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Sewing Again


I am glad to report that all the marking is completed and instead of my sewing table looking like this


it now looks like this.


That’s better.

Thank you all so very much for your constructive feedback, encouraging and motivating comments on the green linen dress. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to each one but you know I’ve been busy. And for the curious: I mark A-Level Psychology exams – the debates and science module. If I have to read one more discursive essay on Psychodynamic theory I think I’ll go a little neurotic myself. Because of your interest in the dress, it will be finished but not before I do this.

We are overjoyed at being invited to an unexpected family wedding – it’s a long story (isn’t it always when families are involved?) but suffice to say, everyone is best friends again and what better way to celebrate?


The wedding is in Castle Leslie. Those of you (like me) who are unaware of this ancestral home just let me say Paul McCartney and Heather Mills – but let’s hope that’s not an omen!


So, it’s going to be a fancy affair.  I need an outfit suitable to the surroundings.



After much internet and soul searching, couture books brought out and rifled through, Susan Khaljie’s couture dress class purchased and watched – I’m ready to cut out and sew!

I have lace, satin backed crepe, organza underlining, lining, boning, invisible zip, thread and a pattern. I’m doing slow and couture techniques.

Georgia By Hand London, won the contest.

Here’s some of the inspiration that got me started – yes, that is a Pinterest board! And so far, this is where I am……


Attempting to match the lace motifs – It’s impossible!


Tread marking for seams and hem and marker for the scalloped lace edge to be hand sewn to.


Organza underling


Three back panels pinned on Doris – see, can’t match that lace over six skirt panels

Lots to do, so I’m off to do it.




21 thoughts on “Sewing Again

  1. Looks like it will be beautiful – brings back memories of me thread tracing my pattern on the lace for the wedding dress – thankfully I didn’t have 6 panels so slightly less to deal with and my lace had a scalloped hem. good luck with it

  2. Ruth – well done for getting Pintrest to work for you. I like that alot.

    You have got yourself a challenge! Like Pauline I can remember my lace projects, and not always with joy. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

    • I’m not very good with Pinterest yet, I still have lots of little bitty pics all over the computer desktop – I forget to pin them! I didn’t realise how challenging it is to sew with lace…

  3. Well done on getting all that marking done.
    I think you’ll get an A * with the dress. Love the pattern and can’t wait to see it finished.

  4. Hi there Ruth,
    Lovely to have you back!
    Beautiful choice of fabric and we know it will be sensational.

    I so enjoyed the couture dress course by Susan and I keep going back to it; she has a lovely teaching style, don’t you think?
    For those of us that have never worked with lace it would be fabulous to see the process as you go along on this latest sewing adventure.

    The location of the wedding is fabulous, and I am sure it will turn out to be a very very special day for you all. Can’t wait to see your finished dress. Also interested to see which style of the pattern you have chosen

    • Hi Marysia. I know what you mean about the couture class, I just have it playing in the background even though I’m not even sewing along… We are really looking forward to the wedding. Thank you

  5. What a great project! and such lovely fabric. Must feel wonderful to have this dress on your sewing table (and all over your workspaces!).

  6. Great job ! I loved SK class And have used techniques On 5 dresses– you will love Your dress! Best wishes– Enjoy as you work with Besutiful fabrics! Carolyn

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  7. You and Georgia are going to look smashing!!! So much so that you may cause another family uprising 😉 Hopefully not :), but you will look incredible. Enjoy the process.

  8. This is going to be awesome! I’m reading along for any new tips you may share.

  9. Well Ruth, you certainly like a challenge! With all your expertise, I am sure it will be fabulous. I also did the couture course. Wonderful, I would recommend it to anyone.

    • Sheree, I think I have skills beyond the reality – as Carl Rogers a Humanist psychologist would say there is incongruence between my ideal self and my real self – I might need therapy.

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  11. Our eldest son’s wedding reception was held, ten years ago, in the Hunting Lodge of Castle Leslie. It was beyond fabulous so I’m sure your forthcoming event will be equally memorable. Your dress is going to be stunning! I look forward to seeing how it all comes together.

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