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Giveaway Winners


My friends – sorry for the delay in posting the giveaway winners – here they are…..

DSCN4020 DSCN4021



By far the most popular pattern was StyleArc’s Rosie Top but I’ve only one copy and that one goes to EVELYN


Next up was V8499, the Marcy Tilton skirt and pants – CAROLINE was picked for this one.             EIRINI B was choosen for the V1022 Issey Miyake



V1312 Lynn Mizono’s dress goes to THE MATERIAL LADY.                             THORNBERRY gets the V1307


And nobody wanted V8932.

Thanks to you all for your continued support and encouragement. If your name was chosen – congratulations!

And you still want the pattern, please email me and we’ll swop addresses.


And the answer to the  VW dress mistake ……….Yes the check on the skirt is upside down, or else the bodice is?


But…….when the dress does its magic, then the skirt check matches the bodice – so, yes, an intentional design feature is also the right answer!


I’ll focus on some of these features real soon and try to explain the design a bit too.




15 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners

  1. I can’t believe it! I prepared an email with my “error” theory – because I really didn’t see any errors – and then couldn’t make post it on your blog, so gave up. But V8932 would be great to have!

    Then again Vogue Patterns runs sales a few times a year when I could buy it for $6, so maybe cross ocean shipping makes no sense. No worries.

    In any case: I thought the Vivienne Westwood dress was fabulous not least because it was take-no-prisoners ambitious. I thought you matched the plaid well between the bodice and one side of the skirt. Someone remarked on the other side, but I don’t think it could have been made to match on both sides – so that’s no flaw.

    I was going to put out the idea of adding pleat onto the waist area, just to break up that outward-pointing diamond shaped midriff section. Something to visually create a narrowing pattern at the waist.

    But it didn’t matter, because when you demonstrated how to wrap the skirt different ways, it became a non issue also. It’s a rock’n’roll loo. The gray makes it sophisticated.

    I enjoy your blog. Please keep sewing and posting as ever


    On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 11:05 AM, corecouture

  2. hi,the finished dress looks sensational
    thrilled to have been picked for the pattern

  3. The dress is gorgeous and so VW- I would love to see some explanations.. And I was glad to see my name among the winners of the giveaway for the V1022 Miyake pattern.
    Thank you!


    I would love to have Vogue 8932 if it’s still available. I am just seeing this.

  5. Hi Ruth ,
    Have just noticed I have won the Rosie top pattern. Totally delighted. And I’ve got plenty of fabric to try it out on as you know!
    What about meeting for a coffee instead of posting?
    Got my jacket finished and pleased with it but it took ages as I decided to line it when it was more or less finished. Just need a skirt now to go with it.
    Keep up the blog.

  6. Woot woot! Thank you Ruth. I will e-mail the address for you. 🙂

  7. My address disappeared or some reason – I write it again:

    Thank you again!

    • It’s OK Irene, I removed it. I thought it best not to have addresses posted for all to see. Don’t worry, I have taken note of it and your pattern is on its way.

  8. Let me know if anyone, ever comments on the reverse direction of the check. It’s such a subtle thing that I wonder what kind of person would notice. Only I reckon a dressmaker and/or some kind of genius.

    Far as dresses you made go, this has got to be one of my favourites.

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