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Jersey Blue Layer Skirt


Last week I had to pack up my one and only machine up and send it off to Barry to sort out. There was a squeaking, a groaning and a bobbin that wouldn’t stay in! No option really. I’ve had this Janome for nearly 4 years and I haven’t as much as cleaned or oiled it – so no big surprise that she stopped working. Bear in mind that she is used almost every day, I really took her for granted. Barry (the sewing machine magician) said there was so much fluff that it had been compacted into a brick but he managed to sort her out within 24hrs! And a day later she was back in my sewing room taking her well deserved place on the table.

All this is beside the point as my SWAP this year is hand sewn! Merely a cautionary tale for you…….. Take care of your machines.

Right back to the topic. SWAP ’15 is almost at a close and my needles and thread and have been running stitching like mad.

I have 1 more item to finish – a double-layered, reverse applique fitted top has been started but it will really be a push to have it ready to wear in 2 weeks time. Nevertheless, let’s look on the positive side and loads of things have been completed recently.

One of them is my layer skirt.


images-1The pattern is the swing skirt from Alabama Stitch book, merely two pieces, one for the front and one for the back! Except I cut two skirts, sewed two skirts and put one inside the other offset by about 4″.

There is no other embellishment. It’s a very plain skirt and very easy to make.

The inside skirt is held in place with some X stitches at middle front, back and sides.


I did cheat a little and serged some 1″ elastic to the back waist, folded it over and then parallel whip stitched the fold in place.


b2e6766197783e47fb444f1db8e3b150The third layer is actually the poncho from Alabama Studio Sewing and Design. I drew on some pebble circles, sewed up the single seam and wear it over the skirt for a bit of flare.



When it gets cold at night, I pull it up and over my shoulders – cosy.


With a rectangle bit of jersey leftover, I sewed the ends together, sewed down the seam edges and threaded a strip of cotton jersey through. When pulled tight, the jersey ruches up.

This can be worn as a scarf, a hood, a belt and even a boob tube for that instant Donna Karan look.


Drapey scarf


Ruched boob tube

My T-shirt used to be white but was dyed in the same bucket as the rest of this cotton jersey. Yet another item?

The poncho and scarf thing are extra to my SWAP collection but useful additions nonetheless.

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post. We went away for a few days and I never got round to answering each one, but, as always, they are very much appreciated.



23 thoughts on “Jersey Blue Layer Skirt

  1. snicker… Instant DK look! Hilarious! What a great SWAP you’ve got here, Ruth. I love your colours and all the pieces.

  2. This is such a lovely simple but interesting outfit R. Very nice indeed. Summery but warm enough if the wind changes. I love the subtle blue tones. Well done.

    • I’ve learnt from previous SWAPs Kate that you only really get to wear the clothes in springtime. So the cotton jersey is a perfect option, as you say, summery but warm enough now. Thanks

  3. Your makes are often so versatile. Blue dyes work very well; I love that Moroccan-hued blue, like a sultry evening. I’ve had great results with blue dye myself though I’m surprised you say ‘bucket’. I do mine in the washing machine.

    Thanks for reminder: I’ve been meaning to have my machine serviced for a about a year or two (it also squeaks sometimes) but I worry I’ll be deprived of it for days!

    • I dyed this batch the old fashioned way – thought I was an artisan! The next lot went into the machine! Thanks Marianna – and get your machine serviced.

  4. The blue is very pretty and all those pieces are put together so nicely. You are quite clever with your fabric aren’t you?

  5. Wow – fantastic skirt/wrap. Love this pattern and your execution!

  6. I love these shades of blue. Your SWAP garments are so inventive. Hopefully you’ll get everything finished to your satisfaction and in time.

  7. Love that skirt and poncho. What a versatile outfit you’ve created.

  8. I snickered too about the instant DK look.
    Thanks for the reminder about the machines. I defluffed my over locker just yesterday. Because it was growling at me. I really should give it more regular attention.

  9. Brilliant- what a great collection of simple items that have multiple uses. LOVE IT! Keep ’em coming missus

  10. Ditto to all the above and questions: Which dye did you use and which colour(s) did you use? Your result is a beautiful colour. Brava!

  11. Such simple and classy looks Ruth! You certainly have a great collection that flatters you so. What did you use to draw the circles on the poncho?

  12. I think AC should be sending you free fabrics for all the free exposure you are giving them and great ideas! Once again a masterpiece and now so versatile! WOW!

  13. Oh no! I feel for you about your sewing machine! I thought I’d broken mine last night when I got into a fight with some seam binding and thought a pin had somehow fallen into my machine. Turns out it hadn’t, but there was a lot of fluff when I took the foot plate off! Anyway, glad you got your sorted out.

    What a brilliant outfit! At first I thought the gathered bit was part of your top, and I was thinking that it was very clever; but it’s even more amazing now I know what it is. What a great idea!

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