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Jersey Blue Relax


Thank you all so very much for the useful comments on the cosmic AC bolero! It’s so refreshing to have honest and candid remarks and I have taken the overwhelming majority advice and set it aside. Phew!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I have been hand sewing other items for SWAP ’15. A few 20 mins here and there soon add up to some very productive hours and AC is portable so it can be sewn in the kitchen in between stirring stuff in pots or on the bus or on the sofa with one eye on TV.  I usually have 3 or 4 different items on the go at any one time: when I get fed up beading (you know about that one!) then I applique, when I get fed up appliqueing I seam. It helps to vary the work and each garment gets moved on little by little.

This one is nothing too exciting but fast becoming a favourite. Come home from work, kick off the shoes, strip off the dress and slip into this.


Burda maxi skirt 1/2013 #116 with deep waistband and AC long sleeved T-shirt with a bit of placement applique.


There is a mix of reverse applique (for the stem) and bog standard applique (leaves) and a few stitches here and there for extra texture. But this one is just slightly more unique because the design goes over the shoulder and drapes over the back, like a real branch.


I love the flared sleeves of this T-shirt pattern from AC book Studio Sewing and Design. It’s quite fitted not loose at all but I like that too although I have scooped the neckline way more than the original. The leaves are sewn on with a parallel whip stitch which is a stretch stitch to ease getting in and out of the T-shirt without them falling off and I used a mix of different blue threads.


Pre-washing. You can see the felt tip pen lines used for cutting out the shapes.



The skirt is really easy to sew and I reckon if you use a machine or serger, it would take no more than an hour to whip up: two side seams and attach the waistband. I don’t hem any of my AC items so that saves time too. There’s no embellishment on the skirt other than the stitching to hold it together. The waistband is really deep, so I gathered either side with some tight running stitches to ruche it a bit and it is sewn on with a herringbone stitch because it needs to stretch (a lot) to get the skirt on. When worn, the waistband sort of pleats itself.

Tia started me off on this outfit idea – she developed a LATH wardrobe (lounging around the house) and has also made this skirt with her own mods. Although hers could easily be worn out to dinner.



The whole outfit is comfortable and just perfect for relaxing in (pink fluffy slippers are mandatory footwear!).


20 thoughts on “Jersey Blue Relax

  1. lovely outfit. Your stitching is gorgeous. Those AC basic shapes are so classic and verstaile.
    re the infamous bolero, could you salvage some of it to make into a little evening bag? At least then some of your beautiful and painstaking work would be put to good use, and the dense and detailed stitching may suit a bag better than a garment

  2. What a lovely outfit. Great shape and colour and the appliqué just takes it up a notch. It might be good for LATH but I would wear it out.

  3. Ooooo…. I likey! The colours are so comfy. Great details on that long-sleeved tee, too.

  4. That outfit is lovely Ruth, and more than able to hold it’s head up outside. It does look incredibly comfy though 😃

  5. Perfect. This outfit hits the spot right on, and takes pressure off the poor incomplete bolero.

    If you’re looking for another blog topic, here’s a great one: Please tell us more about color. This dusky aqua-gray (?) jersey is perfection against your skin and hair. You’ve already hinted at being interested in colors. (My computer won’t download the British TV program you linked in Swallowtail (?)). As a painter and student of color, I’m very curious to know how you found your palette. Your greenish grays, oranges and turquoises are so right for you, and it can’t be an accident because these colors don’t work for most people and are therefore hard to find.

    Also I’d like to know how you buy fabric. Color being so essential: in-person only? or mail-order, but always with swatches for all grays and beiges? Do you order using Pantone scales as a reference? What do you do?

  6. ooh, I like this. Just a touch of the AC. Looks comfy too.

  7. This is far too lovely to be relagated to wearing at home. So pretty!

  8. Simple, yet elegant and comfortable too. This is a winning outfit Ruth, on several levels. Love your creativity.

  9. It’s so glamorous, I feel ashamed of the fleece jammies I put on.

  10. Great outfit. It might be as comfortable as pajamas but it’s certainly more stylish than most! The branch over the shoulder is inspired.

  11. I love this! Just a hint of fanciful detail, soft colors- lovely.

  12. Stunning. I love love this color and style on you!! More please.

  13. It really is perfect and too glam for around the house. But at least you won’t be embarrassed to answer the door.

    The continuation on the back is excellent.

  14. Color is absolutely divine, and your work is so inspiring.

  15. This is exactly the kind of thing I can see myself swanning about in upon arriving home from work. Gorgeous and comfortable! The reverse applique in the aqua is so striking and flattering. Love it!

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