fear for her safety when situations like this occur – but they must never be allowed to restrict life.
    Paris must continue to live to show that good won’t bow to terrorism.

  4. There has been and always will be evil in this world and people who are bent on destruction and chaos. We all must stand up for peace and co-operation to make this fragile planet a better place. My prayers and thoughts are with the French people and their loved ones.

  5. Well said and thank you. I hope for the empowerment of moderate thinkers and empathic believers, and that they may be the driving force of change and turning away from hate and chaos.

  6. Oh, you’ve put that so perfectly. As the world lights up in the red white and blue of the French flag, I am just another American, another human being standing with the people of France.

  7. AsaNorthern Ireland woman living in France, remembering all to clearly the difficulties throughout the 70’s and 80’s I just want to say I totally agree with you. You just have to keep on living with your head high.

  8. Hi Ruth
    You’ve been in my thoughts a lot since we met. Every time the conversation turns to living with the threat of terrorism, or Belfast, I remember what you said about being used to it and just getting on with it. I remember in summer 2005, after the 7 July bombings, how much emptier the tube trains seemed at lunch time and how ‘grateful’ commuters appeared that I was there too with child and buggy, and how they bent over backwards to offer help getting on and off. What happened last night is heart-breaking. But it reinforces my feeling that I’m really, really lucky to be living in freedom. Sadly there’ll never be a shortage of people who have nothing to lose and a hatred of others.

  9. I have to tell you that this is such a classy way to respond to the tragedy… so many bloggers are posting and inevitably making it about them somehow. Well done.

  10. Well said! It saddens me whenever I hear of such violence. It disgusts me that there are a few humans in the world who believe in such violence. I pray for us all and hope that anyone who is a victim of such violence has the strength to keep on with their lives and not let these actions weaken them.

  11. Oh yes. Absolutely. Vive indeed

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