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Black and White Stuff


If you have this pattern I’m guessing you bought it for the shirt.




I haven’t made the shirt but I’ve got my money’s worth from the trousers! The pants are classic straight, slightly tapered leg with a side invisible zip, no waistband or pockets.

First I made red ones….. rejects from SWAP, but a colourful addition to my wardrobe nevertheless.


Front fly zip and added front welt pockets. Shortened to ankle length made in red/coral denim.


Then black wool challis – lovely fabric, absolutely lovely. Fine as silk, soft as cotton, drape like crepe and perfectly wearable in temperatures of 20 Celsius.


This pair are nearly as per the pattern: apart from welted, angled front pockets and shortened to ankle length. Lined with black china silk. Worn with  McCalls M6078 in abstract patterned jersey.


Then white dressy ones…..


DSCN4117DSCN4119This time I inserted a front fly and pockets in the side seams (which gape). Lined with white china silk – you really have to line white trousers! I kept the length for this pair. Worn with Centre for Pattern Design’s MV Bias Top in tiny polka dot poly satin. Are white trousers naff?


Then black and white ones.


DSCN4102DSCN4105Abstract patterned cotton, straight front welt pockets and my first exposed zip – except this one is at the back and isn’t very flattering. Shortened to above ankle for summer time lounging and relaxing. Worn with RTW white woven cotton T.

Money shots?












Acknowledgments: Black and white is inspired by Margy of Fool for Fabric. 

For fun my students sometimes ask me really hard questions like, “What’s better – Superman or Spiderman? Hippo or elephant? Salt n vinegar or Cheese n onion?” You know, sort of funny, yet philosophically challenging questions because I have to justify my answer. So…..

What’s better – colour or black and white?

19 thoughts on “Black and White Stuff

  1. I enjoy seeing all the variations of one pattern. I should do that more often. But then, I don’t need lots of clothes now that I’m retired. For me personally, I love color, but black/white does look sharp!

  2. On me, only black ( ’cause of being a short arse). On you, the red ones are absolutely perfect. What a statement you make!

  3. Colour! Yeah, yeah. I know black and white go with everything… blah blah blah. But I’m all for colour!!! 🙂

  4. Nice fitting pants but I agree with you…the exposed black back zipper…OH NO! Look like you are wearing a thing on the outside of your pants!

  5. You have been very creative with this pattern Ruth. Personally I love both black and white because they can be worn with so many other colours, or with each other, but my favourites are those red pants…great outfit.

  6. i love it when you’re feeling playful! Yes, I bought this pattern for the shirt, but have never sewn it because I don’t wear collars. Still planning to do it but without the collar! The pants are lovely, you’ve tweaked them to perfection. My favorites are the coral (of course), but really really like the black and white – but maybe the exposed zipper not so much 🙂 since you asked!

  7. I’m honored to have been your inspiration for the black and white, Ruth! I love all your iterations and your sassy stance!

  8. You have really gotten your money’s worth out of that pattern! So many wonderful versions of the pants with and without additions to the construction. This is just an awesome collection!

    • Honestly Carolyn – when the pattern’s out and the machine’s threaded, it makes sense to sew up similar versions. I’m just being lazy really, not clever. But thanks anyway

  9. You look utterly fantastic in these pants! Well done. Thanks for sharing!

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