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Jungle January 2


1f86b6cc_Majestic-Cheetah-gattoWith just a few days to go until the gates on the great savannah close for yet another year and the animals can sleep peacefully, stalk, hunt and kill each other knowing that at least they are safe from errant sewers, I have bagged the best beast in the jungle.




imgresEver since Anne put up this pic of Mrs Robinson, it has been my inspiration for this year’s safari. Six pairs of knickers and two bras later I cut the Dolce & Gabbana cheetah print into a slip and French knickers.



While I am million miles away from Mrs Robinson (both in style and shenanigans), there’s always make-believe.


Fabric from Chrysalis Winter 2011. Pattern Vogue 8888


















don’t call me pussycat – call me Mrs Robinson!

37 thoughts on “Jungle January 2

  1. You’re sensational, as usual, and it looks carefully made.

    Might there also be a Benjamin??? 😯

  2. terrific, as always :~ )

  3. I love it! That’s fantastic on you!

  4. So fabulous! And fun, too. Love it.

  5. Gosh I love the French knickers. I bet it feel really nice to wear them and the slip. Great decision.

  6. Great! And the silk looks so luxurious.

  7. Brilliant, as ever! Clever you.

  8. Beautiful lingerie set and such a fun post too. Well done.

  9. And here’s to you Mrs R . Brilliant

  10. Well done these are lovely!

  11. Miss Ruth, you are wild!!! Nothing better than pretty underthings 🙂

  12. What glamourousness. And fun!

  13. Way to go, girl! gorgeous!

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  15. Love them, but even more love your guts in modelling them, inspirational!

  16. What great lingerie, and one of the funnest posts I’ve read in awhile!

  17. WOW!! Victoria’s Secret is missing an angel!

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