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The bag was always going to be a dainty little thing and I’d practically settled for Hot Patterns Crepe Suzette clutch until our dear friend and exceptional stylist, Rhonda, found just the right one on Sew Vera Venus, where you can find all sorts of vintage inspired patterns for all sorts of things and they’re all downloadable and free as well! Thanks Vera!

Mine’s nothing to write home about – Rhonda made her’s in gold leather and it’s absolutely stunning – really professional. Vera’s sample is made in black suede. This one is merely crimson taffeta to match the hat.

Made with just  5 pattern pieces, it is cute and pretty. The bag hangs from the wrist, which is also the closure so it’s hands free and no additional haberdashery required.

Lined in self fabric, I added an brooch for some bling and that’s about it.



DSCN4235 DSCN4238

It’s tiny! I’ve never owned a bag so small and a complete contrast to the huge hat.



28 thoughts on “Bag

  1. It looks fabulous Ruth!! I think you are going to enjoy using it. I wore mine last Friday night for the first time and it was perfect, plenty of room for my cell phone, lipstick and a few other bits I wanted to take along. You have created such a beautiful ensemble.

  2. This is very handy bag. And very chic! I am not so clatch person unless there is at the back a diagonal band letting me put the hand there , so I can keep it better. You are good equipted for a nice party 🙂

  3. I love that last image. That look-at-me big-**s hat and that dainty little purse with its elegant brooch… (don’t get me wrong, I adore the hat!). Those red lipped VW shoes will pull it all together marvelously. You are going to look totally fabulous.

  4. Beautiful bag and hat!

  5. I can’t wait to see it all together…you are going to look spectacular!

  6. Wow, Ruth. You’re going to look fabulous in the outfit. What a darling little bag. I made one years ago from an OOP Vogue pattern. It sits in tissue paper in my closet, but it’s a great little thing to pull out for those special occasions.

    • I’m glad to hear that Tia because I can think of no other occasion right now when I will use it – but then that’s why we keep things isn’t it – you just never know!

  7. You are going to look fabulous!

  8. Gorgeous little bag. Can’t wait to see the whole ensemble.

  9. Love the contrast of little bag & big hat…. and a fab colour for both!

  10. Such a lovely little bag. You would have had to look forever to get a perfect match like you have.

  11. Wow! It all looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see the total look…

  12. Oh, this bag is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pattern source!

  13. I must make this bag! Yours and Rhonda’s look utterly fabulous!

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