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Scrap Shirt


Back in January when I started the patchwork and quilting class, guess what? I bought too much fabric! Not tonnes and tonnes but enough to stash. While stashing I found an off-white linen, obviously bought for something in particular last summer and never made.

Put the two together and I got a shirt – Vogue 1274 to be exact. Lynn Mizono design: Very loose-fitting top with mandarin collar, low armholes, asymmetrical button closing and three-quarter length sleeves with button drape. Narrow hem. View B, what you see here, has back-buttoned drape and the front, back and sleeves extend into drapes.


The unseasonably sunny weather has brought out the lighter colours and lighter fabrics this week and for four months this shirt has waited patiently in the wardrobe for its first outing – today was the day.


A voluminous shirt indeed but I cut it smaller than usual and I was very limited on linen anyway. I wore straight legged dark jeans to counteract the tent-like top. The jeans are Hot Patterns Boyfriend pattern (which I wasn’t that impressed with but these turned out OK). I remember doing loads of fitting and alterations but they are made from rare selvedge denim so will hang about my wardrobe for years to come.


I’m constantly drawn to styles like this and follow Gayle Oritz avidly – her creations are fabulous and this is in poor homage.


The patchwork cotton with all its variations was used on the side ‘flaps’ and sleeve ‘flaps’ and then little bits and pieces were sewn on the back neckline and to make the front button closures. Stand up collar is lined with the cotton too.


The cotton is Moda Lexington in blue and white – used to make my patchwork scarf and skirt. 


Flaps buttoned to centre back for a less flappy look…


Wear it while you can……Scrap, not crap!



18 thoughts on “Scrap Shirt

  1. I have just bought this pattern so I am delighted to see how well yours turned out. It looks great! 🙂

  2. I like your use of patchwork. Wearable quilting..great idea!

  3. This is so creative! Please pin this to our fan gallery on Pinterest:

  4. Oh, now that you’ve caught the piecing bug, you must see what Carolyn did with her sons’ T-shirts, see post date April 21!

  5. What an interesting pattern! It turned out quite lovely too! (When I saw the drawings I wasn’t too sure!)

  6. I especially love the patchwork bits. Very elegant shirt in the end!

  7. This is a style I totally like. It looks so good on you. You have a great talent, congratulations!

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