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We are getting towards the end dear friends ……..Thank you so much for all your very positive and encouraging comments over the last few weeks; they have really helped me slog through this – what a great bunch of folks you are! The almost last item is now complete.

The pattern is one of my favourites Vintage Vogue 1137 with some minor modifications. V1137Shortened to match the length of my dress, I also reduced the ‘swing’ from the back and didn’t line it. So all the seams were either flat felled or Frenched – well there are only two either side and one down the back.


I used the crepe side of the fabric for the outside as the satin side was just a wee bit too shiny for my liking but I used the satin side as highlights and features. I didn’t add the front facings either just turned back 1cm along each front and slip stitched this in place.

DSCN4260 DSCN4262

The almost the last of the lace was added to a hem band and turn-back cuffs.



The coat should now make the dress into ‘An outfit”.



I have no more fabric left so there won’t be a short jacket – the 1m I had set aside for this very purpose was used up in making the flower for the hat – unbelievable! I do however, have one little last treat…. ’til next time….



8 thoughts on “Coat

  1. Congratulations Ruth,

    It has been lovely following this project and I am sure you can’t wait for the happy day to wear it all.
    Can’t wait for the final surprize.

    Good Health in wearing it!

  2. I love the way you are trailing this – there are alot of us getting excited about the big reveal! I just hope the bride is going to look sensational too!

  3. Oh WOW – I am so looking forward to the final reveal! This is going to look SO good!

  4. I’m so happy that you went with the longer coat. You are going to make a spectacular entrance. What fun!

  5. Another wonderful piece in your ensemble

  6. Looks fabulous, Ruth. I can’t wait to see it all put together. Enjoy the occasion!

  7. I’ve just caught up on your wedding outfit posts, and I am also anticipating the final reveal!

  8. LOVE this pattern – I own it and want to make it too! You are inspiring me!

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