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White shirt Wildcard


M6750Here is item number something or other for SWAP ’14 – a ubiquitous white cotton button down shirt.

Pattern is McCalls M6750, Palmer and Pletsch. Cut and sewed a size 14 and my only gripe is that the sleeves are a little on the long side. I really must remember to measure the cuff depth and add this to the overall sleeve to determine the finished length. But if I want to show a bit of cuff under a jacket, as is de riguer, then, they’re perfect. Anyway most of the time I roll my sleeves up – should’ve just made the 3/4 length in the first place. There’s also a sleeveless version in the envelope too. The sleeves are two-piece with a simple hemmed vent at the cuff – no plackets to be messing about with.


There are 12 darts in this shirt – almost running out of places to sew them! Two bust, two on each front, four on the back and two back shoulder – all in all they create a perfect fitted shirt. And as this is one of two wildcards for my rainbow SWAP ’14, I just had to add a rainbow and used buttons of many colours all the way up the front and on both cuffs. The fabric is white Oxford cotton – just lovely to work with and even nicer to wear.



The inside seams are flat felled. The collar is a sort of cut on, raised neck, fold back affair which I think is quite effective.Though I think I could press it a little flatter!



I’m entering this for Pattern Review’s Fitted Shirt competition, so if you’ve nothing better to do and you’re a member and your conscience allows it – go vote!

I had ideas above my station and entered this in the advanced category! I don’t consider myself an advanced sewer, not even very competent – I need instructions and reminders about how to do things; there are tonnes of things I can’t do – like make the left and right of any garment the same. How do you rate your own sewing skills? Yes, I make Vogue advanced patterns, but that’s just long drawn out problem solving, not really advanced sewing. What can an advanced sewer do that an intermediate or beginner can’t? Is it just a matter of nerve and false confidence?

Well, it’s April the day after tomorrow and I’ve got a jacket and blouse to sew and a jumper to knit if I’m ever going to complete SWAP in time. Then I’ve got to organise all the photos and a photographer……….








28 thoughts on “White shirt Wildcard

  1. Cute blouse and clever rainbow buttons…my only eye-squinting observation is that either the darts all end too high into the bust “no-fly” zone or you need to shorten your bra straps to hike the girls up a bit. Fold back cuffs some in handy to wear with sweaters to give that preppy look…I like them. Good luck in the competition!!!

  2. Love those rainbow buttons! Nice surprise on a beautiful white blouse!

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of darts! Lovely crisp result and the collar looks easy to pull off – I dread sewing undercollars.

    I admit I’ve never gathered the courage to make a fitted white shirt yet I always have one RTW that I wear till it’s wearing out and yellowing!

  4. Headed over to vote right now!!

  5. Great idea with those colourful buttons ~ very ‘you’ indeed! … J

  6. Just when I had sworn off buttondowns……I have serious collar envy.

  7. There are just so many things I love about this blouse-the pristine white, the collar, the fit, the darts…and then the surprise of the buttons. Very wonderful!

  8. I love how this goes with everything else you’ve been making. Hmmm……to me you are advanced, but I suppose it depends on your vantage point. I guess with sewing there is always more to learn, but that’s what keeps it interesting:)

  9. Lovely shaping on this shirt, so the darts are all worth it Ruth. Looks great on you, and the rainbow buttons, well, it makes me smile. Lovely twist to the finished shirt.
    All the best with the competition. I will pop over to the site.

  10. The shape and fit on this shirt is really good. It’s hard to get such a great fit in a shirt, and you’ve nailed it. The pops of colour are a nice touch, too.

  11. I love it! But then I am always a sucker for a white shirt. And lots of buttons (the more colourful the better!)

  12. Great fit and i am loving the buttons, but what i am most impressed by: your ironing skills! There isn’t even a hint of a crease anywhere, how do you do it? If i even breath once my shirts just crumple up on me, you look so polished. Good luck in the contest!

  13. Beautiful shirt! Love the rainbow of buttons!

  14. Oh you vixen, Ruth! Now that shirt is seriously beautiful AND unique with the rainbow buttons. Love it, and good luck in the PR contest!

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