Essential sewing keeping me clothed and sane

Swimming, not Drowning



Lying on the sun drenched sands of completion are a navy over black tunicDSCN4410

A reversible bolero (black & navy) and a matching scarf.DSCN4411

Paddling at the shoreline are two skirt backs being seamed at the centre…


Two skirt fronts, stitched and ready for cutting…


Running over the sand dunes are a plain brown, single layer knee length skirt..


And a plain brown, single layer bolero – both awaiting embellishment of a band of beads.


Further out at sea is a black and brown skirt


Floating on a Lilo and being carried by the tide is  a dusky pink T-shirt with thousands of glass beads at neck and sleeve ends….


Bobbing amongst the big waves is a brown over dusky pink dress, just started on stitching…


And way over the horizon is a black over brown coat – cut but still on the paper pattern.


And the boat is bringing more cotton jersey………



23 thoughts on “Swimming, not Drowning

  1. I love how you have completely immersed yourself in this style. I am still just thinking about it!

  2. Wow. This looks so well executed – and gorgeous.

  3. Whoa! Remind me not to get sucked into this addiction! Awesome !

  4. Wow, you’re not swimming, you’re on fire!

  5. In love the pink and brown combo.. Where are you getting your cotton jersey. I cannot believe how fast you have done all that!!

  6. Overwhelming just thinking of all the work hours! I checked here several times and did not see new posts. Thought it would mean you were taking a break, but the photos tell otherwise. Very impressive and initial products point to complete success!!

  7. Wow, your productivity is impressive! And all the pieces look gorgeous 🙂
    I just stumbled upon the Ezra coat recently and decided I need to have something like it, but haven’t progressed any further than starting a test pannel and ordering the jersey. May I ask what pattern you used for your overcoat? I’ve been looking around and find it hard to find a pattern with a seam at the hip.

    • That’s a start Koko. I haven’t started on the coat as I want to finish some of these first. The pattern I’ve used is vintage Vogue 8875 – not many pieces

  8. Gorgeous….you really have started something now, Ruth! My cottons are pinned together and waiting for a day to get further along. Your students will not be able to concentrate on their studies for admiring your clothes…just be warned!

  9. What a fun summer you’ve had. All are going to be so fabulous.

  10. Can’t wait to see the pics when these are done. I checked your Alabama Channin website and they sure have some great designs.

  11. I wasn’t taken with this style at first, but you are bringing me around!

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