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Jungle January ’15


For someone who doesn’t actually like animal prints and finds them gaudy and cheap, I’ve joined in Jungle January for three years in a row! Maybe it’s an excuse to sew with fabrics I wouldn’t even consider if it wasn’t January: maybe it’s because Ann is such an enabler (and scary) that I just can’t resist.

Year 2013 – Dipping my toes in gently – plain outside, alive on the inside
















Year 2014 – Braver and braver – leggings, skirt , T-shirt, gilet

dsc00783 dsc00798





















Year 2015 – Skin




















Two bras, five thongs, one Bridget Jones pants: nearly enough for a week.


Big knickers – Merckwaerdigh, Nr: D SHL 30 (purchase pattern here)

Big  bra – Merckwaerdigh, Nr: D-BHS10 Version C (Margreet’s blog here)

Lacy thong – Fehr Trade free download

Lacy bra – Merckwaerdigh, Nr: D-BHS10 Version D












No modelling today. I notice from Bloglovin’ that I’ve acquired a few new readers (thank you and welcome) and I don’t want to scare them off immediately. So use your imagination if you dare, just picture cellulite, pale white flesh, lumps, bumps and wobbly bits and you’ve got a fairly accurate image.





And there are animals howling yet in the sewing room….underwear uses up such little fabric. I have Vogue 8888 and I really, really want to be like Mrs Robinson…


Not that I’m into name dropping or impressed by designers but I’d just like to say that the fabric on the right is Dolce and Gabbana – just wanted to point that out, in case you didn’t recognise it yourself .




Don’t call me Pussycat!

There’s still time for you to join in too – see Pins from Ann for staggering inspiration.


12 thoughts on “Jungle January ’15

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  2. those really look great, very inspiring.

  3. Very impressed! I’m like you – animal print isn’t my favourite – but you have made some lovely things with it.

  4. Meow!
    BTW how did you ever get your paws on a D&G fabric???!!! Jealous!!!
    I’m still hoping to make it to the Jungle January party before the clock strikes midnight.

  5. Love your jungle themed lingerie. Great post!

  6. Very elegant! I do like animal prints but somehow have not managed to integrate them. This is a wonderful and very special way to do that!

  7. Talk about going “whole hog” or in this case, “Totally Cheetah”! Fabulous fancy underwear!!!!

  8. My first year I made a animal print robe- because I could not see myself wearing animal print out. Last year I made a maxi with the animal print on top. You are way braver than me! I love your contribution last year and your lingerie this year is stupendous! Very impressed!

  9. An impressive selection each year! I especially love the fur gilet from last year, but it’s all eye candy.

  10. Very Impressive! You have really come full circle: lining to outwear to underwear.

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