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12 thoughts on “Pearls

  1. Hi Ruth, you may already know this – your own saliva takes out your own blood. Worth a try!

  2. I was about to give you the same info as Wendy Bird. It has saved my ass on a number of occasions 🙂

  3. This happens on wedding dresses at the first pinning…saliva to the rescue!

  4. Also try hydrogen peroxide.

  5. Who hasn’t been there?

  6. Oh, what a pity 😦

  7. Saliva and use a thread from the cut edge to wick the blood away.

  8. I was recently told to roll up cotton thread into a tiny little spit ball then dab it gently on the blood. Since being told, I’ve never needed to try it out so don’t know how well it works.

    • I have always used this method and it works brilliantly. Always use white “cotton” thread rather than polyester.

  9. Ouch. on such lovely fabric. I’m enjoying all the fixes here! Usually I just spill coffee on my fabric…just as bad.

  10. Never knew that about saliva! Thank you all very much!
    Luckily this happened on the inside facing and has rinsed out with cold water. On a white wedding dress – nightmare!!!

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