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End of Years


Everything changes and everything stays the same.

There was a time when it was exciting for children to stay up past midnight to see the New Year in, nowadays, most of the parents we know (and are) are in bed long before their children. Our traditional NYE’s celebration sharing with friends changed this year too. Instead, we had a evening with different friends – some we have known for more than 30 years – reminiscing, remembering, celebrating……..and the children go off and do their own thing.

On the other hand, my end of year sewing antics never change. Instead of a review of 2014, I’m doing a review of my end of years’ creations. I seem to go a little crazy by mid-December and sew things that I would otherwise never even contemplate at any other time of the year.


On the first year of blogging I sewed a head to toe ensemble…


One pair of pleather Clovers, one fake fur coat and a matching jersey cowl neck top.



On the second year of blogging, I sewed a full-length skirt:


One Vogue Ralph Rucci, one Kwik Sew blouse…and a little black and blue Chanel.



On the third year of blogging I changed from black to red…


One 1980s backless wiggle long dress.



In my fourth year of blogging I really sewed a storm…..


Golden Jeans


Two pair of trousers, two sleeveless tops, one long skirt, one fur coat, one long dress and a matching handbag!



No partridges in pear trees though – Mmmmmm, maybe next year……….Oooops, this year!DSCN4905




9 thoughts on “End of Years

  1. Gosh Ruth- looking at your previous New Year photos makes me wonder how time has gone by in such a flash. Love your jeans and white top. Bliadhna bhath ur !


  2. I like seeing the transformation over the years 🙂 The gold pants are fabulous!!! I want a pair! How did you like the bag pattern? It looks great BTW 🙂

  3. Doesn’t December do weird things to your sanity? It’s like you feel this pressure that everything is coming to an end, so you must rush to finish or make something extravagant. To go out with a bang! All of your year end makes are incredible, but it was interesting how relaxed the last year was compared to the others. Happy sewing in 2015!

  4. Just marvelous Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year to you! The retrospectives are fun, and yours have an unusual angle! Great outfits!

  6. What an amazing range of outfits. I like them all, but I think the red dress is my favourite. We don’t seem to get enough opportunities to dress up properly these days, so it is great to push the boat out a bit when we do. Great work Ruth and a Happy New Year to you.

  7. Wow! Love this little tour of makes! Your gold jeans are wonderful, and the blouse you’ve paired them with is the perfect foil (!). Happy New Sewing Year, Ruth. Love seeing all your makes.

  8. Absolutely Fabulous outfits. I have enjoyed following your sewing endeavours in 2014 and I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.

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