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MMM Week 1



SATURDAY – Patchwork jeans dress Vintage Vogue 1137 with summer boots! What a brilliant invention! Sand RTW cardigan


SUNDAY – SWAP cardigan with straight no-pattern skirt made with leftovers from SWAP apple green jeans


MONDAY – Black 7/8 jeans (rub off), Centre for Pattern Design Bias top and matching infinity scarf; StyleArc black Ziggi jacket


TUESDAY – same jeans as Monday, patterned T-shirt Vogue 1310 Ralph Rucci , RTW cardigan


WEDNESDAY – rub off round-a-cords (fixed to fit!), Vogue 8641 ivory T-shirt, Noro cardigan (made up pattern)


THURSDAY – Same jeans as Wednesday, T-shirt and fleece jacket from SWAP


10 thoughts on “MMM Week 1

  1. You are a fabulous dresser. Love all these!

  2. Love each and every outfit! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Everyday a hit!

  4. Smashing, every one of ’em! Can’t wait to see next week, and so happy Ziggi got into the cycle. 😉

  5. Wonderful! I particularly like the pink ’round-a-cords’ – but everything looks great.

  6. All very different looks, all great!

  7. So many “me made” garments Ruth. You are so inspiring.

  8. I love your sense of color!

  9. You have such a vast wardrobe and the pieces look great together. You look great. Well done. I am very curious about summer boots, having been wishing for some myself. Are they leather, fabric? What. Who makes them. I really do like them very much.
    Thanks always

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