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Remember Clover?


You know that flush of enthusiasm and excitement you feel when you get new fabric?

I had thought I’d go all classy and monochrome and so I have been stocking up on whites, ivory, blacks, monochrome tweed etc. But the fabric bundles just sat there as I became increasingly distracted by colourful chiffon prints and orange mohair. I did manage to make a black and white coat which has seen a lot of wear recently but I deviated big time.

Miss Diana from Chrysalis sends out her winter ’14 samples and I succumbed. I ordered a wool twill in the most delicious colour called dark chilli, a couple of metres of the softest thistle coloured knit and, wait for it, shiny gold denim! The sewing machine has been smokin’!






First up, the wool twill: No. 29, Dark chilli chocolate, 100% Wool, 144cms, Pure wool Venetian twill.

A fantastic colour that is brown when brown is placed beside it, aubergine when purples are present and a good dark neutral for loads of other colours and it isn’t black! The fabric is fairly heavy so no flowing skirts or wide-legged trousers but something tailored and fitted. Most of my trouser patterns (apart from jeans) are wide legged having decided some time ago that this was my preferred style and suits me best. I did, however, jump on the Clover bandwagon a few years ago and I dug out the pattern again.

Kate has been forensically investigating tailored trousers for her impressive SWAP ’15 and maybe she subversively sent me down the slim legged trouser route – I’m glad she did.

DSCN4853A cold but wintery bright morning to showcase Clovers 2014.

Fully lined, with turn-ups, a lapped side zip and the cute front pockets. The new 7/8ths length to show off shoes and boots.




The pattern stipulates a fabric with a little bit of stretch – 2% Lycra or such, but this wool twill has none. These are not yoga pants!

To complete the Clovers I had to go to a real live shop for lining and thread. Armed with my swatch, I bumped into the remnants rack and found a cotton poplin that otherwise I wouldn’t have looked twice at but the colours were perfect: yellows, purples, browns, touch of green. On the spot I realised I needed a blouse to wear with the Clovers.



And then I needed a cardigan to go with the Clovers and the blouse….. off to Minerva to pick up another batch of knitted mohair but this time in saffron yellow.




and of course I had the original thistle knit, which just happened to co-ordinate with the Clovers and the blouse……


So from one pair of trousers, I have linked a blouse and two cardis, and re-invigorated a lot of other items in my wardrobe.

In the meantime, have a great New Year: may you all have good sewing, good ideas and to quote

may your bobbin never run out half way through the hemming……”


  • Trousers – Colette Clover
  • Blouse – Kwik Sew 3782 (OOP, shame as this is an all time favourite)
  • Yellow cardi – Burda pattern 08/2012/117D with mods   
  • Thistle cardi – self-drafted: How to make the thistle waistcoat in the next posting….


22 thoughts on “Remember Clover?

  1. You picked pretty fabric and made beautiful, coordinated clothes!!! I especially like the 2 cardi’s and the difference they make…like 2 completely different outfits. This was fun reading your blog this morning. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Love these colours. You look great in your Clovers. That blouse fabric reminds me of a cotton voile I made a dress from a couple of years ago. Great outfits!

  3. The lining may help the pants slip and therefore give just enough, even without the lycra.

    The colors and textures are spot on. So are the slim pants legs and up-to-the-minute length.

    Not only do these pants show off footwear and a nice pair of ankles and long pins – color me jealous – the slimness at the bottom balances out the fullness of the top pieces. You just convinced me of this rule: Billowy pants want a tailored top. Billowy tops want a slim fitting bottom piece. Break the balance rule only following careful silhouette inspection.

    Hope you’ve had fun showing off all these new treasures! Happy New Year.

  4. First of all, you look great! But, secondly, you asked if we remember Clovers. I have never, in my life, heard of that term! So I started googling and could only find references to this style of pant as regards to specific patterns. I gather that it is a close-fitting, narrow legged, trouser pant. Maybe with no pockets? I’ve always called that style “narrow-legged pants.” Are they cropped like capris or pedal pushers? Or not? Is this term a Britishism or somehow regional?

    Enquiring minds!!!!

    • Hi Shams! Clovers are made by Colette patterns and a couple of years ago they were doing the rounds on sewing blogs: I jumped on too. They name their designs instead of numbering them. Maybe they’ll make a comeback?
      Good to hear from you. Happy New Year!

  5. Ruth – this is a good shape on you I think, and I really love the soft blouse with them. And the yellow mohair cardigan. The colours are really nice too.

    I think Clover is the name of a pattern by Colette, Shams, rather than a trouser type!

    And thank you for referencing my trouser experiments! More to follow….

  6. I didn’t have the benefit of fabrickated’s theory of trousers that flatter when I made my Clovers long ago and the experience was pretty dire. In fact, when I saw your post title, I prepared to read it with a bulb of garlic and a crucifix in hand. Yet they’re totally great on you (when are we going shoe shopping together!?) while the colours and style of the blouse complete a very sophisticated combo. How you managed to knit too and run Christmas, I don’t know!!

    • I was traumatised for a long time too after my first Clovers! That’s probably why it took me 2 years to make them again. I didn’t knit Marianne, just buy the knit fabric!

  7. Great colors and good shape.During winter,i wear black,brown,and sometimes à bright color,or nice crafts are Welcome to wake up old pice.
    I wish you à fine end off year,and a Happy New Year.

  8. Shoe envy. Trouser envy. Wardrobe envy too! Happy new year.

  9. … and one thing just led to another! Your trousers look lovely! and I want your shoes!!!

  10. Shoes to die for and a great series of outfits, what a great way to end the year! Happy New Year Ruth and looking forward to 2015

  11. Looking forward to your next blog after being bowled over with this colorful one….how you manage to look so darn chic and cozy at the same time bewilders me…ha ha! Love the loose blouse with slim pants and to have a fabric store that carries knit fabric like that…well you are one lucky girl! Hope the New year brings lots of sewing adventures for you to share! And may your bobbin never run out…..thank you for the reference, Ruth!

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