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M&M – Heron Wrap


Merchant and Mills Workbook – Pattern 2 The Heron Wrap Top

Spurred on by your enthusiasm over the Curlew dress and my own happiness, the next pattern in the book I made is the Heron wrap top. This is the only pattern that doesn’t have a variation, although I’m sure some of you could think of something…….


Once again, the seemingly simple design has some little details that add to the sewing pleasure and the finished item: pleats at the front, interfaced lapels, hems and fronts, separate front hem bands and little side splits.

My fabric choice was a cream linen with a black/grey border print which created a few pattern laying out issues and I had to cut on the cross grain instead of the straight so mine doesn’t have the natural stretch that a properly cut top would have.


The workbook gives comprehensive pattern payout directions along with photos and line diagrams of the finished garments, sketches of construction details complemented with written instructions, so there is really no reason for things to go wrong.

The wrap is a simple classic with wrap fronts, secured with ties, no sleeves just wide shoulders but the revere collar lifts it to almost jacket status.

I had to cut my ties from the cream section of my fabric but apart from that, once again, I’m really pleased with this.


The tones in the fabric mean that I can wear black, grey or cream on the bottom half, which makes a very versatile addition to my wardrobe. The wrap top just lifts a boring monochrome outfit.


You do need to wear a camisole or something underneath because the sides are sewn up only a short distance and there’s plenty of room for a breeze to blow through there.


Just a few things you might want to focus on when making the Heron; I am wary of finding fault with patterns that you have to trace off, tile together or otherwise put together yourself as the fault could always be mine and not the designer’s. For this top I had to extend the long back tie by 10cm (4″). I also had to add a pleat in the centre back which is cut on fold, so I might have inadvertently added seam allowances there. I’ll check my pattern against the original for the next one.


As there’s not too much can be done to make variations of the top, you can always think of different ways to tie it around.

Here it is with the long back tie inside the top, which makes a loose but secure wrap top.


Talking of which, it is secure wrap, no gaping or shifting at all. I didn’t use interfacing on this fabric but used muslin instead and it gave just the right amount of stability and firmness while still allowing flexibility and softness. Silk organza would work just as well (if not better).

I’m still waiting for summer to arrive: it has rained for 24 hours non-stop here so apologies for more pics in front of a radiator and poor light.


In my book – another winner from the Workbook! That’s 2/2 so far…….



45 thoughts on “M&M – Heron Wrap

  1. Love this on you- your long legs help you rock these looser styles- I tend to look like an inflated oriental lampshade… The fabric is amazing, where did you find it?

  2. Another M&M winner. Awesome fabric too..

  3. The fabric is beautiful and that top fits you perfectly…looks very pretty on you!

  4. Wonderful. After your last post, I ordered the Workbook – so looking forward to the patterns. Your top looks fantastic, nice use of the fabric. What pants are you wearing? I like them.

    • You go Coco! You cut a US 14? So do I, but check your measurements before you cut – you will be a 12 with M&M! Nice!
      And I just know you will adore the Strides and the Saltmarsh.

      My trousers are RTW – black linen and cotton blend bought in a sale at size UK 18 and altered to fit. They have a polished sheen but wrinkle like crazy!

      Thanks so much.

  5. Great choice of fabric for this top…drool…Definitely look very high end designer! 🙂

  6. looks great and as you say great addition to your wardrobe

  7. Simple pattern, fabulous fabric…a win/win for you! Breaking the rules for a pattern layout is mandatory when dealing with such awesome fabric design and discovering that a new garment will work with so many other things in your wardrobe is great! Super new addition, Ruth!

    • Thank you Mrs Mole – at least there are no darts for you to comment on!
      I’m becoming a wee bit scared of showing my darts in public now…….LOL

      But you’re right – simple patterns make great things to wear and I don’t know why this isn’t predicated more often in my sewing – maybe M&M is the turning point.

  8. You’re so quick!!

    It’s lovely and as usual your good eye picked a great choice of fabric (do tell where from).

  9. Definitely another winner!!

  10. Love your wrap top! Question, is there a way to lengthen this top? I am long waisted and most wrap tops feel almost empire on me.

    • Yes colleen I would say this is easy to alter: just place your ‘gap’ for the ties at your natural waist and add the difference to the hem.
      However, I think this wrap top is only available in the Workbook and not as an individual pattern – so you’ll just have to make them all!
      The Strides trousers would suit you as they are high waisted anyway.

      Thank you.

  11. Another beauty. It really suits you and seems like a versatile style. The fabric is stunning. As so many others have asked, where did you buy the fabric? Major yearning going on over here.

  12. This is gorgeous! That fabric is amazing, and it looks great with the black trousers. I’m holding out hope for better weather later in the week for some outside blog photos!

    • I hear you Lynne…. if I wake up tomorrow morning and it’s still raining that’ll be 48 hrs!
      Thank you so much. We need to go to Antrim and buy more linen for me……..soon!

  13. Fabric – 10; clever use of fabric – 10. Love the simple elegance of this garment.

  14. The top in the fabric you have chosen looks wonderful. Many thanks for being the M & M enabler for us. While I really liked the aesthetic of M & M I did not dream they could look so pretty as well as stylish. I am looking forward to seeing the next.

  15. Love the fabric and the way you cut it out really make the best of it. Super with those trousers , looks like a jump suit only more practical!
    Agree re Antrim , not that I actually need any fabric , just inspiration!

  16. Love your choice of fabric for this top. Great outfit.

  17. Such a pretty top, super with those black pants! These M&M patterns look nice, but this novice wonders if they are doable or too advanced? And the fabrics are gorgeous…probably not too helpful for me desire to shop local though. Sigh.

    • Not too advanced at all Jen. Fairly straightforward but you do have to trace the patterns first. I started out shopping local too then I discovered there’s so much more choice on the Internet and cheaper.

      • Ha! I shall not concern myself with that issue at all then. I’ve not been too successful with fabric shopping in town anyway. Thanks for the “permission”. 🙂

  18. simply gorgeous. exquisite meld of fabric and pattern. I’d love to see it worn with a full linen skirt in ivory – fresh!

    how fun for all of us to watch you work thru this book!

  19. Hi Ruth, I love this top, the fabric is gorgeous. I must take the plunge and buy some fabric online…….currently I’m making a dress out of old curtains! But still practice is practice! I hope you’re well and the weather is depressing you too much, go find your sewing mojo!! xoxo

    • Hi Jen lovely to hear from you!! Want to come to Antrim and the linen factory with the rest of us? No date set yet but soon…. You just sew those curtains with abandon and make a ballgown!!!

  20. Amazing fabric and another nice neckline Ruth. This adventure is proving so interesting. I can’t wait to see the next one….

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