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CCN Ep2/S1


Second edition of CoreCouture News….

I went away at the week end with a couple of friends and a good time was had by all. As a consequence, there was no sewing done but plenty of shopping, trying on, browsing and talking and we managed to sort out our fashion fears, dressing for occasion angsts, marriages, children and even the world – so rest assured, you can all sleep peacefully tonight – me and my mates have it sorted!

I did wear my AC coat over jeans in Fermanagh but honestly it is so unseasonably warm here in Northern Ireland that my summer gear is still in rotation – I’m still wearing linen trousers and cotton tops in October!


Top50-winner-160Quite honestly, I have absolutely no idea how this happened or actually what this little blog is doing here, however, apparently Corecouture has been voted as a Top 50 Sewing Blog by Burda fans. I’m guessing that I’ve scrapped through at number 50 but nevertheless, it is an honour and thank you very much to anyone and everyone who voted for me. I had no idea I was even nominated which makes this win ever better.

Part of the ‘win’ is a prize of 5 free patterns and a free on-line class on tailoring, which is brilliant as my next big make is a jacket. I’ve done tailoring before but you can never know too much.

The 5 patterns I’ve chosen are a mish-mash of styles and sewing ability but I tried to fill the gaps in my pattern stash and just a little bit of what took my fancy: I also have most of the fabric just folded and waiting to be made into something fabulous for A/W 14/15- here’s hoping!

113_technical_large.jpg.png116_technical_large.jpg.png tech_108_large.jpg.png tech_120_large tech_121_large


Needless to say, I’ll be making some Burda patterns in not too distant future. I have to admit that my success with Burda has not been without its tribulations in the past, mainly due to to the tracing issues – but I’m ready to give it another go and more than willingly to be proved wrong, especially as the styles and fashion look as good as this…..

Blog Hopping

The absolutely  inspiring and role model – Sewing Elle has nominated me to do a Blog Hopping. There are some hard questions to answer but I’ll do my best – so add her to your blog roll. You should add her to your blog role anyway…..

In typical academic methodology, I’ve researched blog hopping and it is similar to linky-things( technical jargon, you understand)

A Blog Hop is a linky list that is shared between a group of blogs so people “hop” from blog to blog seeing the same list on each blog. 

Anyone who blogs knows how time consuming and fraught with tribulation the process is – the sewing, the pressing, the styling, photos, light, etc, so I’m taking this seriously and hopefully the results will bear fruit to the efforts invested.

Which kind of takes me back to Burda….. obviously they want to use blogs as marketing tools. I’ve been offered a percentage commission on any Burda product that I advertise on this site. Whilst tempting, this is not what I starting blogging for  -this is primarily for you!  Definitely not for for my readers to be bombarded by adverts and deals and most certainly NOT for me to make money. If I like a pattern, or learn from an on-line class I am more than happy to share this with you without personal benefit: I have a full-time job which I love to bits and sewing is a hobby – see the difference?

I’ll probably be relegated to “beyond” the Top 50 Bloggers now!


Belfast Sewers

The doyen of frocks Ozzyblack Beard (she is our own home-based Dolly Clacket and you should add her to your blog role too – no commission, honestly) and I are attempting to arrange a get-togther of local sewers and crafters. I’m afraid I’m falling into the Irish attitude of ‘whenever’, but if you are interested and from NI, ROI or any where in the world, email myself or Lynne and we will try to arrange a day and time properly – like they do in New York, London and Brighton. We can’t promise garment district shopping as there are only one and half fabric shops in the greater Belfast area but we can at least have a pleasurable morning/afternoon together: swapping fabric stashes, patterns and sharing website and experiences. While Ozzy and I are both sewers of garments, we would love creative and artistic folks to join us too. We can all learn from each other. Lynne, I promise I’m seriously thinking about this but weekends away with friends are sooo good and it takes a few days to recover………..



After all the hand sewing stuff for Alabama Chanin (which is totally addictive, yes I agree Mrs Mole) I did fire up the Janome and sewed some things. These are Indie patterns, probably downloaded and taped together about a year ago but I’m only getting around to making them now.

No time for ‘action’ photos right now so here is Doris in all her glory wearing the latest from Corecouture – these are – Named Flan blouse, Grainline Moss skirt and self-drafted jeans





Steam pressing, real life photos and fabric and sewing details to follow….. stay tuned – `I’m not getting paid anyway” LOL


17 thoughts on “CCN Ep2/S1

  1. Good Golly Miss Molly…the reason you were included is that you make high end clothes and do great demos as to how you got to the finished project. You tackle difficult fabrics and patterns and still come out smiling at the end and model your own clothes with style. And as you say…sewing is a hobby, you don’t get to do it any old day you want with having a full time job but you can crank out an impressive collection!!! Receiving 5 free patterns is nice enough and the rest of us will be salivating here to see what appears next on your blog! Where can I find the whole list of the top 50, please?

    • Hi Mrs Mole, I don’t think the final list has been published yet – I must admit that I missed the original Burda blog post and voting for my own favourite myself!!?

  2. Congratulations, Ruth – I know you are one of my favorites! I hope your meet-up goes well; I am always envious of the Aussie’s ‘frock tails’ get togethers. I will sleep better tonight now that you and your friends have gotten the world’s problems figured out;)

  3. You deserve to be included in the top 50! I really like that skirt pattern you chose.

  4. Congratulations! I love reading and learning from you!

  5. Well done you, for having principles and sticking to them! And for being nominated, of course! You were chosen because you make beautiful clothes, write well about them and often impart a little bit of knowledge.

  6. A super congratulations to you on both the Burda Top 50 and the Blog Hop! Well deserved! Love your choice of patterns from Burda, btw. Can’t wait to see what you make with them!

  7. Congratulations on the Burda win! I love the skirt pattern you’ve picked. Hasn’t the weather been great?! I don’t think I’ve worn a coat since about May, even in August when it was rainy. I’m doing a blog post at the weekend, and I’ll mention the meet up. Hopefully we can get some folks together! Lynne

  8. Well done Ruth for the Burda award. So pleased to hear that you resisted the lure of commission however. Only yesterday I decided to remove a non-sewing style blog from “my favourites”. It has become so peppered with links to “buy” that I no longer find it interesting. I know that an enormous amount of work goes into maintaining a blog, but I believe the introduction of money-making ideas can be the start of a slippery slope. I love to read about your projects, following the journeys they take you to. Feeling your enthusiasm. For me, it is very inspiring.

    • I have stopped reading a sewing blog for the very same reason Sheree – all adverts and no sewing! But thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it and I hope I didn’t offend anyone who has one or two affiliates….

  9. How cool. Well done Ruth. I love the styles you’ve picked. They reflect the advanced level of your sewing experience.

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