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Just one big picture, a lot of pattern stats. But some satisfaction that it’s finished and wearable for the most part…..

There’s a technique involved in viewing the following image correctly, like one of those 3D pics (remember them?) – stand well back from your computer screen, take your glasses off, squint and put your eyes out of focus – you just might be able to see something resembling a rainbow………



From the left:


Red – Top Vogue 8641 OOP. Red, yellow, orange, pink flowers on chiffon. Frayed edges ruffle added around neck edge and selvage on sleeve hems.

Orange – Skirt Vogue 1247. Wide corduroy in burnt orange. Lengthened considerably

Yellow – Vogue 8430. Boiled wool in mustard yellow. Felted line design on front and back.



Green – Jeanuis rub-off pattern (Craftsty). Apple green denim with 1% Lycra. Bootcut legs

Blue – Vogue 8887. Royal blue fleece. Raw edges on show and lined with blouse fabric.

Kwik Sew 3782. Multi-coloured printed silky poly. Sleeveless with shortened tie.



Indigo – Self-drafted low cowl neck top with built-in camisole. Black cotton jersey with lilac, pink, purple spots.

Violet – Paco Peralta’s Apron skirt. Fine needle cord in plum.  Added back patch pockets and played with nap on front and back. Thread through belt.

Kwik Sew 3782. Violet, purple, pink paisley print chiffon with a little bit of green. Long sleeves and double thickness front. Elasticated cuffs.



White cotton shirt McCalls 8750. Multi-coloured buttons – Goes with everything!

Noro Kirara shade 26 knitted cardigan. Rainbow coloured yarn, wool, cotton, silk and angora mix that just happens to go with all the other items. Loosely based on a pattern by Jane Ellison in Knitting Noro. Finished edge with a crochet stitch and multi-coloured buttons used again.





Good luck to all those sewing their own SWAP ’14.  I look forward to seeing all the pics in the next few weeks.




34 thoughts on “SWAP

  1. Wow! Beautiful, Beautiful Swap! Love, love the colors! I’m in awe of sewers who can SWAP. I just cannot. I’m a hopeless serendipity sewer. I’ll keep coming back to look and be inspired. Lovely!

  2. Congratulations on finishing such a beautiful wardrobe! There is originality, uniqueness and you in this collection! And I definitely see the rainbow when I look at your collection. Well done!

  3. Is this a mood-enhancing wardrobe too cause I can feel summer coming!

    I especially love blue and lime green which look even better together. And the rainbow cardie is just gorgeous! Well done.

  4. Good luck to you! It has been so much fun watching this SWAP come together!

    • Thanks Brigid but I only to do it to get some clothes that are somehow or other co-ordinated. I have grand plans of becoming a designer and putting together a “collection”. If only

  5. Wow – what a bright and cheery collection! I’m particularly impressed with the non-sewing item – your Noro cardi. I love their yarn, and have some for socks – but it is such a pain to sew with as there is practically no stretch! Your collection all goes together really well though – I hope that you are suitably proud of yourself!

  6. LOVE all these outfits Ruth – you are amazing! I was just thinking today I should be more “plan-ful”!!

  7. Very nice! So colourful.

  8. Just wonderful Ruth – thank you for sharing your journey making these beautiful clothes.

  9. Bravo! An exuberant collection. I especially like the purple set. Good luck Ruth.

  10. I love your SWAP! I especially like the white blouse because of its buttons. Fun!

  11. What a fabulous mix of pieces. So interchangeable. BTW, love your knitted cardigan! Reminds me of one I need to finish 😉

    • Thank you very much Rhonda. I was quite surprised at how many of these pieces actually jump the colour spectrum, like the yellow jacket with the plum skirt. Get your knitting needles out girl!

  12. Being a big fan of bright colours myself, I absolutely love your Rainbow Swap. These colours all work so beautifully together and you wear them well. Must be so satisfying to see all your planning and hard work come together so successfully.

    • Thank you Jean. It’s really my first time delving into such a bright and multi-coloured wardrobe. I’m just glad to see it finished so I can move on to other things

  13. This is a brilliant collection. So much variation. So much fun. And best of all, everything is mix and match. You look gorgeous in all of the pieces. A great travel collection – you would NEVER get bored with your clothes. When you set out your plan, I couldn’t imagine it – I’m in the grey and black category!!! – but it’s a total winner and you have opened my eyes to the possibilities. Bravissima!
    A question: if you wanted to make sure you were really warm when travelling with this collection what would you take for a scarf and a coat?

    • Thanks Barbara. As for travelling, I had some fleece left over from the blue jacket which was literally cut into a long rectangle and became a scarf to match. Mmmmm as for a coat…. I’d have to make a swing coat in either red or cerise. What do you think?

      • Cerise sounds just right!. So would a swing coat. I always things swing coats should be very jazzy. They already have the pizzazz in shape and a great colour would just up it several notches.

  14. Fabulous wardrobe, hats off! So many colors make mehappy just to see you in them, plus you chose them very well; they cover the rainbow but they are tones that suit you very well. That is why you remain my undisputed sewing hero 🙂 well done!

  15. Just in time for a Spring/Summer season…the cool thing about having so many bright colored garments is the fact that they will liven up all the basics in the wardrobe already…assuming you have some plain basics….maybe not? ha ha Take a well deserved bow M’Lady!

  16. love all the colours…..particularly like the knitted cardi!

  17. Great SWAP Ruth, love, love, love the colours and of course your wonderful exuberance.

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