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Patchworky 1


Hope you noticed the 1 in today’s title – first patchwork and quilty thing sewn and made. I don’t know if I’m completely sold on patch and quilting just yet but let’s be positive and reckon on there being at least 2 at some point in the future.

A simple cushion cover in three different fabrics.


Good grief, 1/8th” out on my stitching line and Yvonne (my teacher) rolls her eyes and sighs heavily – I know what she’s thinking: she’s saying “These dressmakers! Duh! They know nothing….”

I can see now that it’s finished that I could have shifted some of the squares around for better symmetry but then symmetry has never been one of my strengths.

Anyway, I now have to decide what to make next. Remember me saying I had enough clothes, and that’s the reason I’m quilting? Well I’ve decided to make a scarf. Does that count as clothing? Yvonne pointed out to me this week that I’m not supposed to make things that I can wear but I’m determined to infiltrate this coven of quilters with skirts and scarves, maybe the odd dress or pair of trousers – expand their horizons a bit.

My plan is make a sampler scarf of eight  9″ X 9″ squares, all with different patch work patterns that will test my skills and improve my technique (lots of room there). Then I’ll sew all the squares together, quilt them to a plain backing, bind the edges and fling it round my neck.


(click on pics for links)

And this shall be my colour scheme


Then I’ll buy 2m of matching fabric and make a skirt! It’ll feel like coming home.



Meanwhile, I need a cushion for my cushion cover…….

Thanks so much for all your encouraging advice and compliments on the last two posts. I really appreciate that you take the time to do this and apologise for not replying to individual comments. Be assured that I read every one and acknowledge your wise words, expertise and experience. Thank you.

25 thoughts on “Patchworky 1

  1. Love your quilt and like the idea of the scarf……..great idea!

  2. If clothes aren’t allowed, can you quilt fabric and make it into a fancy Mary Poppins-ey tote?

  3. You shouLad plan to use a very thin batting or the scarf may be too stiff to drape around your neck.
    Maybe try a mystery quilt, where you get the instructions one step at a time. Our guild did one and everyone’s lap quilt looked different–fun to see how they come out.
    A part quilting part clothing option: make a jacket using a sweatshirt split down the front and quilted to patchwork fabric, wrong sides together.

  4. Your cushion cover looks brilliant! As far as I am concerned a scarf is an accessory, not a garment; so I say make the scarf. And I do like your stealth approach to introducing garment sewing to quilters!

  5. The fabrics are beautiful, very Delft. I’m not sure the product would behave like a scarf though; it might not be drapey, especially as there are behind the scenes seams stiffening things.

  6. “– expand their horizons a bit” Love your attitude Ruth. And your cushion cover looks great.

  7. I always had the problem with quilting, being a beginner, … Do I really need ANOTHER cushion cover!! I don’t think I could handle anything more complicated! Simple stuff please! You’ve picked some beautiful colours and patterns – the blues and the cushion.

  8. Hi Ruth:

    Not sure why your quilting teacher doesn’t feel quilting can be combined with clothing. I have seen many high end designer clothes with portions of the garment quilted or the entire garment was quilted.

    I recall seeing a beautiful example of the cross over of quilting techniques into a garment which was a pair of expensive (probably wool crepe) woman’s pants that had prairie points sewn down the entire length of both side seams. To say the pants were outstanding would be an understatement. Perhaps you could consider making a pair of pants with prairie points down the side seams as a project for your quilting class. Although prairie points are not a main stream quilting technique – they are frequently used in a variety of applications when making quilts.

    Hope this helps you out.

    That’s all for now, Nancy

    • I agree – I quilt and sew garments…sometimes at the same time. Quilting doesn’t have to be this boring! Make the scarf as you want it and maybe try some art quilting, which can be used for many things, not just boring cushion covers. And that 1/8″ – pffff everyone has those!

    • Thanks Nancy. It’s very friendly banter between us and I had thought of making a strip of patchwork and adding this to the hem of the skirt. I think patchwork in clothes is a great idea.

  9. I’m very impressed with your quilting. The colours for your scarf will look great

  10. Super! Are you going to quilt down the squares, using your Chanin stitching talents with the needle and thread? Once laundered, so lovely…

    • Already done Coco. I couldn’t leave the class until I’d completed that bit! Although I did machine along the seams this time, using AC would be a very interesting touch. My stitch in the ditch is still abysmal!

  11. Good going Ruth, and already thinking of alternative uses for the skill. I can’t say I would be too impressed with a teacher who wants to limit imagination.

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