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Are You Bored Yet?


Indulge me.

The next Alabama Chanin outfit.


No applique on this set – all plain – except for thousands of glass beads on skirt hem, T-shirt neck and sleeves. It weights a tonne and could easily be used as a weapon – one swipe of that hem as I sashay by and some innocent bystander would have bruises!

I did not do this in one week, so no comments about productivity  please – I had already started many of these pieces in the summer holidays and alternated between stitching, beading, seaming, cutting:  I had at least 5 garments on the go all at the same time! The benefit of this method is that each item moves forward little by little and then all of a sudden, one weekend, it only takes a few seams, a little washing, pressing and voila – all’s done!

I present to you for critical feedback and commentary – the plain brown and dusky pink beaded ensemble……mid-length skirt, T-shirt and bolero.


I added a 1″ strip of jersey and sewed the beads through both the sleeve and the strip for added strength.


For the skirt I sewed the beads onto a strip of jersey first, then stitched the beaded band to the skirt hem.




Bolero sleeves are folded back to show off the T-shirt sleeves beading



Mid weight cotton jersey for the skirt. Light weight for the T shirt and bolero

All patterns are from Alabama Studio Sewing and Design and made entirely by hand. There is a definite softness to hand stitched seams and once again very comfortable to wear. I’m not 100% convinced about the colour of the T-shirt but the original intention was to for it to be worn under a dress…..


One panel almost completed – only another three to go………………and if I still don’t like the colour it’s easy to change – as the fabric is all cotton – just dye it!


26 thoughts on “Are You Bored Yet?

  1. You are really on a roll. You must be so proud. You should be so proud 🙂 Just beautiful work!

  2. Wow! Can’t imagine doing that much beading! Everything – just wonderful!

  3. That’s my favourite colour combination ,brown and pinky brown. Perhaps a little row of beading round the hem of the shirt would have been nice. Looks really comfy. Where did you buy the fabric?

    • Tissus – online Evelyn – really cheap too. I’d thought about beading around the the T-shirt hem but then thought about tucking-in issues so left it out. Anyway, I ran out of beads….. Get together soon?

  4. Amazing! I love all these pieces.

  5. stunning! I’ve ordered samples. I really am going to try this! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Just fantastic! I’m inspired to do some Chanin as my traveling hand sewing project/winter comfort project.

  7. No boredom here. I love pink and brown together. I also love turquoise/teal and brown, in case you need any other color ideas;) The finished panel of that dress looks like it’s going to be fabulous!

    • Angela, the dress is going slowly – I mean really slowly. I have so much woven stuff that needs to be sewn for the winter so I need to get in gear otherwise it’ll be 2016 before this stuff is cut, sewn and worn!

  8. Not bored yet, and how can I be! Beautiful sewing, and a peep into the next project.

  9. Why are you doing all these easy things? Don’t you fancy doing something more difficult 🙂
    I am trying very hard to resist even trying this ……….far too many other things to be doing at the moment but its all beautiful.

  10. What beautiful beading! Would you make me a bracelet please! And I can’t wait to see the dress, the panel you’ve done is exquisite. I think the brown and pink are stunning color choices.

  11. Ruth, This will be exquisite and I love the colors! Beautiful beading too 🙂

  12. Great idea!! I have a wool hat that I want to embellish with beads. I was trying to come up with a suitable design, however, your mixed beading with shapes and placement looks wonderful. It would certainly work on my hat. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Pamela, there’s no procedure – just select some beads you like and match your colour scheme – scatter the whole lot into a dish and pick up whatever bead your needle hits first. Keep your stitches loose, especially for a hat but go for it! And thank you

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